New antiscalant technology for RO, membrane filtration markets

June 15, 2010
VISTA, CA, June 15, 2010 -- H2O Innovation's California business unit Professional Water Technologies has developed a new method of infusing its dendrimer antiscalant technology with sodium benzoate...

VISTA, CA, June 15, 2010 -- H2O Innovation Inc., a complete water treatment solutions company providing custom designed water treatment systems along with operating and maintenance solutions, announces that its California business unit Professional Water Technologies ("PWT") has developed a new method of infusing its dendrimer antiscalant technology with sodium benzoate, a bacteriostatic and fungistatic preservative widely used in food and beverage applications.

"By incorporating sodium benzoate into the synthesis procedure of our dendrimers, we significantly improve the shelf-life of our products while controlling biological growth in pretreatment tanks, associated equipment and the membrane system itself," says Stephen Dunham, PWT's founder and Vice-President of After-Market Consumables. "Although we have long used sodium benzoate in our standard antiscalants, incorporating it into our 11X super-concentrated antiscalants has been a challenge until now. This new infusion process represents an exciting new development for users of our super-concentrated chemical pretreatment technology."

While standard dilutions of SpectraGuard and Titan ASD 200 have traditionally included the sodium benzoate additive, the super-concentrate antiscalants SpectraGuard SC and Titan ASD 200 SC are now newly sodium benzoate-infused during synthesis. "This new infusion has no effect on dosages, usability, or our ANSI/NSF Standard 60 approval for drinking water," says David Russell, PWT's Director of Sales and Business Development. "It does, however, eliminate the need for our customers to add sodium benzoate into their day tanks when diluting our super-concentrates. Our products have never been easier to use."

Developed for reverse osmosis and membrane filtration markets, PWT's super-concentrated antiscalants are eleven times more concentrated than standard antiscalants, reducing shipping/handling by 90% and eliminating drum disposal requirements. The products are based on PWT's patent-pending dendrimer technology. They are phosphate-free and environmentally friendly. More information regarding PWT's exclusive line of dendrimer-based super-concentrated antiscalants can be found on

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