July 9, 2015
Vivax-Metrotech Corp. Vivax-Metrotech offers the tracer gas leak detector HL5000-H2, which can also be used with acoustic sensors. This leak pinpointing system saves the cost of having a second device. Its ease of use and special features make it a versatile instrument suitable for the toolbox of anybody in the leak detection business. Use of tracer gas—proven in the industry—is often the last option to find very small or difficult water leaks even in low pressure situations. The same techniques can be applied to other utilities without interrupting any
Schaffner USA ECOSine Passive Harmonic Filters remove specific orders of harmful harmonics (found in many manufacturing/processing environments) before they can cause any damage. By eliminating for harmonics, ECOSine passive harmonic filters protect sensitive electronics and ensure a longer service life. They are ideal for a variety of industrial applications such as variable frequency drives, motors, pumps, UPS, HVAC equipment, and
Aclara STAR ZoneScan is the industry’s leading, remotely correlated acoustic leak-detection system that cost-effectively identifies small leaks before they become big problems. The system combines acoustic data loggers with Aclara’s STAR Network technology to provide fully integrated leak detection through fixed-network advanced metering infrastructure. Time-synchronized sound recordings are initiated through the STAR ZoneScan transmission unit, which sends the resulting data back to the utility through fixed-network infrastructure. Web-based application software correlates the data between loggers and provides visual identification of high probability leak
Aquarius Spectrum LTD. Aquarius-Spectrum’s cloud monitoring solutions for urban water networks enable a high level of operation and maintenance. AQS-SYS implements leak detection and pinpoints by acoustic fixed correlated sensors, providing up-to-date, graphical history and statistics of every point of failure. iQuarius is a smartphone-based leak detection tool for cost-effective leak surveys and pinpointing, and works as a standalone tool or complements AQS-SYS. One of the company’s flagship projects, carried out in cooperation with Ha’Gihon—the Jerusalem Region Water and Wastewater Utility—is operating over 1,500 sensors and identified more than 50 hidden leaks in the last few months, in addition to dozens of damaged water meters and
The Toro Co. The Toro Co. is adding five new three-fourths-of-an-inch rotor models to its best-selling T5 RapidSet Series rotor product line. This includes the Shrub, Shrub Effluent, 12-inch High Pop, 12-inch High Pop Effluent, and Lawn Effluent models. The tool-free arc adjustment of the patent-pending RapidSet feature allows the arc orientation and angle to be quickly set or changed through a straightforward combination of twists of the nozzle turret. The T5 RapidSet rotor’s unique slip clutch makes the no tools arc adjustment possible, while also protecting the turret gears and components from damage. The rotor can be adjusted to cover arcs of 40–360 degrees. Similar to the T5 RapidSet lawn model, which was introduced early last year, the Shrub and High Pop models also feature Toro’s Airfoil Technology nozzles. The nozzles’ geometries are specially-designed for the T5 and create a low pressure zone just beneath the nozzle openings, which delivers a better up-close watering profile and leading overall distribution
Kamstrup Water utilities around the world have improved the efficiency of their meter reading operations, reduced costs, and increased revenues using Kamstrup’s flowIQ smart water meters and automated meter reading system. The AMR system—called READy—turns your smartphone or tablet into a meter reading device. Using Google Maps, READy locates all meter points and reads meters while you
Xylem Inc. High accuracy, simple SDI-12 communication and advanced design are just a few features of the new WaterLOG Nile Series (Nile 502, Nile 504, Nile 517) radar water level sensors, released this week by WaterLOG—a Xylem brand. The Nile series operates based on the time-of-flight method. Radar impulses are emitted by an antenna, reflected off the product (water surface), and received again by the radar system. This provides the most precise measurement data in water level applications requiring non-contact transmission. This series of WaterLOG instruments is designed to be mounted on the side of bridges or other enclosures above surface water. The rugged, innovative design was built for extreme environmental conditions—making this series ideal for tough to reach
Crane Pumps & Systems Pre-assembled Barnes Fiberglass Lift Stations provide a custom solution for applications ranging from residential, commercial, industrial construction, aged lift stations, and housing developments. They are available in Pipe Rail Simplex/Duplex and Hard Piped Simplex Systems and are offered in a wide range of sizes. Other selection options include simplex/duplex design, pump, cover, and control panel. Stations can be purchased with or without a pump; a selection of Barnes sewage ejectors, effluent, grinder, or sump pumps are available. The online configurator tool and technical sales staff makes the configuration process easy to select the right components for each unique

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