KROHNE Launches New WATERFLUX 3070 Flowmeter

Nov. 6, 2017

Battery-powered flowmeter now features integrated pressure and temperature sensors

KROHNE, Inc. now offers the innovative updated WATERFLUX 3070 flowmeter, which provides precise measurement, no moving parts, and maintenance-free service. The battery-powered electromagnetic flowmeter is a good choice for drinking water applications and an ideal solution where power is unavailable. WATERFLUX 3070 is the first battery-powered meter for the drinking water industry with built in flow, pressure, and temperature measurement with one sensor. The addition of pressure and temperature in a single measuring point allows users to be more aware of leaks and use these readings in leak-detection systems.

The WATERFLUX 3070 provides important real time data to support water distribution needs, including zone water balance, water abstraction, pressure management, or water billing. Its design includes a unique rectangular sensor shape and an efficient coil construction that optimizes the flowing velocity, flow profile, and accuracy in high daytime or low nighttime flowing conditions.

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Featuring very simple installation, the WATERFLUX 3070 requires no ongoing maintenance. No inlet or outlet straight runs or filters are needed, and the unit can be a direct replacement for mechanical meters. The standard unit is battery-powered, with new line power or solar panel options, plus battery backup.

The WATERFLUX 3070 is suitable for monitoring pressure surges and flowing temperature trends using remote telemetry with built in RS485 Modbus RTU communication option for readings, meter status, and alarms. The rugged IP68 polycarbonate remote converter housing comes standard with waterproof connector plugs.

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