July 11, 2018

Toro is proud to announce the compatibility of its SMRT Logic product with Google Home and Amazon Alexa devices. SMRT Logic enables customers to control their irrigation, outdoor landscape lighting, and other landscape features through their smartphone, tablet, or computer. SMRT Logic uses proprietary technology to enable mobile device connection without having to access a wireless network and a secure platform for operation by the homeowner or landscape professional from anywhere. With the added benefit of being able to manage their SMRT Logic device with Alexa or Google Home, customers can control their outdoor environment in the same way they do other smart home devices.

DEEP TREKKER INC. Deep Trekker provides municipalities and contractors with portable, affordable, and easy to use remotely operated vehicles (ROVs) and crawlers, equipped with photo and video capabilities to help respond to water challenges and depleting subsurface infrastructure. Deep Trekker is highly experienced in the use of trenchless technology, with five robot lines, including two ROVs, two submersible crawlers, and subsurface surveillance cameras to inspect and maintain underground pipes without the need for evacuation. With sales in over 80 countries, Deep Trekker robots can be found in industries ranging from infrastructure, municipal contracting, research and discovery, aquaculture, military, search and rescue, shipping, and

Infrastructure access solutions provider EJ announces the STORMSURGE Access Assembly—an innovative manhole cover assembly allowing water to flow during major rain and flooding, but the cover remains attached so it properly seats itself after the event. The water pressure of overloaded storm/sewer systems can dislodge manhole covers. These empty holes create a life-threatening hazard for both motorists and pedestrians, making this issue a major concern. Many cities face the devastating effects of flooding from major storms and a solution is needed to keep the public safe and prevent liability. The STORMSURGE Access Assembly is the solution for this situation.

LAMOTTE COMPANY LaMotte Company introduces new Ratiometric versions of their popular 2020 series turbidmeters. The model 2020t and 2020i are portable handheld units for use in the field or lab. The 2020t unit is compliant with the EPA 180.1 standard, using a tungsten light source, while the 2020i is compliant to the ISO standard and ideal for high-range turbidity measurements. In nephelometric mode, samples are measured from 0–40 NTU/FNU, in ratiometric mode from 40–1000 NTRU/FNRU, and in the high range 1000–2000AU. The units are designed for low-turbidity drinking water applications, mid-range industrial applications, and high-range environmental
NEPTUNE Win your day with extreme accuracy using Neptune’s MACH 10. Capture extreme flow rates from high to low with the extended, high-resolution measurement of the Neptune MACH 10 solid-state ultrasonic water meter. Then sustain that accuracy over the life of the meter, which has no moving parts to wear down. It’s maintenance-free and engineered for the long haul. Confirm the accuracy of the MACH 10 on a standard bench without the need for special meter test modes. Provide proactive customer service and reduce non-revenue water. Win your day with the MACH
EXCELERON SOFTWARE Exceleron Software is North America’s leading utility prepay and payment service company.  Over the past decade, Exceleron’s MyUsage suite of applications has been utilized by water, electric, and gas utilities to provide their customers with greater usage awareness, which leads to better usage behavior and improves on-time payment performance. Consumers have more access to detailed information about their usage consumption and greater control over the amount, frequency, and methods of payment. This increases customer choice, improves customer satisfaction, and significantly lowers financial risk for
IWAKI AMERICA Known for over 60 years of manufacturing innovative non-metallic sealless pumps, Iwaki America is pleased to announce the introduction of our 316 stainless steel metallic sealless pump line.  Iwaki Sanwa will feature two series of pumps—the MP series will feature flows up to 340 gallons per minute, while the smaller MMP series will be a fractional horsepower series of pumps with flows up to 24 gallons per minute.  Both series incorporate 316 stainless steel construction, a one-piece non-welded rear casing, and Silicon Carbide “D” bearings allowing for limited dry run

WaterSignal’s intelligent, non-invasive device accurately measures water usage and reports the data in real time to a secure dashboard. If a leak occurs, WaterSignal will send an alert via email and SMS text message indicating which water line ruptured as well as how much water was lost. WaterSignal monitors domestic meters, irrigation systems, and cooling towers for residential, commercial, multifamily, senior living, medical, schools, and colleges. While dramatically reducing water costs and footprint, WaterSignal saves valuable time and provides unique insight into our most precious resource—water.

SEBAKMT/MEGGER Thanks to its compact and rugged design in an IP68 waterproof housing, the Sebalog D-3 data logger can take a beating. Its capabilities are endless and it can provide information about flow rate, 2 x pressure points, and temperature at the same time. The ability to “flip a switch” comes standard with all 2- and 4-channel devices. Great emphasis was placed on user-friendliness and SebaKMT’s EasyGo philosophy. Via SebaKMT’s cloud solution, this device is ready for the IoT from any internet browser. Remote real-time, as well as remote configurations, come as a new
HYDROPOINT It’s not a question of if your site has a leak, it’s when. You need a way to stop unexpected waste fast. HydroPoint WaterCompass is a non-invasive, clamp-on flow monitor that lets you continuously monitor leaks and water usage from a single dashboard, including domestic water, cooling towers, irrigation systems, and water-based fire suppression systems. HydroPoint’s Hydro Analysts keep an eye on anomalies and proactively reach out so you’re fully aware of all issues and have pertinent data at your fingertips. Stop leaks before they turn into
MUELLER CO Staying true to the company’s constant efforts to improve existing product lines, Mueller Co. has standardized the use of stainless steel 316 alloy fasteners on its gate valves. Fasteners made from this alloy increase resistance to environmental stresses and are included at no additional cost to the consumer, demonstrating Mueller’s commitment to meeting market demand and exceeding all standards and

NO-DES Inc. can remove iron and manganese, bio-film, and more from the insides of water distribution mains while improving distribution system water quality, eliminating customer complaints, and conserving water. NO-DES’ patented system replaces customers’ outdated, wasteful conventional hydrant flushing programs and is available for purchase or contract operations. Contact the company for a demonstration.

PERMASTORE With over 57 years’ experience, Permastore is the global market leader in modular, bolted Glass-Fused-to-Steel and Fusion Bonded Epoxy tanks and silos for the municipal, industrial, and agricultural environments worldwide. Permastore has supplied over 300,000 structures in over 110 countries.

Permastore is committed to supplying the highest quality internationally recognized solution through its global network of local distributors and is the only manufacturer who publishes fully detailed, independently audited, quality standards on its entire product range. Permastore also supplies a complete range of roofs and covers as part of its PERMADOME product portfolio.

MASTER METER Combating non-revenue water (NRW) begins with Master Meter’s highly precise, solid-state ultrasonic flow measurement technology. The Octave presents large meter innovation for commercial and industrial (C&I) applications, which provides an ultra-wide flow recording capability to effectively capture both intermittent leaks and massive flows. With all digital operation and IoT interoperability, the Octave connects easily with all major AMR, AMI, and SCADA system brands. Master the sound of science with the Octave from Master
HERMANN SEWERIN GMBH The AQUAPHON A 50, a Hermann Sewerin GmbH system for professional electro-acoustic leak detection, includes a compact, handy receiver for prelocating and pinpointing leaks. The small, lightweight, and compact A 50 receiver has everything needed to electro-acoustically locate leaks in water pipe networks. This product is the reasonable, entry-level model for professional acoustic water leak detection. It completes the portfolio of devices previously developed by Sewerin in the water product
HAMILTON KENT The Lifespan System is a watertight, non-corrosive, and lightweight manhole frame and cover system specifically designed to eliminate extraneous water inflow into sanitary sewers at the cover and chimney area of a manhole. The Lifespan frame and tapered adjustment risers are made from high-performance rubber, the cover from either composite or cast iron, and all other components from stainless steel. The lock-down cover provides a positive seal with a gasket built into the frame. The system is installation-friendly with the 24-inch frame weighing less than 50 pounds. Lifespan is available in 24-inch, 27-inch, and 30-inch clear opening

The McElroy TracStar 1200 fuses pipe from 16-inch OD to 48-inch OD (450mm to 1200mm), bringing the largest pipe fusion capability to this line of track-mounted machines. Upgrades include an advanced emission control engine that burns ultra-low-sulfur diesel to meet US EPA Tier 4/EU Stage IIIB standards and the ability to upload joint reports to the DataLogger Vault for storage and analysis. A redesigned cowling and rearrangement of internal components allows better access to the engine for maintenance. Other features include hydraulic outriggers for machine stability and leveling, an ergonomic operator platform, and remote engine stop/start capabilities.

IN-SITUGet real-time information on your remote water monitoring sites with cloud-based HydroVu Data Services. HydroVu provides secure access to decision-quality data when, where, and how you need it, while simplifying the task of filtering for important results. Regularly view and analyze data, keep track of all your projects in one central location, and minimize data gaps by receiving customizable alarm notifications. Integrate with In-Situ instruments and telemetry systems for real-time feedback on all of your water monitoring
ZURN INDUSTRIES LLCImproving the efficiency of an outdoor irrigation system is an important factor in water conservation. Higher pressures create system inefficiencies due to excessive flow, misting, and uneven coverage. A single Pressure Reducing Valve installed along the point of connection will regulate variable high inlet water pressures to a constant lower optimal water pressure for the entire system. This allows spray heads and drip emitters to operate in their recommended high-efficiency range. Increased water efficiency will be immediately realized by the irrigation system with this one change. See our website below for the full range of
XIO WATERSYSTEMSXiO is redefining what it means to control a water system. XiO brings reliable, real-time control with remote management capabilities to water systems of all sizes. All XiO Cloud SCADA Control Systems are built on a solid foundation of revolutionary hardware designed to perform in demanding field conditions. XiO eliminates the need for PLCs, RTUs, PCs, and onsite software. No more expensive programming or onsite technical visits. This FULL CONTROL solution harnesses the power of cloud computing to provide advanced control techniques, analytics, alarming, and security. XiO. We know
AMERICAN FIBER GLASS TANK REPAIRExtend tank service life with state-of-the-art anti-corrosion protection from American Fiberglass Tank Repair (AFTR). Better-Than-When-New tank lining systems utilize today’s resin and veil components to upgrade existing tanks beyond their factory standard coatings. Working with manufacturers, AFTR’s technical engineers pinpoint the latest resin and veil formulations compatible with existing tank substrates. AFTR works with custom blended isophthalic and terephthalic polyester, vinylester, and epoxy resins, as well as over 45 fiberglass mat, chopped strand, Nexus, Harlar, and carbon veil laminates. Specializing in fiberglass tanks, AFTR offers tank linings, repair, inspection, insulation, and nozzle
TRIMBLE WATERTrimble is pleased to introduce the Trimble T10 tablet, a rugged, high-performance device for mapping and asset management applications. The Trimble T10 gives the utility professional a single-device solution for powerful, efficient data collection and processing in the field. Instead of users relying on a laptop computer in addition to data collector, the T10’s robust processing power allows them to collect and process their data running a broad range of applications in the field, eliminating the need for a separate laptop computer, and speeding time-to-results by enabling deliverables to be produced while out on the
CONTAINMENT SOLUTIONS INC. Containment Solutions has been manufacturing industry leading underground fiberglass reinforced plastic petroleum storage tanks for over 50 years. The same patented process used to fabricate those tanks yields the company’s premium fiberglass water storage tanks. Available in sizes up to 50,000 gallons, Containment Solutions’ underground fiberglass tanks are engineered to handle all kinds of water applications. The company offers everything from potable water storage to onsite septic, as well as stormwater collection, rainwater harvesting, and fire protection systems. Since each site has its own unique demands, each tank produced is custom-made to meet the specific needs of each
BLUE-WHITEBlue-White’s new TFD+ (Tube Failure Detection) is built-in to every FLEXFLO Polymer Pump at no additional cost. This breakthrough technology is designed to detect the presence of oil and water-based polymers in the pump head, which would indicate tube failure. When the TFD+ senses tube failure the pump automatically shuts off and will energize a relay, permitting communications with eternal equipment, such as a backup pump, an alarm, or a SCADA system. There is no false triggering caused by condensation or washdown procedures. The pump will not resume operation until the problem is resolved. The exclusive TFD+ system is designed to eliminate costly polymer spills and downtime required for