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Sept. 1, 2008
Videx has released a new catalog with information on CyberLock electronic locks and intelligent padlocks.

Electronic locks

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Videx has released a new catalog with information on CyberLock electronic locks and intelligent padlocks. The free catalog includes an instructive CD on electronic lock and key technology. The company’s lock system brings electronic access control and an audit trail to mechanical locks and padlocks simply by replacing the cylinders in the existing locks with electronic cylinders. With over 200 lock cylinder designs available, CyberLocks can be installed in lock hardware on everything from doors to cabinets to vending machines and parking meters -- virtually anywhere a lock is present.
Videx Inx.
Corvallis, OR
Tel: 541-758-0521

Standard reference materials

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NIST Standard Reference Materials® (SRMs®) are used by industry, government, and academia to ensure the highest quality measurements. A new catalog lists over 1100 individual reference materials produced and sold by NIST, each with carefully assigned values for chemical composition and physical properties. SRMs find use in calibrating instruments and in assuring the long-term integrity of quality assurance programs. They are also key mechanisms for verifying important measurement results and in developing new measurement methods.
Tel: 301-975-2200

Pump repair, lining

Belzona, a provider of coatings and repair composites, has launched its new image-rich website after several months of developing an easily navigated layout and additional content. Enhancing the new site’s navigation features are tabs and drop down menus accompanied by descriptive photos offering quick points of reference. Menu items have also been grouped in an organized, concise manner providing a direct route to web pages of interest.
Belzona Inc.
Miami, FL
Tel: 305-594-4994

Level, flow monitoring

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The 8th Edition Flow, Level and Environmental Handbook and Encyclopedia™, available from Omega Engineering, contains over 1400 pages of the latest information on flow, level and environmental products from flowmeters and valves, to water test equipment and everything in between. Top selling products include the new PHP-800 series of metering pumps and the FSW-410 Series of flow and temperature switches.
Omega Engineering
Stamford, CT
Tel: 800-826-6342

Mineral extraction system

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Procorp Enterprises has a new brochure focusing on targeted mineral extraction pellet reactor systems that provide affordable zero liquid discharge, chloride-free water treatment. This free brochure educates the reader on sustainable water treatment using field-proven pellet reactor technology – a solution for stand-alone softening, and enhanced ion exchange and reverse osmosis treatment.
Procorp Enterprises LLC
Milwaukee, WI
Tel: 414-258-8777

Flow monitoring

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McCrometer’s A-Z Flow Meter Literature CD showcases the company’s applications and product specification information in an easy to use format. The CD continues to be a comprehensive tool for engineers and technicians when researching the best flow instrument to meet their process application requirements. To order, visit McCrometer’s web site at
Hemet, CA
Tel: 800-220-2279

Pressure management

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Continental’s website features easy-to-use navigation and simple rupture disc pressure protection information. There are many improved features, including the Representative Locator function to help viewers find local pressure management professionals to assist them with safety system design.
Continental Disc Corp.
Liberty, MO
Tel: 816-792-1500

Dry solids processing

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Metalfab has a new brochure showcasing its ability to custom design, engineer, and manufacture integrated systems that meet customer specific production processes - for single or multiple operations inclusive of line layout, structural support steel, equipment, and integrated controls for a wide range of dry solids operations. The brochure includes a broad overview of the company’s capabilities, industry experience, and engineered solutions for a wide range of dry bulk solids handling applications such as: continuous gravimetric feeding, continuous blending or batching by weight or volume; PLC control systems and many others.
Metalfab Inc.
Vernon, NJ
Tel: 800-764-2999

On-line particulate monitoring

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Literature is available on Hach’s Solitax® sc, which yields accurate and efficient on-line particulate and solids measurement in drinking water, wastewater and industrial applications. Request literature #2472. The sensor applies a unique, color-independent measurement technique that eliminates repetitive calibration. This system’s sc100 controller offers reliable performance and full data communication capabilities.
Hach Co.
Loveland, CO
Tel: 800-227-4224

Sludge, biosolids processing

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Komline-Sanderson’s redesigned website offers home page links to each of its four major markets, including municipal sludge and biosolids. Each of the market pages describes the specific processes where the company’s equipment offers superior solutions. Expanded product pages now offer navigation tabs with detailed information on applications, benefits and system design. Also included are FAQs, case histories, application questionnaires, and other references.
Tel: 800-225-5457

Hearing protection

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Howard Leight’s new 2008 Product Selection Guide covers its diverse portfolio of earplugs, earmuffs and accessories. At 52 pages, the guide contains a wealth of hearing conservation information in addition to technology advances, product specifications and accessories. Included are a Best Practices Guide for setting up an OHSA-approved Hearing Conservation Program, descriptions of hearing loss symptoms, fitting instructions for earplugs and earmuffs, and an extensive product selection guide keyed by industry and exposure level.
Howard Leight, a division of Sperian Hearing Protection, LLC
San Diego, CA
Tel: 800-430-5490

Galvanizers association

The American Galvanizers Association has launched an improved version of the association website. The search-centric reorganization now allows the site to seamlessly guide users through a cache of technical resources, publications, educational seminars, and archives. The new site also features increased functionality, with tweaks and additions to the "Members Only" section and new online services.
American Galvanizers Association
Centennial, CO
Tel: 720-554-0900

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