City of Los Banos, Calif., Pilots Aqua Metrology Systems’ chromium remediation system

Nov. 26, 2019
SafeGuard™ H2O is being piloted in one of the city’s wells which has elevated Cr(VI) levels of 40 parts per billion.

LOS BANOS, CA, NOV 26, 2019 -- Aqua Metrology Systems (AMS), the leader in real-time water quality analysis, announces the pilot demonstration of its SafeGuard™ H2O Hexavalent Chromium [Cr (VI)] remediation system at the City of Los Banos, Calif.

The pilot is being conducted in one of the city’s wells which has elevated Cr(VI) levels of 40 parts per billion (ppb) and extremely challenging water quality due to the presence of uranium, high conductivity and hardness. Real-time data on the system’s performance will be streamed live, demonstrating the treatment efficacy of the technology which has been proven to remove Cr (VI) to less than 10 ppb.

SafeGuard H2O is an intelligent water system that has been specifically developed to offer communities effective and affordable Cr (VI) remediation. The system generates a stannous ion reagent in situ via an electrolytic process to remove trace metal contaminants, including Cr (VI). The in situ stannous generator harnesses the power of tin — a highly effective chemical reagent, which is non-toxic. The residual byproduct after its use is tin dioxide that can be filtered out after treatment. This eliminates the need for handling and shipping high-cost, hazardous chemicals.

“Before this invention, there was no reliable method for delivering a controlled dose of stannous reagent to water treatment applications,” said Rick Bacon, CEO of AMS. “However, generating a stannous reagent onsite is far more cost-effective treatment solution compared to traditional alternatives because tin and electricity are the only consumables.”

SafeGuard H2O also features automatic dosing and incorporates AMS’s proprietary, continuous, real-time monitoring of contaminant levels at the influent and effluent to ensure optimal treatment and compliance with regulatory and operational targets 24/7/365. Unlike traditional treatment systems, which cannon operate unattended, the SafeGuard H2O system can be fully controlled, monitored and optimized remotely, and the presence of personnel on site for supervision is not required, further reducing operating costs.

“The capital and operating costs required by traditional treatment are often too high, especially for small and midsize communities. SafeGuard H2O offers an innovative approach to providing an economical and reliable remediation treatment for all-size water systems affected by contamination from Cr(VI),” Bacon added.