Tangent Company Earns a Patent for Its Direct-Potable Reuse (DPR) Water Recycling Process

Dec. 12, 2017

Tangent Company secured US Patent No. 20140151294 A1 for direct-potable reuse (DPR) water recycling technology designed for small building scale. This water recycling technology is what propels The Tangent Watercycle™, a state-of-the-art, engineered water system that produces a perpetual supply of potable water. The patented water recycling process pulls pure water from an on-site reservoir within the building, purifies it through multiple stages, and returns the purified water to the reservoir for reuse.

“The patent is an exciting milestone in our journey at Tangent Company to create a self-contained water recycling system for direct potable reuse in small buildings,” says Greg Orloff, CEO, Tangent Company. “While water recycling has started gaining traction on the municipal scale, the technology has not been accessible to the small building scale market—until now.”

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Tangent Company began working on the water recycling technology in 2008, developing the first small building scale product The Tangent Watercycle, which will go to market in 2018. During this time, Tangent sought out a patent to protect the proprietary process to insure its integrity. “We feel like we’ve engineered a truly unique process that has the potential to shift the way we use—and reuse—water today and well into the future,” Orloff says.

Tangent’s Watercycle process is a game-changer in the small building scale arena—an opportunity for proven direct potable reuse that can make a measurable impact on water quality, cost and infrastructure.

“This patent is one significant step on the journey to introduce sustainable water recycling technology to the marketplace and the world. That’s our passion,” says Adam Arnold, process engineer at Tangent Company. “We’re committed to innovation.”

Tangent Company develops revolutionary water treatment technologies built on the core belief that there is a solution to every challenge—specifically, supplying a clean supply of water for future generations.