The Next Standard in Chlorine Analysis

Dec. 12, 2019
Chlorine analyzers play a key role in managing various disinfection processes and in providing data to meet regulatory reporting requirements. Hach’s CL17sc chlorine analyzer provides trusted chlorine analysis data.

Disinfection processes are used in many applications: keeping our drinking water free of harmful bacteria, minimizing bacteria levels in wastewater effluent, and limiting microbial growth in cooling systems, to name a few. Chlorine analyzers play a key role in managing these disinfection processes and in providing data to meet regulatory reporting requirements.

For years, water professionals have relied on the CL17 chlorine analyzer from Hach® to provide trusted chlorine analysis data.

Recently, Hach launched the CL17sc, which improves on the CL17’s legacy of reliability. It adds new features that make water analysis better and easier.

Earlier CL17 chlorine analyzers required time-consuming routine maintenance. The new CL17sc reduces routine maintenance touch time with simplified tubing replacement, user-­programmable alerts, and step-by-step maintenance instructions. The re­designed, easy-to-use tubing harness makes long and tedious tubing changes a thing of the past. A tubing change along with reagent replacement on the CL17sc requires no tools and takes less than 10 minutes to complete.

Diagnostic features like a colorimeter window and a multi-color status light let users know at a glance that the instrument is operating as intended. And with a flow sensor, flow readings are displayed on screen. Low flow will trigger an alert so users can quickly and easily identify issues with sample flow. When flow returns, the instrument will restore its operation automatically. A measurement cycle indicator lets you know what measurement stage the instrument is in. There is no more guessing whether the instrument is flushing the cell, adding reagents, or measuring. The CL17sc delivers accuracy and precision from 0 to 10 mg/L for free and total chlorine.

Finally, the CL17sc was designed to be compatible with the SC controller platform, which gives users more flexibility to store, transfer, and interact with their process chlorine data.

The CL17sc is the latest Hach analyzer to join the family of Claros™ enabled products, which can share measurement data and status information with Claros, Hach’s Water Intelligence System. Claros provides new ways to monitor instrument measurements and status. In doing so, it provides greater confidence in water data, resulting in improved efficiencies in your plant’s operation. WW

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