United Water renews water services agreement with Huber Heights, OH

Oct. 15, 2009
HARRINGTON PARK, NJ, Oct. 15, 2009 -- United Water announced the signing of a four-year agreement to renew the contract with the community of Huber Heights, OH, to operate and maintain two water treatment facilities...

• Parties sign new 4-year agreement for comprehensive operations and maintenance of water treatment facilities and customer service, for more than $10 million (€ 6,7 million) of cumulated revenue

HARRINGTON PARK, NJ, Oct. 15, 2009 -- United Water, one of the leading providers of water and wastewater services in the nation, today announced the signing of a four-year agreement to renew the contract with the community of Huber Heights, OH, to operate and maintain two water treatment facilities with capacity of 11.46 MGD, 161 miles of distribution lines, and 146 miles of sewer main.

Also, United Water will provide customer care, billing and collection services to more than 14,500 customers. United Water will also provide a meter replacement program converting existing water meters to Neptune radio read units. This meter program will allow the meters to be read with a vehicle mounted unit.

"United Water is very pleased to continue our partnership with the Huber Heights community, said Bob Iacullo, President, United Water. "The relationship first began in 1995 with Earth Tech (United Water acquired Earth Tech' contract operations business in 2008) and this contract renewal allows us the opportunity to continue provide safe, clean water and outstanding customer service to the residents of Huber Heights."

The contract has two additional 4-year renewal options and will generate approximately $2 million (€ 1,35 million) in annual revenue and $3 million (€ 2 million) for the water meter program.

Huber Heights is situated in the gentle rolling hills of northeast part of Montgomery County, and is bordered on the west by the Miami River. The city adopted the motto "Come Grow with us" in 1998, as there is plenty of room throughout Huber Heights to expand. "United Water has been an important asset to the City of Huber Heights. They have provided excellent service to the city's residents and have been a superb caretaker of the water system for 14 years - first as Earth Tech and now as United Water." said Russ Bergman, P.E. -- City Engineer. "We are pleased to continue our working relationship for years to come."

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