New water treatment plant enhances drinking water quality for Toms River

June 11, 2010
TOMS RIVER, NJ, June 11, 2010 -- Officials celebrated the opening of a new water treatment plant that houses advanced water treatment equipment to remove naturally-occurring radium from drinking water sources...

TOMS RIVER, NJ, June 11, 2010 -- Officials from United Water, Holiday City South Homeowners Association, Berkeley Township and Ocean County today celebrated the opening of the company's new water treatment plant with a ribbon-cutting ceremony. The new plant houses advanced water treatment equipment that removes naturally-occurring radium from drinking water sources.

Rick Pfleiderer, director of operations for United Water Toms River, explained that the company invested approximately $12 million in the new plant, along with upgrades of three Berkeley wells and construction of a new 3,400 foot pipeline, which brings water from the wells to the treatment plant.

"We are very pleased to celebrate the opening of this new treatment facility, which uses the latest technology to improve water quality and service reliability," said Pfleiderer. "This project demonstrates United Water's ongoing commitment to meet increasingly stringent water quality regulations for safe drinking water established by the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection and the United States Environmental Protection Agency."

The new facility, located just north of the intersection of Mule Road and Lehman Street in the Township of Berkeley, is housed in a 60 foot by 80 foot building which blends in with the surrounding residential community homes. The company began construction in the summer of 2009 and the plant was put into use in March 2010. United Water has spent the last few months installing new landscaping to ensure the facility fits in well with the community.

"The completion of the Berkeley Water Treatment Plant is an important milestone in delivering on our commitment to provide superior water quality to our customers," said Pfleiderer. "We would not be dedicating our plant here today without the support of township and state officials, the leadership of the Holiday City South Homeowners' Association and the dedication of our employees. This truly was a team effort to make this facility a reality."

Pfleiderer noted that the core of the new, innovative treatment system uses an ion exchange process to remove radium. Raw water is filtered to remove particulates and then flows through ion exchange vessels where radium ions are exchanged by resin. The resin vessels adsorb radium from the water which is then treated with chlorine for disinfection. At the end of the process, wastewater and radium are disposed of in a safe and proper manner.

The new site also includes outside piping and a tie-in to the Berkeley Township Sewage Authority/Ocean County Utility Authority sanitary sewer as well as a storm water detention system, dry pit, electrical service, paving, sidewalks, and landscaping.

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