Innovative Global Water Utilities Network Partners with CH2M

Oct. 30, 2017

The Leading Utilities of the World (LUOW) network has partnered with multinational engineering company CH2M, to help promote water utility innovation and global partnerships aiming to raise the performance of the water sector worldwide.

The engineering firm CH2M has been announced as the ‘Foundation Partner’ of LUOW, an initiative established by the Global Water Leaders Group (GWLG), to create a global network of the world’s most successful and innovative water and wastewater utilities. The network aims to improve performance across the water utility sector, by recognising achievement, providing a network for sharing ideas, and inspiring others to improve.

As the Foundation Partner, CH2M will be the sponsor of all LUOW meetings at several prominent water industry events, such as the Global Water Summit, American Water Summit, Amsterdam International Water Week and Singapore International Water Week.

The announcement follows CH2M’s sponsorship of the inaugural LUOW meeting at the Global Water Summit in Madrid in April 2017, where the first 6 Gold Standard utilities from around the world were accepted as network members for their stellar performance in multiple areas of utility innovation. These innovation areas include ‘Response to Drought or Scarcity,’ ‘IT & Smart Systems,’ and ‘Overall Utility Productivity,’ and more.

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The LUOW initiative is specifically designed to address the challenges, and to celebrate the outstanding innovations, of utilities in economically-developed countries. The network’s current utility members represent 12 utilities (10 cities and 2 national suppliers), collectively across 8 countries. Ten more Gold Standard water utilities will be inaugurated into the network in 2017, expanding the network to 22 utilities across 12 countries. Members benefit from this recognition, and from the ongoing interaction in the LUOW online community, face-to-face meetings, and in-depth White Papers produced by GWLG.

“For more than 70 years, CH2M has partnered with leading water and wastewater utilities, tackling some of the most challenging water issues facing our world,” said Peter Nicol, CH2M Global Market Director for Water. “Together, we have celebrated many success stories. We are delighted to now have a venue to share these best practices, working in partnership with these industry leaders to share our industry’s successes.”

“We are pleased to support the Leading Utilities of the World initiative,” Mr Nicol added. “Together, by sharing best practices and innovative technology solutions, we are elevating the water sector, and bringing the best of the best to our clients and their communities.”

CH2M’s unique ‘Foundation Partner’ status is part of the network’s ‘Corporate Membership initiative.’ This is a class of membership within the LUOW network which consists of private companies working to share their technical expertise at the network’s meetings and discussions on utility innovation, and help to drive aspirations in the water sector.

The LUOW Advisory Board, which approved CH2M’s Foundation Partnership, is led by Howard Neukrug, Senior Advisor to the Global Water Leaders Group and former CEO of the Philadelphia Water Department. The Board also includes representatives from DC Water (USA), Milwaukee Metropolitan Sewerage District (USA), PUB Singapore, Water Corporation (Western Australia), Waternet (The Netherlands) and the Waterworks Bureau of Kitakyushu (Japan).

“It is a privilege working with the most innovative water utility leaders in the world, and to have the support of CH2M,” said Howard. “It is a company that understands that global connectivity among utility leaders is key to unlocking solutions to our global water challenges.”

With CH2M’s support, the network’s Advisory Board will continue to identify specific utility successes and innovations, and inaugurate new members at LUOW events around the world.

The current LUOW members welcome CH2M’s partnership with the network, recognising that the engineering firm, as a part of its business, delivers projects across the entire water cycle to solve their clients’ most complex water challenges with integrated, sustainable solutions.

Find out more about the Leading Utilities of the World Network and its activities:

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