Beat the Winter Blues

Aug. 3, 2006

It's February already, and there is a chance that many of you are experiencing the winter blues. After all, at the end of January, news agencies across the U.S. reported that Jan. 24 was the year’s most depressing day.

According to the reports, there are several variables that have people feeling weary—midwinter weather, holiday debt, failed resolutions, low motivational levels and the need to take action.

It doesn’t look too good, right? Actually, I tend to disagree. Before you tear off your nicotine patches, take a closer look at the last factor listed as a cause for the blues—the need to take action.

Call me a hopeless optimist, but I think this is a great time of year to review your goals and to implement your plans for the rest of the year.

With trade show season just around the corner, there are a number of ways to prepare for a new and successful year. Trade shows bring together hundreds of manufacturers, distributors, dealers and interested buyers, and are a great venue to launch a new product line or service. That’s why many companies start their marketing campaigns at industry trade shows.

Taking action, however, is not enough in itself. It is important to keep going. Start by examining other opportunities to build up your position in the marketplace. Below are three business tips that can wipe away your winter blues and motivate you and your business into action.

Tip 1: Establish Marketing Programs

When establishing a new marketing program or improving an existing one, experts advise companies to establish a practical strategy and prioritize goals and desires. The key is to design a marketing program that is aggressive enough to boost your market share and profits, yet, one you can afford. Pouring money into marketing without a clear plan will not lead to results.

According to experts, a successful marketing plan should include a variety of channels, such as print, direct mail, web and e-mail advertising, and trade shows.

Utilizing all of these channels strategically will ensure that you get your message out.

Tip 2: Create Brand Identity

Creating a clear brand identity is very important to the success of a marketing program. Every day, new and cheaper products enter the marketplace from all parts of the world. In the struggle to attract new clients and keep existing ones, a clear and consistent brand is what differentiates your company and products from others on the market. Be sure that your brand identity is clearly presented in every channel (print, direct mail, web, etc.) of your marketing campaign. Recognition of your brand can take years to build and just a day to ruin, so be persistent and don’t get discouraged.

Tip 3: Assess and Adjust

Finally, be sure to review your marketing plan as you go, and don’t be afraid to tweak it as necessary. Remember, it is not enough to simply send out your message; you must track how it is received and the results it has generated.

So don’t let the winter blues get you down; this is the perfect time to get motivated and plan for a successful year.

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