BakerCorp mobile water treatment reduces costs for Denver public-private transportation project

Dec. 15, 2017
Company executed successful strategy using filtration solutions.

PLANO, TEXAS, DEC 15, 2017 -- BakerCorp, a leader in water treatment solutions, recently marked the completion of a multi-site dewatering project for a Denver area public-private construction entity. Baker was chosen as the single vendor for the project based on the company's ability to design a custom filtration, containment, and pumping solution for around-the-clock groundwater containment and cleanup. Over the duration, more than 15 million gallons of contaminated water were successfully treated on-site, and the BakerCorp system effectively reduced estimated disposal costs by 60%.

"As we began to assess the project, we identified an opportunity to provide substantial value, both in terms of reduced overall treatment costs and flexibility of operations, to our customer. We were able to do this by leveraging our team's expertise and the technology in our mobile electrocoagulation (EC) system offering," said Mehrzad Emanuel, vice president of filtration at BakerCorp.

Challenged by fluctuating amounts of contaminated groundwater affecting the project, BakerCorp's custom solution required flexibility above all else, along with continuous on-site operations. The BakerCorp team engineered, configured, and installed a filtration system that drove water through BakerCorp's EC-250 treatment trailer, a mobile filtration system built on a movable trailer. Streaming through a series of four tri-chamber barrier tanks, solid particulates were removed from over 15 million gallons of water. After this initial filtration, water flowed from a frac tank into sand and media filters, a bag filter, and a granular activated carbon (GAC) filter for enhanced solids separation and polishing before discharge.

The EC-250 utilizes an electric charge for filtration. A complete trip through the unit's electric reactor takes about 14 seconds, allowing liquids with mixed contaminants to be treated quickly. No chemical reagents need to be added to the process, making the EC-250 an effective tool for environmental compliance.

"By using our EC-250 mobile electrocoagulation process, we were able to offer a treatment method that allowed for clean, clear water to be discharged back into the environment without the use of any chemicals," added Emanuel. "In many of our projects, electrocoagulation offers our customers the ability to lower their operating costs."

The project was completed using BakerCorp products and services exclusively. On-site Baker personnel handled the crucial phases of the project including delivery, equipment installation, operations, and maintenance. Due to a positive outcome, Baker was awarded future phases of the ongoing project.

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