April 2, 2018
AMERICAN FIBER GLASS TANK REPAIR  Extend tank service life with state-of-the-art anti-corrosion protection from American Fiberglass Tank Repair (AFTR). Better-Than-When-New tank lining systems utilize today’s resin and veil components to upgrade existing tanks beyond their factory standard coatings. Working with manufacturers, AFTR’s technical engineers pinpoint the latest resin and veil formulations compatible with existing tank substrates. AFTR works with custom blended isophthalic and terephthalic polyester, vinylester, and epoxy resins, as well as over 45 fiberglass mat, chopped strand, Nexus, Harlar, and carbon veil laminates. Specializing in fiberglass tanks, AFTR offers tank linings, repair, inspection, insulation, and nozzle
TRIMBLE WATER Trimble is pleased to introduce the Trimble T10 tablet, a rugged, high-performance device for mapping and asset management applications. The Trimble T10 gives the utility professional a single-device solution for powerful, efficient data collection and processing in the field. Instead of users relying on a laptop computer in addition to data collector, the T10’s robust processing power allows them to collect and process their data running a broad range of applications in the field, eliminating the need for a separate laptop computer, and speeding time-to-results by enabling deliverables to be produced while out on the
SEBAKMT/MEGGER Thanks to its compact and rugged design in an IP68 waterproof housing, the Sebalog D-3 data logger can take a beating. Its capabilities are endless and it can provide information about flow rate, 2 x pressure points, and temperature at the same time. The ability to “flip a switch” comes standard with all 2- and 4-channel devices. Great emphasis was placed on user-friendliness and SebaKMT’s EasyGo philosophy. Via SebaKMT’s cloud solution, this device is ready for the IoT from any internet browser. Remote real-time, as well as remote configurations, come as a new
XIO WATERSYSTEMS XiO is redefining what it means to control a water system. XiO brings reliable, real-time control with remote management capabilities to water systems of all sizes. All XiO Cloud SCADA Control Systems are built on a solid foundation of revolutionary hardware designed to perform in demanding field conditions. XiO eliminates the need for PLCs, RTUs, PCs, and onsite software. No more expensive programming or on-site technical visits. This FULL CONTROL solution harnesses the power of cloud computing to provide advanced control techniques, analytics, alarming, and security. XiO. We know
BLUE-WHITE Blue-White’s new TFD+ (Tube Failure Detection) is built-in to every FLEXFLO Polymer Pump at no additional cost. This breakthrough technology is designed to detect the presence of oil and water-based polymers in the pump head, which would indicate tube failure. When the TFD+ senses tube failure the pump automatically shuts off and will energize a relay, permitting communications with eternal equipment, such as a backup pump, an alarm, or a SCADA system. There is no false triggering caused by condensation or washdown procedures. The pump will not resume operation until the problem is resolved. The exclusive TFD+ system is designed to eliminate costly polymer spills and downtime required for
MCELROYThe McElroy TracStar 1200 fuses pipe from 16″ OD to 48″ OD (450mm to 1200mm) bringing the largest pipe fusion capability to this line of track-mounted machines. Upgrades include an advanced emission control engine that burns ultra-low-sulfur diesel to meet US EPA Tier 4/EU Stage IIIB standards and the ability to upload joint reports to the DataLogger Vault for storage and analysis. A redesigned cowling and rearrangement of internal components allows better access to the engine for maintenance. Other features include hydraulic outriggers for machine stability and leveling, an ergonomic operator platform, and remote engine stop/start
RAIN WATER SOLUTIONS Rain Water Solutions works with over 80 government agencies and nonprofits across the country to provide our high-quality 50-gallon Ivy Rain Barrel to their communities at a wholesale price through bulk distributions. Average price is $69.00 delivered. Program pricing based on population and geographic area. The Ivy Rain Barrel is a great education and outreach tool to help promote water conservation and water quality. For more information, go to our website listed
AMTECH TANK LINING DuraChem 580 series lining systems extend the service life of new and existing potable water, wastewater, fire suppression water, or chemical containment vessels through “best-in-class” poly lining technology. Sprayed up at high temperature, DuraChem linings cure instantly, bonding to the tank substrate. Unlike older coating technologies, DuraChem 100% solids linings have flex and elongation characteristics, which allow for tank expansion, contraction, and movement without disbonding. Suitable for steel, concrete, and laminate tanks, Amtech’s DuraChem tank lining systems are formulated to exceed industry
GUTERMANN-WATER ZONESCAN Smart is arguably the most advanced, robust, and best performing logger on the market. It logs the noise levels throughout a predetermined period of time and it also records the sound frequency spectrum and allows correlation between the different loggers in the kit. It allows you to avoid false positives by filtering out non-leak noise sources and pinpoints the exact location of leaks using correlation. All information gathered, including GPS locations, is displayed on a smart phone or tablet and then is sent to the cloud. The results can be viewed on the web via
NEPTUNE TECHNOLOGY Eliminate network maintenance using Neptune L900 AMI. Get back to the business of water and eliminate system infrastructure maintenance. Neptune’s L900 Network-as-a-Service (NaaS) technology provides water utilities with the industry’s first LoRa Alliance certified solution for AMI networks. Build a fixed network while maintaining backup mobile reading capability. Use L900 technology to move from an open smart water network to the smart city of tomorrow. Win your day with Neptune—visit us at ACE18 at Booth #17043, June