AdEdge Increases Operations in Chile, Adds AdEdge Chile Business and Technical Manager and Latin America Sales Engineer to Staff

Feb. 8, 2019

AdEdge Water Technologies (AdEdge) announced today its decision to increase operations in Chile, including the addition of Ignacio Faundez as the AdEdge Chile Business and Technical Manager and Paula Araya as a Latin America Sales Engineer.

Latin America significantly advanced sanitation services provided to both the municipal and industrial markets in recent years. Water management and treatment is now at the forefront of sanitation issues in several Latin American countries. Nonetheless, many potable water challenges still lie ahead for countries in South America, specifically populated areas that are isolated from major metropolitan areas. In addition to the access of clean water, one of the most important challenges isolated communities face is the increasing contamination of their water resources as a result of outdated water treatment systems and infrastructure and the byproducts of backwash water from that contaminate groundwater reservoirs and rivers.

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“We consider Chile as excellent place to launch our South America office due to the market dynamics and challenges the country faces (mining, agriculture, energy, and sanitation),” says Paula Araya, Latin America Sales Engineer. “Chile is deeply committed to innovation and the preservation of natural resources, especially water. The country is a leader of water sanitation services and the implementation of new water technologies in Latin America. Chile also has great logistical infrastructure with neighboring countries, making it easier to transfer technologies and exchange commercial goods.”

“At AdEdge, we develop innovative water treatment projects utilizing state-of the art technologies that minimize water treatment byproducts, such as reject or backwash water, while also reducing the use of chemical additives. Our systems allows of efficient water management,” says Ignacio Faudez, AdEdge Chile Business and Technical Manager. “With almost a decade of treatment experience in Latin America, we’re excited to have an AdEdge office open in Chile to help us reach municipalities and industrial clients directly. We believe that we can continue to greatly contribute to the ongoing development of Latin American markets to achieve a circular economy.”

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