Evoqua technology selected for upgrade of PA wastewater treatment plant

Jan. 20, 2020
BioMag® system was selected for its ability to provide additional treatment capacity in Bellefonte Borough Authority (BBA) Wastewater Treatment Plant and provide excellent effluent quality to the growing community.

PITTSBURGH, PA, JAN 20, 2020 -- Evoqua Water Technologies, along with Nittany Engineering & Associates and sales partner Riordan Materials Corporation, recently completed the upgrade of the Bellefonte Borough Authority (BBA) Wastewater Treatment Plant located in Centre County, Pennsylvania. The treatment plant, which serves customers from both the Bellefonte Borough and surrounding townships, has a maximum capacity of 3.2 million gallons per day (MGD). The plant’s effluent is discharged to Spring Creek, which is arguably one of the finest wild trout streams in Pennsylvania.

Due to anticipated population growth in the region over the next 20 years, the BBA Wastewater Treatment Plant needed a solution to augment their aging activated sludge system as well as their Rotating Biological Contactor (RBC) system that had outlived their expected life.  The treatment process also needed to fit into the plant’s confined land footprint and include an affordable, reliable approach to handle increasing pollutant loads and storm events.

Nittany Engineering & Associates, the engineering consultant on the project, conducted a thorough evaluation of treatment options available. Evoqua’s BioMag® system was selected for its ability to provide additional treatment capacity in the existing plant footprint and provide excellent effluent quality to the growing community. The upgrade would also include new clarifiers and a jet aeration system from Evoqua for the activated sludge system.   

The innovative BioMag system infuses magnetite – fine, fully oxidized, iron ore particles – into biological floc, enhancing secondary clarification. The system increases settling rates, capacity, performance and stability, and meets enhanced nutrient removal (ENR) permits.  For the BBA, the BioMag system was incorporated into the existing plant providing excellent clarification performance at high clarifier loadings and lower ammonia emissions.  As a result, the plant includes a 41% organic capacity increase to treat higher future influent loadings, a significantly improved sludge treatment process with cleaner, better screened biosolids, and better odor control. 

During the construction process, the complexity of the project increased with record rainfalls. The success of this project was a result of the thorough evaluation of treatment options to provide the lowest capital and operational costs for the plant, while providing the best effluent quality when compared to other treatment technologies available.  

“This project will provide additional treatment capacity to a growing region while discharging high quality effluent to the environment.  We cannot think of anything more valuable than our local water resources and protecting them for the future,” says Ralph Stewart, Authority Manager.

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