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The new FCA-22 Analyzer System from Electro-Chemical Devices features a virtually plumb-and-play design for the measurement and control of free chlorine.

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Free chlorine monitoring

The new FCA-22 Analyzer System from Electro-Chemical Devices features a virtually plumb-and-play design for the measurement and control of free chlorine. The panel mount design of the analyzer comes factory pre-wired and with assembled flow tubing. ECD’s sensor and controller technologies allow installation and commissioning to be completed in just three steps using simple tools. The analyzer provides on-line continuous free chlorine measurement in a complete systems package. It is designed to monitor free chlorine in samples from 0.05 to 20.0 ppm Cl2, 5 to 9 pH and at temperatures from 32 to 122°F (0 to 50°C).

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Electro-Chemical Devices Inc.
Yorba Linda, CA
Tel: 800-729-1333
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Valve, curb key kit

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Trumbull’s Valve Key Kit and Adapters operate main valves, curb and meter stops, and a variety of curb box rods and lids. The tool collapses to a compact length for convenient storage in utility vehicles. Carrying case is included. The basic unit includes a Tee Handle that doubles as 20" extension; a main valve key with 2" AWWA nut; and a multi-purpose adapter that fits on ¾"– 2" curb and meter stops, operates standard waterworks pentagon and ½" curb box rods.

Trumbull Industries Inc.
Youngstown, OH
Tel: 800-677-1799
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Valve drive systems

Smith Flow Control offers the Flexi-Drive and Easi-Drive valve drive systems. The Flexi-Drive is a cable-driven remote operator for valves in inaccessible or hard to reach locations. It can operate valves as far as 200 feet away, accommodating 540 degrees of bends in the cable run. The Easi-Drive is a fully portable valve operating system for use in applications where valve size, pressure rating or work environmental conditions would normally require a permanent dedicated actuator or work crew.

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Smith flow Control
Erlanger, KY
Tel: 859-578-2395
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Ladder post

Bilco has changed the standard color of its LadderUP® Safety Post from black to safety yellow. This new color, supplied as a powder-coat finish, gives the safety device more visibility in the dark and confined spaces in which the product is typically used. The safety post is an extension device for fixed ladders, allowing workers safe entrance and egress from roof hatches, manholes or floor, vault and sidewalk doors.

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Bilco Co.
West Haven, CT
Tel: 203-934-6363
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Filtration system

Rain for Rent’s 60-4 high flow, high efficiency media filter is designed to excel in all types of general filtration applications for sediment removal. This unit filters to 20 microns up to 1,964 gpm with an operating pressure up to 75 psi. Standard features include: 12 volt or 110 volt operation, manual or fully automated backwash, and a minimal space requirement due to the horizontal space saving design. The diversity of the 60-4 media filter makes it an excellent choice for pre-filtration to extend the life-cycles of bag and cartridge filters, and for use as pretreatment for RO systems. The unit is great as a stand alone filtration system for construction and industrial dewatering applications.

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Rain for Rent
Bakersfield, CA
Tel: 800-742-7246
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Sample changer

Radiometer Analytical, a Hach brand, has introduced its new SAC850 and SAC950 Sample Changers capable of handling multiple combinations of titrations, direct pH, ion and conductivity measurements. These changers can be connected to a TitraLab® titration workstation or a direct measurement meter with or without PC software for complete automation. The SAC850 and SAC950 are compatible with a selection of removable sample trays, making them space-efficient. There is no need to program the sample changer each time a new type of sample tray is used as it is instantly identified by a wireless RFID tag. Furthermore, user-defined sample preparation sequences offer all the benefits of full automation.

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Radiometer Analytical
Loveland, CO
Tel: 800-227-4224
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Ball valve

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Val-Matic’s Ener•G™ AWWA Resilient Seated Ball Valve is equipped with a traveling nut cylinder actuator that provides reliable characterized closure. Designed and built in accordance with AWWA Standards C507 for Ball Valves and C540 for Power Actuators, they feature externally adjustable closed stops for easy adjustment. The cylinder heads and barrels are constructed of stainless steel or non-metallic materials and include large NPT ports. The stainless steel piston is fitted with a wear strip for extended seal life. The seals are suitable for air, oil or water supply media to 150 psig and are replaceable without removing the cylinder from the actuator unit.

Val-Matic Corp.
Elmhurst, IL
Tel: 630-941-7600
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Submerged aerated filter

Eimco Water Technologies Copa SAF Submerged Aerated Filter (SAF) is a high performance biological filter for the treatment of both domestic and industrial wastewater. The systems are designed to provide biological treatment for sewage works ranging from 50 to 2000 population equivalents with a 95 percentile, 15mg/l BOD, 25mg/l SS, 5mg/l ammonia effluent quality achievable. Each treatment plant is designed with flexibility of operation in mind and can be installed as a permanent solution or to provide temporary treatment for emergencies or as part of a planned works maintenance program. The units require no specialist operation and the design allows diffuser replacement without the need for draining tanks or removing media, reducing maintenance costs to a minimum.

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Eimco Water Technologies
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