Algae control system reduces chemical expenditures by 27 percent

April 13, 2018
LG Sonic MPC-Buoy in Rainbow Lake, has been able to control blue-green algae growth in the drinking water reservoir.

EMMITSBURG, MD, APRIL 13, 2018 -- One year after the installation of an LG Sonic MPC-Buoy in Rainbow Lake, a drinking water reservoir that supplies drinking water to 3,000 people in Emmitsburg, US, the project appeared to be a great success. With outstanding results in the control of blue-green algae and a significant reduction of 27% in chemical expenses, the algae control system has proven itself successful.

High temperatures and nutrient overload are favorable conditions for algae to bloom, causing the release of toxins in the water and taste and odor problems. Every summer, Emmitsburg faces algae problems, which result in higher chemical demands in the water treatment plant, clogged filters, and increased backwashes. To challenge this long-term algae problem, the Town of Emmitsburg and Kershner Environmental Technologies, one of the local distributors of LG Sonic in the US, installed a system that uses ultrasound technology (combined with water quality monitoring) to control algae.

Solution to long-term algae problems
With the installation of LG Sonic ultrasonic systems in Rainbow Lake, the Town of Emmitsburg is facing fewer problems with its long-term algae. Overtime at the plant was reduced, chemical costs decreased by 27%, and the water quality improved significantly. To control algae in large water reservoirs such as drinking water reservoirs, LG Sonic developed the MPC-Buoy. The MPC-Buoy is a floating, solar-powered system that combines real-time water quality monitoring and ultrasonic sound waves in order to control algae in lakes and reservoirs effectively. LG Sonic has developed specific low power ultrasonic transmitters that are not harmful to humans, fish, plants and other aquatic life.

"The device performed excellently when dealing with blue-green algae," said Cathy Willets, Town Manager Emmitsburg.

A unique solution
Each MPC-Buoy system has a treatment range which is 1600ft in diameter. To provide an algae solution for the complete water surface, multiple MPC-Buoy systems can be installed. The MPC-Buoy systems communicate with each other, and based on real-time water quality data, the systems are able to modify the ultrasonic program and adapt it to the specific water conditions of a water body.