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April 1, 2008
The Reliner® Manhole Channel Repair System by Duran Inc. includes molded fiberglass flumes and pipe sections used to rehabilitate inverts without flow interruption.

Manhole repair

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The Reliner® Manhole Channel Repair System by Duran Inc. includes molded fiberglass flumes and pipe sections used to rehabilitate inverts without flow interruption. They are also used in new construction. Field-installed modular components simply bolt together, are adaptable to a wide range of field conditions and manhole sizes and are compatible with all current field manhole-lining systems.
Reliner®/Duran Inc.
Lyme, CT Tel: 800-508-6001 Web:


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Orbeco-Hellige has introduced the new MC500 Multi-Parameter Water Analysis Colorimeter. This versatile instrument tests for a wide range of water quality parameters and is perfect for use in either the field or laboratory. Using both Orbeco’s Powder Pack™, stable tablet and liquid reagents, the device features an industry-leading six LED photodetector array which supports a large number of pre-programmed methods (from Alkalinity through Zinc) and up to 10 user defined methods.
Tel: 800-922-5242

Flow monitoring

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Cox Instruments, has introduced the HP Series precision turbine flowmeter. Available in a wide range of sizes, and featuring MS33514 end-fittings, the series is a rugged meter designed for demanding, high-pressure applications.
Cox Instruments
Scottsdale, AZ
Tel: 480-922-7446

Reporting software

Accelerated Technology Laboratories has announced the integration of Sample Master® Pro Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS) with a Discharge Monitoring Report (DMR) Creator. DMR forms are for reporting monitoring results required by the National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES)/State Disposal System (SDS) permit for a wastewater treatment system. The DMR Creator allows users to rapidly generate the NPDES DMR form from data that is already stored in the LIMS.
Accelerated Technology Laboratories Inc.
West End, NC
Tel: 800-565-5467

Chemical injection

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Primary Fluid Systems’ Injection Quills have been developed to allow chemical injection into the center stream of the process flow. This ensures the dispersion of chemical in a more uniform manner, providing for a more homogenous mix in the pipeline. The quills are available in six materials of construction and standard sizes of 6" or 8".
Primary Fluid Systems Inc.
Burlington, Ontario Tel: 800-776-6580 Web:

Pocket testers

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Eutech Instruments has launched a new series of multi-parameter pocket testers, the Testr® 35 Series. Designed for quick water analysis on-the-go, the testers feature a unique combination sensor which allows faster ATC response, and therefore, faster measurements – all without the hassle of changing sensors in between measuring different parameters. The series is available in three different models: PCSTestr® 35 which measures pH, Conductivity, Salinity, TDS and Temperature; PCTestr® 35 which measures pH, Conductivity and Temperature; and PTTestr® 35 which measures pH, TDS and Temperature.
Eutech Instruments

Point level measurement

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Hawk has launched the Gladiator Smart Admittance Switch, a probe which is immune to build-up. The switch is designed to detect the level of liquid, slurry or powder in a tank or vessel. The unit measures the capacitance or “admittance” between a probe and the wall of the container. As the level of the product rises to the level of the probe, or drops below that level, the capacitance measured at the probe changes.
Hawk Measurement
Tel: 888-429-5538

Corrosion monitoring

FreeWave Technologies has introduced the FGRCP Industrial 900MHz cathodic protection (CP) remote monitoring radio. The radio is a multi-purpose, spread spectrum, board level product with specific inputs and outputs for monitoring and reporting operational values on pipelines, tanks, structures and other underground facilities subject to environmental corrosion. In the corrosion prevention industry, the FGRCP monitors pipe-to-soil test stations, rectifier stations, critical bonds, interference points, pipeline pressure stations and pipeline scrubbing stations.
FreeWave Technologies
Boulder, CO
Tel: 866-399-4930

Curb markers

Designed to alert work and construction crews of buried cable and pipeline assets, the new generation of low-profile Curb Markers from William Frick & Co. provide long-lasting identification. They are available in a variety of reflective or non-reflective materials, colors, and sizes. The markers can be used to number manholes, mark route numbers or call attention to critical buried junctions. Available in both standard domed urethane and clear “window” versions, they permanently affix to concrete and offer a service life of up to 20 years.
William Frick & Co.
Libertyville, IL
Tel: 847-918-3700

Gas detection

Honeywell has added three new products its X Series line of portable gas detection instrumentation. The series now has the capability of protecting an entire crew from toxic and combustible gas hazards. The X5 model five-gas detector simultaneously monitors up to five gases, including volatile organic compounds (VOCs). The XD model single-gas detector monitors a wide range of toxic gases at parts per million levels and % oxygen concentration.
Honeywell Analytics
Palatine, IL
Tel: 800-538-0363

Gas monitoring

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The TS4000Toxic Gas Monitoring System from General Monitors is ideal for detecting dangerous methane gas in municipal wastewater treatment plants and other industrial applications. Representing the next generation in toxic gas detection systems, the system detects methane waste gas by combining an intelligent microprocessor-based design with electrochemical sensors in an explosion-proof housing.
General Monitors
Lake Forest, CA
Tel: 949-581-4464

Metering pumps

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Grundfos DME metering pumps are certified to meet standards of ANSI / NSF 61 Drinking Water System Components. The pumps combine precision with a digital user interface that allows users to set the dosing feed rate directly on the pump, without complicated calculations beforehand. This saves time and helps to eliminate additive waste. A variable speed stepper motor allows nearly continuous chemical delivery throughout its entire adjustable range, with a 1000:1 turndown, without changing stroke length or frequency.

Pump condition monitoring

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ITT Goulds has begun offering a condition monitoring system on its new ANSI Model 3196 pumps. The new i-FRAME provides operations personnel, maintenance managers, and reliability engineers – the people responsible for monitoring and repairing rotating equipment on a 24/7 basis – with early warning of trouble so that changes to the process or machine can be made before failure occurs.
ITT Goulds
Seneca Falls, NY
Tel: 315-568-7122

Oil recovery system

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The Model 6V oil recovery system from Oil Skimmers Inc. features a specially formulated collector tube that skims oil from the water surface. The oil adheres to the outside of the closed-loop tube, which is slowly drawn across the surface of the water and into the oil skimmer. The tube is drawn into the oil skimmer and through scrapers that remove the oil.
Oil Skimmers Inc.
Cleveland, OH Tel: 800-200-4603 Web:

Metering systems

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Pulsafeeder’s Pre-Engineered Metering Systems provide complete chemical feed solutions for all electronic metering applications. Offering turn-key simplicity that ranges from economical, basic packages for inhibitor feed to more full-featured standard packages for redundant disinfection applications, these fabricated assemblies are built with industrial-grade durability in mind.
Pulsafeeder Inc.
Punta Gorda, FL
Tel: 800-333-6677

Fluoride tester

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LaMotte has announced the new Fluoride Tracer PockeTester™ for field or laboratory fluoride testing. The instrument measures fluoride down to 0.1 ppm with Automatic Temperature Compensation (ATC) and a response time of less than one minute. The unit complies with the EPA Method 340.2 (Potentiometric Ion Selective Electrode).
LaMotte Co.
Chestertown, MD
Tel: 800-344-3100

Stormwater detention

Cultec’s newly redesigned stormwater detention/retention chamber offers a number of added features and benefits including greater capacity, improved manifold design flexibility and enhanced shipping capabilities. The new Recharger® 330XL stormwater chamber will be replacing the company’s existing Recharger® 330 model and features a chamber storage capacity of 52.2 ft³/unit, an increase of more than 12% over the existing design.
Cultec Inc.
Brookfield, CT
Tel: 800-428-5832

Corrosion control

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Vector Corrosion Technologies has introduced Galvanode® ZincTape™ protection for steel structures. The tape is designed to cover the surface of iron, steel, aluminum and light metals in order to protect them from corrosion. It is suitable for new and existing steel structures such as water tanks, light posts, pipelines, steel columns and beams, marine structures, transport vehicles and industrial tanks.
Vector Corrosion Technologies
Tel: 813-830-7566 Web:

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