Feb. 20, 2018
IN-SITUDesigned for use in a variety of applications, the Aqua TROLL 600 Multiparameter Sonde provides accurate water quality data in natural water, surface water, groundwater, produced water, and aquaculture. Additionally, the Aqua TROLL 600 Ammonium, Chloride, and Nitrate Sensors are ideal for any application where real-time data for nutrient monitoring or early detection of contamination is useful. The ammonium sensor will automatically derive ammonia and total ammonia when used with a pH/ORP sensor. Calibration is only recommended on a monthly basis, with no iso-thermal calibration
NO-DES INC.NO-DES Inc. can remove iron and manganese, bio-film, and more from the inside of your water distribution mains while improving distribution system water quality, eliminating customer complaints and conserving water. NO-DES’ patented system replaces customers’ wasteful, conventional hydrant flushing programs and is available for purchase or contract operations. Contact the company for a

When the health and aesthetics of turf is your responsibility, it can be a 24/7 job. The Toro Sentinel Central Control system is here to help your customers stand guard. This powerful water management system provides exceptional customizability and reliability. The Sentinel Central Control pairs powerful, easy-to-use software with intelligent Sentinel field controllers. Scheduling and daily operations can be managed from a PC or iPhone and iPad using NSN Connect. Simple-to-operate software provides ET-based watering programs that can generate water savings of up to 30% per year. Programming is flexible and easy to understand thanks to straightforward descriptions, maps, and help screens.

NEPTUNE TECHNOLOGY GROUPWin your day with Neptune’s MACH 10 pinpoint accuracy. Capture extremely high and low flow rates with extended, high-resolution measurement—and, with no moving parts, sustain that accuracy over the life of the MACH 10. The MACH 10’s high accuracy can be confirmed, without any special meter test modes, on a standard bench. Capture non-revenue water while offering proactive customer service with a maintenance-free, solid-state ultrasonic meter engineered for the long haul. Visit our website listed below for more
MASTER METERCombating non-revenue water (NRW) begins with Master Meter’s highly precise, solid-state, ultrasonic flow measurement technology. The Octave presents large meter innovation for commercial and industrial (C&I) applications, which provides an ultra-wide flow recording capability to effectively capture both intermittent leaks and massive flows. With all digital operation and IoT interoperability, the Octave connects easily with all major AMR, AMI, and SCADA system brands. Master the Sound of Science with the Octave from Master
CONTAINMENT SOLUTIONS INC.Containment Solutions has been manufacturing industry-leading underground fiberglass reinforced plastic petroleum storage tanks for over 50 years. The same patented process used to fabricate those tanks yields the company’s premium fiberglass water storage tanks. Available in sizes up to 50,000 gallons, Containment Solutions’ underground fiberglass tanks are engineered to handle all kinds of water applications. The company offers everything from potable water storage to onsite septic, as well as stormwater collection, rainwater harvesting, and fire protection systems. Since each site has its own unique demands, each tank produced is custom-made to meet the specific needs of each
BLUE-WHITE INDUSTRIESMICRO-FLO Flow Verification System is designed to be used with your metering pump to provide accurate flow measurement and accumulated flow data. Empty chemical tanks, clogged injection fittings, lost prime, and other problems can prevent a properly working pump from injecting chemical. Always know the precise amount of chemical that your metering pump is dispensing with MICRO-FLO. MICRO-FLO can be connected directly to Blue-White A-100NV and C-1100V metering pumps. It may be installed directly into the pump’s discharge tubing, inline in the system after the pump, or mounted to a
HYDROPOINTIt’s not a question of if your site has a leak, it’s when. You need a way to stop unexpected waste fast. HydroPoint WaterCompass is a non-invasive, clamp-on flow monitor that lets you continuously monitor leaks and water usage from a single dashboard, including domestic water, cooling towers, irrigation systems, and water-based fire suppression systems. HydroPoint’s Hydro Analysts keep an eye on anomalies and proactively reach out so you’re fully aware of all issues and have pertinent data at your fingertips. Stop leaks before they turn into

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