Royal HaskoningDHV and IDE Technologies announce partnership

July 11, 2018
Companies to bring desalination plants to a new era with Crystalactor™ technology inside existing IDE technology.

AMERSFOORT, THE NETHERLANDS, JULY 11, 2018 -- Royal HaskoningDHV and IDE Technologies signed a cooperation agreement for an exclusive use of Royal HaskoningDHV's Crystalactor™ technology within IDE's propriety MAXH2O DESALTER technology. Both parties feel confident that this joint effort will bring desalination plants to substantially higher recovery rates, which will reduce brine treatment costs and environmental footprint.

Zur Genosar, Executive Director at IDE Technologies: "Currently the recovery rates in most brackish and industrial desalination plants are limited by the solubility of sparingly soluble salts. By treating the concentrate with our MaxH2O DESALTER technology, combined with Crystalactor technology, we can not only recover another 5-20 percent of water, but also produce highly pure calcium pellets. Thus, adding a cost-effective process step will yield maximum efficiency, a reusable product and less waste in desalination plants."

The Crystalactor technology is a sustainable crystallization technology for the removal and recovery of hardness, heavy metals, phosphates or fluoride from drinking, process and wastewater. This proven zero-waste process is characterized by low operation costs and a small footprint. Instead of waste sludge the process produces compact and reusable dry pellets.

IDE Technologies will be a worldwide license partner for three Crystalactor softening applications. Crystalactor technology will be used in IDE's recently developed MaxH2O DESALTER technology. The MaxH2O DESALTER offers a way to address today's brine management challenges. The ability of this technology to practically eliminate the recovery limitation of water chemistry by precipitating the sparingly soluble salts on pellets, while operating the RO at high velocity with inherently high shear forces, allows realizing the maximum production and recovery potential of the RO unit. A second application is the Crystalactor technology as an intermediate stage in thermal units. Thirdly, IDE wants to implement the Crystalactor technology in the remineralization stage to dissolve calcium and magnesium from the obtained pellets.

René Noppeney, Global Director Water Technology Products & Innovation at Royal HaskoningDHV: "We truly believe in partnerships. Together we can offer our clients the best solutions. This partnership with IDE will bring more clean desalinated water for domestic, industrial and agricultural uses."