Antiscalant water treatment chemicals from Kimberlite earn UL certification

April 13, 2010
BANGALORE, INDIA, April 13 2010 -- Underwriters Laboratories (UL) has announced that Kimberlite Chemicals India Pvt. Ltd., received UL certification for its antiscalant water treatment chemicals...

BANGALORE, INDIA, April 13 2010 -- Underwriters Laboratories (UL), a global leader in drinking water quality and safety, today announced that Kimberlite Chemicals India Pvt. Ltd., received UL certification for its antiscalant water treatment chemicals. Kimberlite's antiscalant water treatment chemicals will now bear the UL Classified Water Quality Mark, indicating certification to ANSI/NSF Standard 60 for health effects.

UL launched its drinking water product certification program in India in 2009 and has been working with a number of Indian companies on a broad range of products including disinfection and oxidation chemicals, coagulants, drinking water treatment units, gaskets, butterfly valves, sediment filter cartridges and activated carbon. Kimberlite, a renowned company known for its world-class technology product and service in the field of specialty chemicals and coatings, is the first Indian manufacturer to be certified through UL's water program for antiscalant water treatment chemicals.

UL's certification of Kimberlite's antiscalant chemicals provides verification that these chemicals have been independently tested and validated to meet both industry standards for health effects in drinking water as well as UL's rigorous certification requirements. Antiscalant chemicals are used to protect reverse osmosis (RO) membrane life and are used in industrial RO purifiers.

"On behalf of Kimberlite and our employees, it has been our sincere pleasure to work with UL on this certification," said Aashish Rathore, managing director, Kimberlite Chemicals. "UL's depth of knowledge and expertise in this area and commitment to superior customer service has made this a very positive experience for our company."

Commenting on the latest certification, R.A Venkitachalam, vice president and managing director, UL Emerging Markets said, "With the tremendous increase in the use of RO for water treatment in India, treatment of the membranes used in this technology with antiscalant chemicals is critical to their proper functioning. . UL Certification of these antiscalants for Kimberlite is a great accomplishment and marks a prominent development within our Indian water business."

UL offers comprehensive testing and certification services to ANSI/NSF Standard 60. Product categories include:

• Coagulation and flocculation
• Corrosion and scale control
• Disinfection and oxidation
• pH adjustment
• Precipitation
• Sequestering
• Softening
UL is an ANSI-accredited, global leader in water product certification and offers comprehensive testing and certification services for manufacturers of plumbing and related products, drinking water treatment chemical additives, system components (fixture fittings, valves and gaskets, tanks and coatings), treatment units (chillers, coolers, and water softeners), plastic piping system components and related materials. UL is also is an approved certifier of water products that meet the criteria of the EPA's WaterSenseSM program, which identifies and promotes the use of water-efficient products.

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