UGSI Solutions, Inc. acquires PAX Water Technologies

Feb. 16, 2017
PAX Water is now a wholly-owned subsidiary of UGSI Solutions, Inc.

RICHMOND, CA FEBRUARY 16, 2017 -- UGSI Solutions announced today the acquisition of PAX Water Technologies was completed on Friday, January 27th.

PAX Water Technologies ( is a power brand in the water industry focused on water quality. PAX Water has established itself as a leader in water quality by developing and commercializing the most effective and elegant potable water tank mixing solutions in the industry. Leveraging its success in tank mixing, PAX Water expanded its reservoir management technologies into DBP removal aeration systems with its TRS series of products and disinfectant residual boosting using its proprietary Residual Control System (RCS) technology.

The combination of PAX Water and UGSI Solutions creates the industry's only complete set of water quality solutions focused on water distribution networks. From tank mixing, to THM removal, to disinfectant residual management – UGSI Solutions is the only company offering the full set of "outside the fence" water quality solutions.

Andy Seidel, Chief Executive of UGSI Solutions stated, "With almost 100,000 tanks and reservoirs in North America, there is an enormous opportunity to improve distribution network water quality with the systems and technology offered by UGSI Solutions. We firmly believe that the greatest remaining water quality challenge for most water utilities is preventing nitrification, THM production and maintaining acceptable disinfectant residuals in their distribution networks. The combination of PAX Water and UGSI Solutions brings an unsurpassed portfolio of technologies and thoughtful process know-how that can tame the most complex distribution network water quality problems."

PAX Water is now a wholly-owned subsidiary of UGSI Solutions, Inc. which includes:

  • Process Solutions, Inc. (Campbell, CA) – manufactures Microclor® on-site hypochlorite generation equipment, ChemLocker™ and Monoclor® disinfectant residual management systems, and Tank Shark® reservoir mixing systems;
  • UGSI Chemical Feed, Inc. (Vineland, NJ) – manufactures Encore® pumps and Polyblend® polymer blending equipment for industrial and municipal water and wastewater customers; and
  • Mobile Pipe Lining and Coating, Inc. (Adelanto, CA) – provides pipe lining and coating services to the oil & gas, water and wastewater markets.