DuPont partners with Sun Chemical, DIC Corporation

Sept. 2, 2020
Company adds degasification to water treatment solutions to support the purification and reuse of water.

WILMINGTON, DE -- DuPont Water Solutions has entered into an exclusive global partnership with Sun Chemical and its parent company, the DIC Corporation, to bring membrane degasification modules to market. The degasification of liquids is becoming increasingly critical to several water treatment processes, including industrial demineralization, oil and gas production, microelectronics manufacturing, pharmaceutical production, and drinking water treatment. The membrane degassing modules —branded Ligasep™— are now part of DuPont’s leading portfolio of water purification and separation technologies, including ultrafiltration, reverse osmosis and ion exchange resins.

The partnership supports DuPont’s goal to increase access to the products and technologies needed to meet global customers’ current and future challenges, including the increased need to recycle water while reducing the energy requirements to generate clean water.

“As a global leader in innovative water technologies, we are continually expanding our portfolio of high-quality solutions to help our customers purify, conserve and reuse water,” said HP Nanda, Global Vice President & General Manager, DuPont Water Solutions. “We look forward to working with Sun Chemical and DIC to better meet the needs of our customers focused on water treatment and reuse.”

Ligasep™ modules can be easily integrated into a degassing system and offers minimum water pressure drop with no added chemicals or airborne water contamination.

“We’re extremely proud to be partnering with DuPont Water Solutions to bring an all-encompassing solution to the market,” said Mehran Yazdani, President, Advanced Materials, Sun Chemical Corporation. “This collaboration will allow our water treatment customers to be better served with a single sourced product solution that meets their requirements and expectations.”

The Ligasep™ product line utilizes a PMP (polymethylpentene) hollow fiber membrane which is used to remove dissolved gases, such as oxygen and carbon dioxide, from water to prevent oxidation and reduce the ionic load on downstream processing equipment.  Control of these gasses is an integral part of producing high quality water used in the power generation, industrial manufacturing and semiconductor industries.  These modules can be installed in series within the same water treatment system, ensuring sufficient degasification and achieve ppb levels (parts-per-billion) of dissolved gasses for a range of flow rates in water treatment applications.

“We’re excited to enter into a partnership with DuPont Water Solutions.  This is an incredible opportunity for DIC and DuPont to introduce a single water treatment solution for customers,” said Kaoru Ino, President and CEO, DIC Corporation. “One of our goals as an organization is to provide comfort to the world around us. One way to do that is through water safety.”

The exclusive alliance with DuPont Water Solutions only applies to the water treatment marketplace. Sun Chemical will continue to manufacture and sell its SEPAREL membrane degassing technology to other industrial markets, including the inkjet marketplace.