May 25, 2017
IN-SITU Designed for use in a variety of applications, the Aqua TROLL 600 Multiparameter Sonde provides accurate water quality data in natural water, surface water, groundwater, produced water, and aquaculture. Additionally, the Aqua TROLL 600 Ammonium, Chloride, and Nitrate Sensors are ideal for any application where real-time data for nutrient monitoring or early detection of contamination is useful. The ammonium sensor will automatically derive ammonia and total ammonia when used with a pH/ORP sensor. Calibration is only recommended on a monthly basis, with no iso-thermal calibration
BLUE-WHITE The Chem-Pro M MC-2 metering pump is well-suited for use with aggressive and viscous chemicals commonly used in municipal water and wastewater treatment. The rugged MC-2 is equipped with a variable speed motor, which offers smooth and quiet chemical dosing with no hard pulses. A full stroke every time prevents vapor lock. Chem-Pro M can handle high-pressure applications up to 175 psi with a maximum feed rate of 40 GPH. The MC-2 is fitted with Blue-White’s Dia-Flex single layer PVDF Diaphragm. This long-lasting diaphragm exhibits zero breakdown or delamination, reducing field maintenance and
MASTER METER Combating non-revenue water (NRW) begins with Master Meter’s highly precise, solid-state, ultrasonic flow measurement technology. The Octave presents large meter innovation for commercial and industrial (C&I) applications, which provides an ultra-wide flow recording capability to effectively capture both intermittent leaks and massive flows. With all digital operation and IoT interoperability, the Octave connects easily with all major AMR, AMI, and SCADA system brands. Master the Sound of Science with the Octave from Master