KRAUSZ USA Launches the HYMAX GRIP 16”

June 20, 2018
First restraint product of its size with four top-facing bolts and a stab-fit, one-piece design
Exerts gripping power equal to 70 tons on connecting pipes

Krausz USA announced today the launch of the HYMAX GRIP 16” restraint coupling featuring only four top-facing bolts for installers to tighten and a stab-fit, one-piece design. The top-facing bolts eliminate under-digging for space to crawl under the pipe to tighten bolts while the stab-fit, one-piece design allows for easier and faster installation, eliminating problems such as losing bolts in the mud.

“Compared to similar products with multiple parts and as many as 12 bolts to tighten, the HYMAX GRIP 16” makes repairs safer and faster with workers spending less time in the ditch,” said Krausz USA Vice President of Sales Cindy Kransler. “The wide-range HYMAX GRIP 16” restrains metal and plastic pipes, including HDPE, replaces the need to use dedicated products to reduce inventory costs and saves shelf space.”

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Capable of gripping and connecting pipes with 70 tons of power, the patented GRIP chain offers circular restraint around the pipe, unlike typical wedge-style restraints that point-load the pipe and make it weaker. The GRIP’s patented radial closing mechanism holds pipes tightly in place during installation, allowing full control over the gap between pipes. As the pipe applies axial pressure, the GRIP chain increasingly tightens over the pipe, preventing pullout – even for HDPE pipe, which expands and contracts over time. The coupling can absorb post-installation dynamic pipe deflection of up to 4° on each end, reducing the risk of damage and cracking due to ground shifts and temperature changes, and saving resources on future pipe repairs.

“The HYMAX GRIP 16” is HYMAX’s latest innovation that makes installers jobs easier and safer while providing a durable solution that offers peace of mind,” said Kransler. “Pipes are restrained on a permanent basis while its dynamic deflection capacity effectively transforms the pipe joint into a flexible connection to absorb ground stresses and help save on continuous repair costs.”

About Krausz
Krausz Industries, the creator of HYMAX, develops, designs, and manufactures market-leading smart products for repairing and connecting different types of pipes for both potable water and sewage. In more than 90 years of industry leadership and millions of installations worldwide, Krausz has earned a solid reputation for providing innovative, high-quality products, that meet installers’ field needs. Krausz offers a broad portfolio of solutions, including standard products that range from 1.5” to 70” and custom-made products according to customers’ requirements. Krausz is a company built by industry experts with extensive field experience. Therefore, we can better understand the challenges of the installer and provide real solutions. Designed for ease of installation, the HYMAX product lines saves cost by minimizing manpower requirements reducing inventory and enhancing safety by reducing time in the ditch. To learn more, visit

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