Sept. 18, 2017
SOILMOISTUREChameleon is an accurate, affordable, and fully automated laboratory Darcy system for measuring soil-core saturated hydraulic conductivity (Ksat). Chameleon is capable of performing Ksat measurement according to Falling-Head Method and also Constant-Head Method procedures. Thanks to Monitor Precision Pressure Transducer, and Chameleon Software Application, both measurement methods are fully automated. Up to 20 units of Chameleon can be independently controlled with a single Windows computer (not included). Chameleon comes as a complete kit; however it is easily possible to use third-party soil cores or reservoirs. This gives Chameleon maximum adaptability and that’s why it is called the Chameleon!
SEE WATER INC.The Hydra Transducer Panels are a complete line of simplex, duplex, and triplex control panels that feature a versatile HMI touchscreen controller ideal for sewage, wastewater, and dewatering applications. The transducer pump control panels come standard with a stainless steel enclosure and a programmable monitoring controller that displays the tank level and pump
PULSAFEEDER INC.Pulsafeeder has been a global leader in fluid handling technology since the 1940’s. Pulsafeeder’s reciprocating and rotary gear pumps are used to treat water and wastewater in municipal, power, and chemical plants, as well as refineries and manufacturing facilities worldwide. Eclipse gear pumps address a wide variety of chemicals, connection sizes, and flow ranges. The pumps are magnetically driven with no seals to wear or replace. The front pull-out design simplifies maintenance, requiring the fewest number of parts of any pump on the market. Eclipse pumps are designed to run continuously for several years of service before parts need
DIG CORP.DIG’s Excel pressure compensating (PC) 17mm dripline is now available with self-flushing emitters with built-in check valves which serve a twofold purpose: one is to improve system uniformity by preventing water from draining out of the lines when the system valve closes; the other is to protect the emitters by preventing them from pulling in soil particles that could lead to emitter blockage, which is especially important for sub-surface systems. The product is extruded in DIG’s facility in Vista, CA, and is available in two flow rates (.6 &1 GPH). The Excel PC dripline is available with emitter spacings of 12-, 18-, 24-, and
PERMASTOREWith over 57 years’ experience, Permastore is the global market leader in modular, bolted Glass-Fused-to-Steel and Fusion Bonded Epoxy tanks and silos for the municipal, industrial, and agricultural environments worldwide. Permastore has supplied over 300,000 structures in over 110 countries.

Permastore is committed to supplying the highest quality internationally recognized solution through its global network of local distributors and is the only manufacturer who publishes fully detailed, independently audited, quality standards on its entire product range. Permastore also supplies a complete range of roofs and covers as part of its PERMADOME product portfolio.

HYDROPOINTIt’s not a question of if your site has a leak, it’s when. You need a way to stop unexpected waste fast. HydroPoint WaterCompass is a non-invasive, clamp-on flow monitor that lets you continuously monitor leaks and water usage from a single dashboard, including domestic water, cooling towers, irrigation systems, and water-based fire suppression systems. HydroPoint’s Hydro Analysts keep an eye on anomalies and proactively reaches out so you’re fully aware of all issues and have pertinent data at your fingertips. Stop leaks before they turn into
MASTER METERCombating non-revenue water (NRW) begins with Master Meter’s highly precise, solid-state, ultrasonic flow measurement technology. The Octave presents large meter innovation for commercial and industrial (C&I) applications, which provides an ultra-wide flow recording capability to effectively capture both intermittent leaks and massive flows. With all digital operation and IoT interoperability, the Octave connects easily with all major AMR, AMI, and SCADA system brands. Master the Sound of Science with the Octave from Master
ELECTRO SCANIf a pipe leaks electricity, it will leak water too. Electro Scan’s multi-sensor water leak detection probe features patented low-voltage conductivity technology to locate and quantify leaks in gallons per minute. A pipe should be an electrical insulator, so each location where electric current is able to escape from the pipe wall is identified as a leak. Additional technologies include a CCTV camera for pipe navigation, pressure sensor, and acoustic hydrophone. This four-in-one leak detection solution for pressurized water mains represents the first reliable and repeatable holistic leak detection service, available exclusively from Electro
CONTAINMENT SOLUTIONS INC.Containment Solutions has been manufacturing industry leading underground fiberglass reinforced plastic petroleum storage tanks for over 50 years. The same patented process used to fabricate those tanks yields the company’s premium fiberglass water storage tanks. Available in sizes up to 50,000 gallons, Containment Solutions’ underground fiberglass tanks are engineered to handle all kinds of water applications. The company offers everything from potable water storage to onsite septic, as well as stormwater collection, rainwater harvesting, and fire protection systems. Since each site has its own unique demands, each tank produced is custom-made to meet the specific needs of each
BLUE-WHITE INDUSTRIES Blue-White’s innovative new tubing, Flex-A-Prene, Flex-A-Chem, and Flex-A-Thane, is used in Blue-White’s FLEXFLO A-100N, ProSeries, and ProSeries-M Peristaltic Metering Pumps. Blue-White pump tubes come in single- and multi-tube technology and both include a single inlet and outlet to help provide precision metering of chemical into critical treatment systems. The new multi-tube design provides optimum performance while operating at high pressure, up to 110 psi, and delivers unmatched tube life of up to four times longer than conventional tubing. The extended service life of the multi-tube helps significantly reduce parts and labor
NO-DES INC.NO-DES Inc. can remove iron and manganese, bio-film, and more from the insides of water distribution mains while improving distribution system water quality, eliminating customer complaints, and conserving water. No-Des’ patented system replaces customers’ outdated, wasteful conventional hydrant flushing programs and is available for purchase or contract operations. Contact the company for a
AMERICAN FIBERGLASSExtend tank service life with relining and refurbishing from American Fiberglass Tank Repair (AFTR). Utilizing today’s cutting-edge resins, their nationwide field crews can upgrade older tanks to exceed original design capabilities. Working with resin manufacturers, AFTR’s engineers pinpoint the latest resin formulations compatible with existing tank composite systems. AFTR works with custom-blended polyester, isophthalic, terephthalic, vinylester, and epoxy resins, as well as over 45 fiberglass mat, chopped strand, Nexus, Harlar, and carbon veil materials. AFTR offers tank lining and repair, inspection services, insulation, and heat panel service as well as nozzle repair, coast-to-coast and in
MUELLER COStaying true to the Company’s constant efforts to improve existing product lines, Mueller Co. has standardized the use of stainless steel 316 alloy fasteners on its gate valves. Fasteners made from this alloy increase resistance to environmental stresses and are included at no additional cost to the consumer, demonstrating Mueller’s commitment to meeting market demand and exceeding all standards and expectations. Visit Mueller at WEFTEC Booth
ACCLIMA INC. The TDR-315L is an integrated, wavefrom-digitizing, true time domain reflectometer that uses high-speed electronics to bring this device down in price to cost 20 times less than its competitors. This device is extremely accurate at measuring soil water content (even in soils out to 4 dS/m bulk EC), soil temperature, and soil (bulk) EC. It works with SDI-12-compliant data loggers including Acclima’s own low-cost and portable DataSnap data logger. Contact Acclima to get more information about this and other models by emailing [email protected]
IN-SITUDesigned for use in a variety of applications, the Aqua TROLL 600 Multiparameter Sonde provides accurate water quality data in natural water, surface water, groundwater, produced water, and aquaculture. Additionally, the Aqua TROLL 600 Ammonium, Chloride, and Nitrate Sensors are ideal for any application where real-time data for nutrient monitoring or early detection of contamination is useful. The ammonium sensor will automatically derive ammonia and total ammonia when used with a pH/ORP sensor. Calibration is only recommended on a monthly basis, with no iso-thermal calibration
NEPTUNENeptune’s MACH 10 ultrasonic water meter is designed for the specific needs of North American water utilities. It combines state-of-the-art technology with an NSF 61-certified lead-free bronze meter maincase, and features E-Coder PLUS protocol, integrated radio, and solid-state technology with no moving parts. Use the MACH 10 to address drought conditions via extended low flow accuracy. Its wider operating range and sustained accuracy over time make it ideal for potable, combination potable and fire service, and reclaim

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