Design-build UV disinfection project awarded to RJN Group

Jan. 14, 2011
WHEATON, IL, Jan. 14, 2011 -- RJN Group has been awarded a $1.3 million design-build project for the City of Collinsville, Illinois, to design and install a UV disinfection system...

WHEATON, IL, Jan. 14, 2011 -- RJN Group Inc. (RJN), headquartered in Wheaton, Illinois, has recently been awarded a $1.3 million design-build project for the City of Collinsville, Illinois. The project, designing and installing a UV disinfection system, is Collinsville's first project using the design-build project delivery method.

The Ultraviolet (UV) Disinfection process is the next phase of the Collinsville Wastewater Treatment Plant Expansion project. The Treatment Plant currently uses a chlorination disinfection system for the secondary treatment of the wastewater. The City has decided to eliminate the chlorination disinfection system and replace it with the UV disinfection system.

The UV disinfection is a physical process rather than a chemical disinfectant, which eliminates the need to generate, handle, transport, or store toxic/hazardous or corrosive chemicals. Other benefits to using this system include: no harmful residual effects to humans or aquatic life; user-friendly to operators; and the UV disinfection equipment requires less space.

The City accepted RJN's value proposition based on consideration of the core Design-Build Principals:

• Reduced Owner's Risk
• Schedule Acceleration
• Better Value for the Rate Payers

Design-build simplifies project delivery via a single contract between the City and the design-build team. RJN will lead the design-build team and provide the design services and project management. Working with RJN, Korte & Luitjohan Contractors will provide the construction services. By utilizing the design-build method the project delivery is anticipated to be 10 months faster than conventional project delivery of design-bid-build and result in a significant cost savings. Work on the project has begun and substantial completion is scheduled for late summer 2011.

RJN provides civil engineering consulting services for clients and their facilities. The firm's offerings include the study, design, and construction management of wastewater, water, stormwater, roadway, buildings, and bridge infrastructures. Construction engineering, GIS, and asset management services are also offered by the firm. RJN is an employee owned design firm, established in 1975, headquartered in Wheaton, Illinois, with offices nationwide. Website:


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