Water district's uranium, nitrate removal system starts up

June 8, 2010
KINGWOOD, TX, June 8, 2010 -- Envirogen Technologies announced the successful start-up of an ion exchange system for the East Valley Water District of San Bernardino County, California...

• Compact system brings decommissioned well back online with high-efficiency removal of multiple contaminants and "technology+services" performance guarantees

KINGWOOD, TX, June 8, 2010 -- Envirogen Technologies Inc. (Envirogen) announced the successful start-up of an ion exchange system for the East Valley Water District (EVWD) of San Bernardino County, California, to remove uranium and nitrates from groundwater at the District's #40 well site. The installation features a 10-year "technology+services" agreement that includes operation and maintenance services along with guarantees of system performance as well as capital and operating costs. The #40 well site had previously been decommissioned, but is now back in service as a result of the performance of the new treatment system. This system marks the third successful installation and technology+services agreement between Envirogen and EVWD, and the first to perform uranium removal. All three systems installed by Envirogen for the District carry this performance guarantee and have been designed to remove multiple contaminants -- either perchlorate or uranium in combination with nitrates -- from groundwater.

According to Dr. Todd Webster, Director, West Region for Envirogen, the company's established relationship with the District points to the success of Envirogen's process design capabilities and the technology+services business model. "Drinking water utilities today are under pressure from tightening regulations, rising costs, impossible budgets and dwindling usable water supplies, especially in the Southern California region. The choices communities make when they address their need for long-term supplies of quality drinking water are critical to quality of life, to economic growth and to fiscal responsibility," said Dr. Webster. "In our relationship with the East Valley Water District, we have been able to bring the right technology to bear on a series of difficult contamination environments and have combined this with a services program that not only gives them reliable water supplies for the long-term, but does so at the lowest lifecycle cost, maximizing their investment and helping them deliver a level of fiscal responsibility that the community can be proud of. All of these benefits are guaranteed -- in writing," he added.

The new Envirogen system for EVWD is designed to deliver 2 million gallons per day (MGD) of quality drinking water to a customer base of approximately 65,000 people. It will reduce influent levels of 50-60 parts per million (ppm) nitrates and 25-30 picocuries per liter (pCi/l) uranium to 35 ppm and <15 pCi/l, respectively. The installation consists of two treatment trains housed on a 50' x 50' concrete pad at the well site, with uranium removal occurring upstream from nitrate removal. In addition to the guarantee for specified drinking water quality, the Envirogen program also guarantees chemical usage and volume of waste brine generated. Under the agreement, Envirogen provides complete operation and maintenance services on the system including full responsibility for disposal of waste brine and spent media according to regulatory requirements.

Ron Buchwald, PE, District Engineer for EVWD, feels that Envirogen's collaborative approach enabled the District to achieve its treatment goals for the well. "Envirogen worked in partnership with us from start to finish on this challenging project. They don't just drop off a unit," Mr. Buchwald said. "Their people assisted with site preparation all the way through to documents for permitting, and the system was easy to bring in and connect. Our relationship with Envirogen was essential to fitting this complex system into a very tight site," he continued.

According to Dr. Webster, Envirogen's advanced process engineering experience is the key to backing up their performance guarantees. "We feel we're in an ideal position to help our customers implement innovative treatment technology, because we know exactly what our technology can do and how to make it fit each site's specific needs," Webster said. "In partnership with EVWD, we've successfully treated multiple contaminants -- uranium, perchlorate and nitrates -- at three sites and assisted in keeping those wells operating. I'm confident our business model can continue to empower the introduction of new technology, provide custom-designed solutions at a low lifecycle cost with minimal capital investment, and help communities achieve a worry-free supply of quality water for many years to come," he added. For more information, visit www.envirogen.com.

About Envirogen Technologies Inc.
Headquartered in the Houston suburb of Kingwood, Texas, Envirogen is a technology+services solutions provider that designs, builds and implements systems for business in municipal and industrial water and environmental treatment applications. A primary focus for Envirogen is the concept of 'lifecycle performance,' in which the company provides guaranteed, pay-for-performance, long-term contracts at predictable costs that offer customers the lowest total cost over the lifetime of an equipment installation. Primary applications for Envirogen's systems include treatment of groundwater for the delivery of high-quality potable water, groundwater remediation, wastewater treatment, water re-use, nutrient removal, and odor and VOC control for municipal and industrial markets. In industrial markets such as mining, hydrocarbon processing and chemical processing, Envirogen also specializes in process water treatment, byproduct recovery and chemical purification. The company conducts business throughout the United States, with regional offices in Southern California, Illinois, New Jersey and Tennessee. For more information on the company, visit www.envirogen.com.


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