Nov. 10, 2017
Bair ProductsBair’s Super Forks for compact machinery provides an 84-inch-wide utility frame for heavy-duty 6-feet forks. Benefits of extra-wide fork widths include stability, larger and longer hauls of pipe, the ability to haul pipe horizontally and vertically, and the ability to securely haul flat sheets of
Alliance Tire The Galaxy Hulk Deep-Tread SDS solid tire from Alliance Tire Group (ATG) is purpose-built for tough environments where downtime is not an option. The chevron-and-block pattern of the Hulk SDS tread provides excellent self-cleaning while delivering long service life for all surfaces with its 68% rubber-to-void ratio. The rugged construction and scrub-resistant compound of the Hulk SDS improve service life, increase load capacity, and more than double tire life. In addition to the popular massive-block Hulk pattern, Galaxy’s SDS severe duty solid line includes the deep-lug Galaxy LHD 500 SDS, bar-tread Galaxy Beefy Baby SDS, and the high-stability Galaxy Yardmaster
National Environmental NESCO’s DirtSquirt Mini-Wheel Wash prevents carryout from construction sites and offers a low-cost alternative to higher priced wheel washes. The Mini-Wash includes prefabricated spray bars that mount onto Jersey blocks, which funnel traffic into the wash. A sensor automatically turns nozzles on and off. Just connect the spray bars to a local water supply, bring power to the sensor, and you’re ready to go. Easy to set up, easy to take down: the Mini-Wheel Wash is ideal for construction
X-VAC Ideally suited for large diameter pipe-cleaning jobs that smaller water pumps and vacuum systems would not be able to effectively or efficiently complete, the Jumbo Combo features a 5,250 CFM 27-inch Hg blower: the most powerful in the industry. The Jumbo Combo features boilerplate steel debris tanks that carry a lifetime warranty; a transfer case drive that is simple, reliable, and powerful; and a water pump with a capacity of up to 150 n Lube
Everyone who greases knows the frustration of holding the end of the hose tightly to make sure that grease doesn’t squirt out everywhere—all while trying to operate the grease gun with the one remaining hand. Finally, there is a better way. The LockNLube Grease Coupler ensures grease goes in—and not on—your machine. It does not leak or pop off and it easily releases by pushing down the thumb lever. No more wasted grease, broken Zerks, or busted knuckles. LockNLube is compatible with all grease guns: cordless,manual, and
John Deere After a successful showing at CONEXPO-CON/AGG 2017, the John Deere 950K PAT Crawler Dozer is now officially available at dealers across North America. This production-class crawler dozer is designed and manufactured by John Deere in Dubuque, Iowa, and is built specifically for cust­omers looking for a machine that will excel in applications from mass excavation to fine grading. The 950K PAT incorporates an EPA Final Tier 4/EU Stage IV John Deere 9.0L engine with 280 horsepower. Contractors will quickly realize that the efficiently designed hydrostatic powertrain will get approximately 15% more power to the ground versus a conventional torque-converter powertrain.
SEPPI Midisoil dt, one of the smallest Seppi M. universal mulchers for tractors 100–170 horsepower, mulches wood up to 25 centimeters, breaks stones up to 25 centimeters, and tills soil to a depth of 25 centimeters. The working speed ranges from 0­–2 kilometers per hour. Midisoil dt differs from classical wood mulchers by having a new gearbox with 2-speed transmission, allowing for a higher speed of the rotor shaft for wood and a slower speed for rocks and soil. ADAM, the gear-tilt alignment system, prevents damage to the PTO shaft and supports an ideal adaptation to the conditions of the
Thunder Creek Thunder Creek Equipment‘s Multi-Tank Trailers (MTT) are the first fuel and service trailers designed to legally transport bulk diesel on the road without requiring drivers to maintain a CDL or HAZMAT endorsement (Title 49 [CFR49]—local regulations may apply). The trailers are available in 460-, 690-, and 920-gallon capacities and retain the manufacturing quality and customization that Thunder Creek’s full line of trailers and bulk fluid handling solutions are known for—including bulk diesel exhaust fluid storage and dispensing solutions that ensure fluid
Werk-Brau Co., Inc The simple design of the D-Lock+ combined with the world-leading safety features makes the D-Lock+ the safest coupler on the market today. The D-Lock+ Coupler is dual locking, meaning that attachments remain securely engaged on both pins in the event of loss of engagement force. Compact design with only two hoses, minimal moving parts, no greasing, and no complicated operating sequence to follow are just a few of the features that put the D-Lock+ at the forefront of coupler performance,
Vac-Tron Enviromnental Vac-Tron Equipment’s Competitive Vac Series offers the performance you have come to expect from Vac-Tron, while keeping the cost of operation to a minimum. The CV GT is powered by a 27-horsepower Kohler EFI gas engine of 580 CFM at 15 Hg. The CV SGT High CFM models are powered by a 37-horsepower Kohler gas engine of 1000 CFM at 15 Hg. Both feature wet and dry filtration with cyclonic separation, a 500- or 800-gallon debris tank, a hydraulic rear door with auto-engage safety latch, 200–300-gallon water capacities, 3500 psi at 4 gpm, water knife and cleanup wand, and a 30-feet by 3-inch vacuum hose. Optional reverse pressure is also
ARI-Hetra ARI Phoenix, Inc. has released its new and revolutionary heavy-duty mobile lift maintenance cable system: Elevate. Easily attaching to the top of your mobile posts, Elevate raises your cables for a safer workplace, providing an unobstructed path beneath the vehicle. Features include: elevation of interconnecting cables from the shop floor, engineered composite knobs enabling a smooth tightening effect on cables, and a lightweight cable design engineered for
Cal/Amp Optimize operations with real-time information about your assets so you can react faster. CalAmp’s AssetOutlook provides immediate insight into equipment location and health metrics; streamlines operations by adapting to unique attribute profiles and key performance indicators; and improves visibility for preventative maintenance, fleet activity, and utilization with cumulative engine hours and data feeds. These translate to higher revenue with better job costing, right-sized fleets, and proactive maintenance. This solution helps guard against unauthorized use and theft with real-time alerts. By adding LoJack Stolen Vehicle Recovery System, businesses can further protect their equipment from loss due to