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Sept. 1, 2002
Wallingford Software has released InfoWorks v4.5, an updated version of its hydraulic modeling software.

Hydraulic modeling

Wallingford Software has released InfoWorks v4.5, an updated version of its hydraulic modeling software. Composed of three modules (InfoWorks WS for water supply, InfoWorks CS for wastewater, sewers and storm water, and InfoWorks RS for river systems), the upgraded software is the world's only integrated modeling package that spans the separate disciplines of water supply, distribution, collection and river systems. V4.5 contains many new input, viewing and editing facilities, including improved graphing and printing and extended management of underlying map layers.

Wallingford Software Ltd.
Wallingford, UK
Web: www.wallingfordsoftware.com

Sludge reduction

Premier Wastewater International's Enhanced Solids Reduction (ESR) process reduces the need for wasting of organic sludge. The ESR process features a novel aeration/conditioning device that aggressively modifies the waste in such a way that it develops a coefficient of decay significantly higher than conventional systems. This increased efficiency permits a small-footprint plant that costs less to install and operate, uses no chemicals, eliminates odors and is very quiet.

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Premier Wastewater Intl. Inc.
Las Vegas, NV
Web: www.pwisolutions.com

Pump hoists

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Thern davit cranes and hoists, equipped with a quick-disconnect feature, can be used to simplify the task of placing and pulling pumps. The quick-disconnect allows operators to remove the cable from the hoist while leaving it attached to the submerged pump. The hoists are portable and can be moved from station to station and fitted into fixed bases. They are constructed with corrosion resistant finishes, galvanized or stainless steel throughout.

Thern, Inc.
Winona, MN
Web: www.thern.com

Day tank refill controller

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The new Wizard ARC™ Controller from Force Flow allows chemical day tanks to automatically be refilled from a bulk supply tank as needed. Using integrated software and set point relays, the controller accurately manages day tank levels, insuring chemical will be there when needed. The Wizard also provides usage data, feed rate info and alarms for max daily chemical amount exceeded, insufficient or excessive feed rates and high and low levels.

Force Flow Equipment
Concord, CA
Web: www.forceflow.com

Dewatering device

The Phase Separator from Spectrum Environmental is a patented dewatering device. The unit's design minimizes treatment and handling of material before and after dewatering. Solids are retained in the unit and are ready to be transported. Standard units are available in 25 cu. yd.; vacuum roll-offs, 20-30 cu. yd.; roll-off containers, 2-4 cu. yd. self-dumping hoppers; and 6-10 cu. yd. lugger boxes.

Spectrum Environmental, Inc.
Livingston, LA
Tel: 225-686-1003


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The new CR200 series wireless sensor/datalogger from Campbell Scientific provides a low-cost, wireless sensor interface by combining measurement I/O with a 900 MHz spread spectrum radio or with a CDPD digital cell phone. In CSO or SSO monitoring applications, sensor/CR200 combinations are deployed inside the manhole in a NEMA 6P enclosure. The system makes measurements and transmits data to a fixed base station (either a datalogger or computer) or to a mobile station, such as a laptop in a vehicle.

Campbell Scientific, Inc.
Logan, UT
Web: www.campbellsci.com

Rotary vacuum filter

The Auto-Vac filter from Alar Engineering will remove virtually all suspended solids from liquid slurries. It is self-cleaning with every revolution; it never blinds. With the aid of a diatomaceous earth filter media, solid particles as small as 0.5 micron are removed from the liquid being filtered. The solids are continuously removed from the surface of the filter media by a Stellite Knife blade and then deposited into a receptacle for disposal. The filters can be used to dewater sludges, greatly reducing hauling costs.

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Alar Engineering Corp.
Mokena, IL
Web: www.alarcorp.com

Consulting services

EMA is a specialized utility consulting firm that offers business expertise and results-oriented solutions for utility managers facing technology, performance, security, or funding challenges. The company provides extensive services ranging from control systems and other technology services, to organization, workforce, and work practices optimization. With offices throughout the US and Canada, EMA has partnered with over 450 clients since 1975.

EMA, Inc.
St. Paul, MN
Web: www.ema-inc.com

Pipe repair

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The Indumar Products Stop It® Pipe Repair System works on all metal and plastic pipes. The repair system includes Fix Stix epoxy which is NSF certified and safe for use on potable water. Pipes are wrapped with a knitted fiberglass tape, pre-coated with a water activated urethane system that can be applied by one person with no mixing, measuring or hot work. The repair sets in five minutes, cures fully in 30 minutes and conforms around elbows, tees and other fittings.

Indumar Products Inc.
Houston, TX
Web: www.stopit.com

pH/conductivity meters

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Cole-Parmer Instrument Co. presents the Oakton pH/Con 10 Meters for the measurement of pH, conductivity, and temperature. The meters are available in standard or IP67-rated waterproof models. They now include an improved three-in-one pH/conductivity/temperature probe with a 10-ft. submersible cable, making this meter ideal for environmental, industrial, laboratory, and water quality applications. The pH electrode features a double-junction reference, with an increased fill volume and a protective/storage cap. An improved temperature response and redesigned conductivity cell ensure more consistent readings, easier maintenance, and no air bubble entrapment. A down-well design probe is also available with a 10, 25, or 100 feet of cable.

Cole-Parmer Instrument Co.
Vernon Hills, IL
Web: www.coleparmer.com

Casing spacers

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Advance Products & Systems recently developed interchangeable runners for casing spacers with 8 in. wide bands. The spacers offer no needed backfill, reliability for decades and are now field-adjustable and stock-able.

Advance Prod. & Sys., Inc.
Lafayette, LA
Web: www.advprod.com

Level monitoring

Siemens Energy & Automation has introduced the new-generation HydroRanger non-contacting, ultrasonic level monitoring controller that features pump control, relay alarming, differential level measurement, open flow monitoring, and volume conversion. It offers single-point monitoring with six relays as standard, as well as digital communications with built-in Modbus RTU via RS-485.

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The unit is easy to set up and program using a Siemens-Milltronics handheld programmer. The monitor features a backlit LCD display, with parameters displayed during set up and with eight digits for viewing the totalizer.

Siemens Energy & Automation
Spring House, PA
Web: www.sea.siemens.com/ia

Wireless communication

Microtel now offers the Series WRU-2000, a wireless, portable unit that uses a special cellular track on which it sends signals, penetrating mountains, tall buildings and other obstructions. It is available in 1, 4, and 8 channel models. The units can be monitored from anywhere via an Internet-based central station for which customers pay a monthly monitoring fee based upon needed services. Customers are notified of a problem situation via several contact devices: alphanumeric pager, email to a web address or an SMS message to a cell phone.

Microtel, Inc.
Chalmette, LA
Web: www.microtel-inc.com

Flow sensors

McMillan's Model 106F Liquid Flo-Sensors precisely measure flow rates of fluids as low as 15 mL/minute, and are designed as an electronic alternative to ball-and-tube rotameters. Teflon, Kal-Rez, and sapphire construction guarantees compatibility with virtually any chemical used for water treatment, including sodium hypochlorite, sodium hydroxide, etc. The sensors offer

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McMillan Co.
Georgetown, TX
Web: www.mcmflow.com

Transit time flowmeters

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Rittmeyer manufactures and installs multi-path, transit time flowmeters for large pipes and open channel applications with accuracy ratings of 0.05% and 2.0%, respectively. This class of meter is designed for difficult hydraulics that consist of minimal straight runs, elbows, or valves immediately upstream of the metering section. Hot-tap and retrofit capabilities along with spool-piece fabrication are advantages with the company's Risonic2000 flowmeter.

Rittmeyer, LLC
Rome, GA
Web: www.rittmeyer-usa.com

Sewer cleaning

Vactor Manufacturing is a manufacturer of sewer and catch basin cleaning equipment. Its Vactor 2100 Series 27 in. Positive Displacement blower machine will be on display at WEFTEC. This unit will feature a 1300 gallon water capacity and 12 cubic yard debris body. The cleaning equipment features a telescoping rotating hose reel and telescoping boom.

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Vactor Manufacturing
Streator, IL
Web: www.vactor.com

Multi-parameter monitor

The most important parameters in wastewater, dissolved oxygen, pH, conductivity, turbidity and suspended solids, can now be measured with one simple system, IQ Sensor Net. The system combines WTW's 50 years of experience in sensor design with a modern digital communication system. Each sensor performs all the necessary A/D conversions at the sensor site. Communication back to the transmitter is digital, allowing for cable lengths up to 3000 feet without amplification. More importantly, any combination of sensors can be connected into one IQ Sensor Net system.

WTW Measurement Sys., Inc.
Ft. Myers, FL
Web: www.wtw-inc.com

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