LG Sonic Introduces Innovative Water Quality Sensor Head

Nov. 14, 2018

Data is becoming more and more important. It allows us to access a wealth of information that can prove useful in making decisions not only in our daily lives, but also in water treatment. With MPC-Buoy, LG Sonic introduced data driven algal bloom management. Now, we are introducing a new sensor head that will offer remarkable high-resolution measurements resulting in even more accurate data.

Today, water utilities around the world rely on our algal bloom and water quality data. By monitoring water quality in real-time, we can adjust ultrasonic treatment to specific types of algae and water conditions. Our MPC-Buoy system has become the most effective (ultrasound) solution for preventing algal blooms. MPC-Buoy system monitors essential algae parameters, including chlorophyll-a, phycocyanin, and turbidity. In addition, data is also collected for water quality parameters such as dissolved oxygen (DO), redox, pH, and temperature.

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To continue to offer the best data on algae and water quality, we’re introducing a new sensor head. It will be more robust, allow for even higher resolution measurements and be easier to maintain. The new sensor head will be introduced before the end of 2018.

More data, better water quality 
One MPC-Buoy system receives 384 data sets a day, resulting in a staggering 140.160 data sets each year. This wealth of data has allowed us to build an algae management database consisting of algae and water quality data from around the world. The collected data adjusts our ultrasonic frequencies to control algae effectively. Customers are able to follow the algae treatment process in MPC-View, a user-friendly, web-based software that visually displays the algae and water quality data received from MPC-Buoy. This software allows users to set up specific alarms to inform them about changing parameters or maintenance activities.

MPC-Buoy is an unmatched chemical-free solution to monitor and control algal blooms in large water surfaces. It allows for the reduction or in many cases elimination of required chemical treatments for a lake or reservoir. Since 2015, our systems have kept the La Fé drinking water reservoir in Colombia free of algae and chemicals.

About LG Sonic
Since 1999, LG Sonic has been a leading international manufacturer of chemical-free algae control and biofouling prevention systems. Our latest innovation, the MPC-Buoy, is a floating, solar powered, platform that combines real-time water quality monitoring, web-based software, and ultrasonic technology to control harmful algal blooms in large water surfaces. The MPC-Buoy eliminates up to 90% of the exiting algae and prevents the growth of new algae. Furthermore, the MPC-Buoy allows to reduce TSS, BOD and chemical consumption. At this moment, the system is installed in lakes and water reservoirs in, among other countries, the USA, England, Colombia, and New Zealand.