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Sept. 1, 2008
EkaNet Water Nodes are battery powered wireless endpoints for encoder-based and pulse-generating water meters.

Wireless endpoints

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EkaNet Water Nodes are battery powered wireless endpoints for encoder-based and pulse-generating water meters. They wirelessly link to a nearby EkaNet Electric Meter Node that is part of a fixed AMI network. Once connected, the system extends two-way communications to the water meter, incorporating water applications into the company's AMI solution. Flexible in their user-programmable capabilities, EKA-1600 Nodes allow utilities to configure and modify a water meter's read and report intervals during installation and any time thereafter.
Eka Systems
Germantown, MD
Tel: 301-515-7118

Commercial meters

Actaris' Flostar single jet line of commercial and industrial meters are now available in American Water Works Association's turbine standard lay lengths, allowing utilities to account for water that is unmeasured by their currently installed turbine meters. The single jet meters are able to monitor significantly lower flow rates than turbines and are easier to maintain, according to the company.
Actaris, an Itron company
Greenwood, S.C.
Tel: 800-833-3357

Meter encoder interface

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The Meter-Master Model 80 Encoder Interface Unit reads an encoder register every few seconds and provides precise pulse, 4-20mA, ASCII text, and AMR outputs. The unit is attached both to the 3-wire encoder register output and, if desired, to a touchpad. It optimizes digital and analog data accuracy by getting its information directly from the register. One unit can provide two separate outputs of the current meter reading to a touchpad or touchcoupler when requested to do so by an AMR technology.
F.S. Brainard & Co.
Burlington, NJ
Tel: 888-388-3569

Intelligent water meters

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SmartMeter™ intelligent water meters from Severn Trent Services incorporate fluidic oscillation technology to overcome the problems caused by particulates that often plague mechanical meters. The no-moving-parts design ensures metered flows and income remain accurate over the entire product lifetime.
Severn Trent Services
Fort Washington, PA
Tel: 800-868-6201

Meter lock

Abloy Security offers the Shut-Out® Defender for residential water revenue control. The device fits snugly over the meter coupling nut, defending against theft. Constructed of hardened steel, it features a High Security Abloy® cylinder with steel body and hardened steel, chrome plated face. The unique materials and surface treatments offer corrosion resistance of both the visible parts of each lock as well as the internal parts.
Abloy Security Inc.
Irving, TX
Tel: 800-367-4598

Water usage monitoring

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Aclara Software's ENERGYprism® Home Energy Center application allows residential utility customers to get a handle on their water usage. The program, part of a broad suite of meter data-management software from Aclara Software (formerly Nexus Energy Software), prompts consumers to answer questions about how they plan to use water at their homes. For example, it will ask when they will water the garden or fill the swimming pool.
Aclara Software
Wellesley, MA
Tel: 781-694-3300

Meter encoders

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AccuLinx™ represents the latest in contactless absolute encoder technology from Master Meter. Armed with eight wheel odometer resolution and a universally accepted AMR communication protocol, the encoder provides the gateway for integration of the company's advanced multi-jet, PD and turbine water measurement technologies with most any current third party AMR/AMI system. The encoder also is available with integral ConnectionFree™ Dialog 3G® for seamless integration with the company's 3G Mobile AMR and FixedLinx™ AMI technology platforms.
Master Meter Inc.
Mansfield, TX
Tel: 817-842-8000

Mobile meter reading

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The Hersey® Hot Rod™ mobile meter reading system software provides real time, simplified datalogging. It uses EZ Mobile™ software to display events from every meter interface unit including occurrence of small and large leaks, backflow, no flow, and tamper indications relative to each account. Time elapsed since the origin of the event is displayed on screen to facilitate proactive customer notification or repair of potential problems by the meter reader while in close proximity to the account, eliminating the need for additional site visits.
Hersey Meters
Cleveland, NC
Tel: 800-323-8584

AMR system

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Badger Meter's Orion® AMR System is a non-licensed radio frequency technology. With its advanced technology, customers will get faster meter readings, greater accuracy and can eliminate the need for estimated bills. System features include leak detection, GPS mapping and connectivity to various network solutions, so customers can tailor Orion to fit their system needs.
Badger Meter
Tel: 800-876-3837

Fixed-base AMR

Neptune's ARB FixedBase System provides utilities with critical, timely data from the field. It is the only system to provide a daily time-synchronized, system-wide reading from all MIUs — supporting non-revenue water and conservation initiatives — while addressing off-cycle readings for high water bill complaints and move-ins/move-outs. The system offers auto-discovery over the network, allowing utilities to confirm communications and proper MIU and register operation before leaving an installation site.
Neptune Technology Group Inc.
Tallassee, AL

Automated metering

Itron has announced the launch of Water SaveSource, its advanced metering and monitoring technology designed to help water providers efficiently use and monitor critical water resources. The system is based on a family of Itron technologies, starting with Soundpoint, an acoustic leak sensor and integrated meter module incorporated into a compact form factor which enables full distribution system leak detection. Future enhancements include an expanded Software Suite which will offer consumption and interval data, in-home leak detection, tamper alerts, on-request reads and management of two-way communications to the meter module.
Itron Inc.
Liberty Lake, WA

Meter data collection

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Northrop Grumman Information Technology provides wireless data collection solutions for meter reading. Its meter reading products and systems support any type of automatic meter reading required: walk-by, drive-by, or fixed network. With more than 25 years of experience, the company has an installed base of over 1,000 cities and utilities.
Northrop Grumman
Chantilly, VA
Tel: 800-884-1336

Backflow meter valves

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The Wilkins 3-RPHBM and 2-975XLHBM Hydrant Backflow Meter (HBM) Valves combine reduced pressure principle backflow preventers and water meters together to provide backflow protection and measurement of potable water on temporary hydrant connections. These are revenue generating devices that protect the water supply. They also prevent water theft from temporary hydrant connections. The HBM valves are available in 2" and 3" sizes.
Wilkins, a Zurn Co.
Tel: 877-222-5356 Web:

Commercial meter

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Elster AMCO Water recently introduced the evoQ4, a solid-state, battery operated metering system that can be used in place of all turbine, compound, single jet, or electromagnetic meter applications. The meter is designed for commercial or bulk metering applications that require accuracy over a wide flow range. With no moving parts, the meter does not require calibration or programming, is fully submersible and has an IP68 rating.
Elster AMCO Water
Ocala, FL
Tel: 800-874-0890

AMR system

Datamatic has introduced Mosaic™, the first AMR system supporting a migration path through walk-by, mobile and true mesh network collection methods using the same endpoint, a Mosaic-class Firefly. Although most utilities will move quickly to full mesh network functionality, the system can operate indefinitely using any mixture of collection methods.
Datamatic Ltd.
Plano, TX
Tel: 800-880-2878

Electromagnetic flowmeters

Niagara Meters' Magmeter 6600 series is fully submersible and is ideally suited for measuring flow of a variety of conductive liquids and slurries in applications requiring high reliability and low maintenance. Featuring bi-directional flow and empty-pipe detection capabilities, the series is equipped with a transmitter configured for outputs of 4-20 mA or pulse 24 vDC.Niagara Meters
Spartanburg, SC
Tel: 800-778-9251

Vortex shedding flowmeters

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Universal Flow Monitors has released new literature describing its CoolPoint™ vortex shedding flowmeters. The meters are presented in a series of specification sheets with revised model codes that make it easier for customers to identify and order the best product for their application. Spec sheets are available for each of the product's three size ranges: small (¼" and ½" pipe sizes), medium (¾", 1", 1 ½" and 2" pipe sizes) and large (3" and 4" pipe sizes).
Universal Flow Monitors Inc.
Hazel Park, MI Tel: 248-542-9635 Web:

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