Expanding the Possibilities of AMI: Four Advantages Provided by NaaS

For most water utilities, walking from meter-to-meter in support of monthly or quarterly billing is a thing of the past. Even mobile reads, which drive greater efficiencies, aren’t enough to meet increasing demands to improve customer service, reduce non-revenue water, aid conservation initiatives, and share meter data across other departments.

If your water utility is looking to do more, while staying open to the growing possibilities of deploying a Smart Water AMI Network, consider the benefits of Network-as-a-Service (NaaS). Your utility can save significant time, labor, and money—and instead focus on core water needs.

As a managed network service, NaaS provides for greater operational efficiency, reduces AMI infrastructure costs, helps manage technology migration, and positions your utility to leverage a Smart Water Network for additional IoT/M2M applications.

This white paper is sponsored by Neptune Technology Group.