Vallecitos Water District recognized for algae control

Feb. 15, 2021
The Vallecitos Water District won an Excellence in Innovation and Resilience Award with environmentally-friendly algae control technology.

CALIFORNIA – The Vallecitos Water District won an Excellence in Innovation and Resilience Award with environmentally-friendly algae control technology. Known for its sustainable approach to water treatment, the award-winning utility chose to control algal blooms with LG Sonic technology. The award recognizes efforts in the innovative application of technology to the wastewater field and was handed by California Association of Sanitation Agencies.

In California, Vallecitos Water District provides 5.25 million gallons of recycled water for irrigation every day. To fulfill the demands of modern irrigation systems, it is important to keep low levels of total suspended solids (TSS). Because algae increase TSS and clog the filters, Vallecitos Water District implemented treatment methods to reduce algae excess.

Innovative technology
Vallecitos Water District is known for its’ sustainable and innovative focus when it comes to water and wastewater treatment. In line with its commitment to the environment, the utility installed MPC-Buoy systems. The technology is proven to control algae without negatively impacting the natural ecosystem.

LG Sonic’s buoy is solar powered, chemical-free, and it can adapt to each type of water body. The technology offers real-time data on water quality characteristics, the type of algae and their stage of growth. Based on this data, the device sends out a specific ultrasonic frequency to manage and further prevent algal growth.

MPC-Buoy creates a sound barrier in the upper layer of the water, which stops algae from absorbing essential sunlight and nutrients. As a result, the algae do not undergo photosynthesis; instead, they sink and decompose without releasing any toxins into the water.

The MPC-Buoy technology is installed in an open water reservoir where the treated reclaimed water is stored to be later used for irrigation. The ultrasound encounters algae in nutrient-rich reclaimed water, specifically phosphorus, in an area with intense sunlight and little rain, which are the perfect conditions for algal blooms.

Despite the perfect conditions for algae growth, LG Sonic along with other forms of treatment has reduced the overall levels of algae in the reservoir since the installation. Not only improving the TSS, but also pH and Dissolved Oxygen levels. This ensures that Vallecitos Water District can provide even higher quality water to their reclaimed water customers.

Thanks to these successful results, Vallecitos Water District decided to implement the system in a second reservoir; this time at the South Lake Reservoir.        

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