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April 30, 2020
CST More Committed Than Ever During Current Crisis

Even as uncertainty prevails and the world pivots to a new normal, some things don’t change. People need essentials like energy, food and water. That’s why CST Industries, Inc. (CST™) is more committed than ever to its vision: a world where everyone has access to essential services and a guarantee of safety and quality of life, regardless of the circumstances.

No other companies are as critical to the provision of a wide variety of life-sustaining products and services as CST when it comes to storage and cover solutions. Over the last 127 years, it has not only been our commitment but passion to help ensure communities and consumers have plentiful food, drinking water and personal supplies. Around the world – in over 125 countries – more than 350,000 CST tanks and 19,000 CST covers ensure safe storage of liquid and dry bulk materials, deliver operational efficiencies and help organizations anticipate and adapt.

From utilities to food processing to energy generation, CST is – and will continue to be – an unwavering and valued partner – weathering the volatility of economic cycles, global conflict and pandemics. CST is built to last; we’ve endured the Great Depression, two World Wars, the Vietnam War, 9/11 and the Great Recession. Now, we are better equipped than ever to not only help our customers survive the COVID-19 pandemic but emerge stronger.

CST was founded on the principle of resilience. We exist to help others maintain continuity in the face of life’s biggest challenges. When the ground shakes, the wind blows or the sun bakes, CST is there to deliver durable solutions. When our customers face financial headwinds or when time is the enemy, CST is there to help improve efficiencies and reduce costs.

Today there are more CST products over 20 years old and in operation than any competitor has sold in their lifetime. CST’s commitment to resilience is lasting, it doesn’t end at the product or the shipment, and that’s why we’ve been here well over a century, through every imaginable global conflict and economic downturn.

“Working in challenging environments is nothing new to CST. To say that CST has survived many economic ups and downs in it’s day would be an understatement. In these times, service and safety come first: service for our customers and end users and safety of our employees, and we do not compromise on either one, especially at a time like this. The COVID- 19 pandemic has created an unprecedented situation, presenting both households and businesses with new challenges every day. In a world where people are isolated by social distancing, the way CST services its customers has once again changed, but we are adaptable. While non-essential companies have to shut down, we know society’s basic needs are greater than ever as families shelter in place. Food, water, and other everyday essentials need to keep flowing. We have grown to be a company that our employees can be proud to work for and they take pride in our mission to provide goods and services to over 14 markets around the globe.” --  Tim Carpenter, CEO of CST Industries 

CST takes pride in creating products and services that integrate with everyone’s day-to-day livelihood. It’s times like these that make us reflect on what we’ve accomplished over the years:

Water is life itself, and crucial to the survival of the planet. CST is a utility’s anchor and lifeline.

  • We help utilities keep pace with demand in some of the fastest growing parts of the world
  • We help utilities deliver on their service promise under the most difficult circumstances, bringing our engineering and construction expertise to bear – from seismic zones to Tornado Alley and beyond. Our Aquastore® tanks emerged from the 2018 northern California wildfires literally unscathed and fully operational.
  • Utilities turn to CST when they have challenges meeting water quality standards
  • By deploying our innovative covers such as the OptiDome®, utilities are able to extend the life of reservoirs
  • We help expand filtration capacity in areas exposed to extreme drought and flooding
  • We help developing nations convert wastewater into water for industrial uses rather than pumping it into the sea
  • We help supply water to extensive areas of the nation’s breadbasket
  • We help protect the planet while facilitating wastewater treatment just steps from the Pacific Ocean
  • And, we shield communities from the unpleasant byproduct of wastewater treatment: odor.

The sustainability of life depends on the ability to source energy. CST engineering is built into some of the most innovative technologies.

  • Our anaerobic digesters help cities turn organic materials like food scraps and grease into clean, renewable energy
  • We outfit oil producers with everything from production tanks to wash tanks to surge tanks to water tanks
  • Our clear-span aluminum covers for storage tanks help oil and gas distributors comply with environmental regulations and achieve cost efficiency
  • Our Aquastore tanks store water for the slurry that keeps hydraulic fractures open to allow the extraction of shale gas

Food is an essential commodity, whether we are in a crisis or not. CST supports growing, processing and supply chains and is innovating to help producers withstand extreme events.

  • Farmers are lowering their costs, saving time and improving the quality of feeding with our Harvestore® automated solutions
  • They’re also turning waste to high quality fertilizer with CST Slurrystore® solutions
  • Nutristore™ helps farmers manage volatility of liquid fertilizer costs with a high capacity, long-term storage solution
  • From pasta manufacturers to candy companies to distilleries, our TecTank™ dry bulk storage solutions help enterprises manage their stores of ingredients like flour, starch, sugar, salt, soybean meal and other grains

It’s impossible to satisfy our nutritional needs and consume daily essentials without packaging, and CST is helping companies innovate to meet demand and protect the environment

  • Our storage solutions assist in the production of high-performance materials that go into food packaging, personal care products, medications and clothing
  • Events beyond our control are changing where and how we live, which poses challenges to public safety.
  • CST is a go-to partner for fire protection specialists, helping them provide ample water in hard-to-reach areas. Like the 48th floor of a residential high-rise

Some of the world’s most successful enterprises call CST a partner and have for decades.

Matt Gregg, Vice President of CST states, “A culture of innovation has propelled CST to where it is today. Thanks to exceptional employees, our Authorized Dealer Network, and our partners world-wide, we have the ability to not only lead the market in storage tanks and covers, but to offer necessities to our end-users and the communities beyond.”

CST is an enduring brand, delivering in every imaginable environment – from the routine to the most challenging. We are a trusted partner in agriculture, we are helping utilities meet demand in the fastest growing parts of world, we are expanding our customers’ capabilities while protecting the environment and precious resources. We are creating clean renewable energy, saving farmers time and money and improving the quality of their output, we are enabling natural gas extraction and improving fire protection in high density areas, improving the processes that make our takeout food containers, and packaging for medications, personal care products and clothing.

Imagine the things you need in a crisis. Every one of them requires safe, durable, adaptable storage and protection – whether it’s raw material from a natural source, an key ingredient from a supplier or the finished product. CST is behind the scenes sustaining, nourishing, supplying and protecting. We are proud to have such an exceptional team of people to work with. Together, we can do great things!

Dealer Testimonials

Timeliness, responsiveness and resourcefulness are paramount – especially in a crisis. Listen to Chad Ribbing, President of Kohlbrecher Equipment:

“At the beginning of the COVID-19 crisis, our company sold a new structure and unloader to a meat packing customer to replace an non-CST structure that had failed. This was a mission critical replacement. The customer needed to get up and running quickly to provide essential products and wanted to use the existing foundation. However, it cracked and was unusable. We didn’t have what was needed so we called CST and by the next morning everything was loaded up and headed our way – the paint was still wet. Without CST’s determination, we would have missed the completion date, forcing an essential business to delay production. We were extremely grateful to CST for their partnership and the fact that they are always at our side – even in an emergency.”

Quality, care and commitment set CST apart – regardless of the challenge. Listen to Drew Possessky, President of Penn Jersey Products, Inc:

“The hundreds of structures for forage, grain and nutrients that we have sold are a testament to the design and evolution of a great product line. They are made with American steel, sold at a fair price and have an outstanding reputation for longevity. I’m proud to say that CST and Penn Jersey are here to service customer needs during the best of times as well as these trying times. Simply put, we care.”

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April 28, 2020