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ATI’s Q45S odor monitoring system uses a special “Wet” H2S gas sensor in conjunction with a monitor that displays H2S on a large LCD display.

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H2S monitor

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ATI’s Q45S odor monitoring system uses a special “Wet” H2S gas sensor in conjunction with a monitor that displays H2S on a large LCD display. The sensor is specifically designed to measure gas in a 100% moisture saturated atmosphere. The monitor also provides 2-alarm relays along with an analog 4-20 mA signal for remote data transmission. An optional sensor air purge system can be provided to remove accumulated water droplets from the sensor membrane, if needed.
Analytical Technology Inc.
Collegeville, PA
Tell: 800-959-0299

Sodium hypochlorite generators

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Pepcon’s ChlorMaster® systems provide on-site sodium hypochlorite generation for use in a variety of applications including wastewater disinfection and odor control systems. The company’s electrolytic cells are installed worldwide. As a custom equipment manufacturer, the company can provide a system to meet specific project needs. It has been designing sodium hypochlorite generators for more than 35 years. During this time, continuous technological improvements to its electrolytic cell designs have culminated in the Pepcon Bipolar Model Cell.
Pepcon Systems
Cedar City, UT
Tel: 435-865-5045

Bioscrubber system

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Duall’s AroBIOS™ Bioscrubber System is a biological air pollution control technology which effectively removes odors and gaseous contaminants without the use of chemicals or incineration. The company also offers a wide selection of corrosion-resistant Duallast™ FRP and thermoplastic chemical scrubbers, carbon adsorbers, fans, and ventilation products for industrial and municipal wastewater treatment odor control applications.
Duall Division, Met-Pro Corp.
Owosso, MI
Tel: 989-725-8184

Odor control

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The AerScrubber™ provides a new approach to odor abatement through Aerisa’s proprietary WaveFour™ technology. Based on cold plasma technology, the system decomposes H2S and other VOCs into their harmless components, greatly reducing odor emissions and producing a clean working environment for site staff. The system uses no water or hazardous chemicals and has no moving parts other than a variable speed fan. It uses electricity to produce a measurable and controllable quantity of negative and positive oxygen ions.
Aerisa Inc.
Scottsdale, AZ
Tel: 877-423-7472

Odor control system

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Calgon Carbon Corporation has introduced its new Mini Phoenix® Plus odor control system. The system combines a 1st stage carbon unit with the company’s Phoenix® technology. The 1st stage carbon unit uses coconut or reactivated carbon for reduced sulfur compounds (RSC) and organics to minimize operating costs. The Phoenix® radial flow canisters coupled with the newly designed segmented reactor combine to produce a complete system that continuously removes RSC, organics, and up to 50 ppm of H2S with 99% average efficiency.
Calgon Carbon Corp.
Tel: 800-422-7266

Vertical pump

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The Fybroc 5530 Series vertical pump is corrosion resistant and suitable for handling the most difficult dry pit applications including acids, bleaches and caustics. Critical design details make the series a choice for use on odor control scrubber systems. The pump mounts outside the tank and can be lower cost than in-tank vertical pumps. It features FRP construction and FRP wrapped shaft (1/8"), a heavy duty column, shaft and bearings, and optional high pressure shaft seal.
Fybroc Division, Met-Pro Corp.
Telford, PA
Tel: 215-723-8155

Chemical analysis software

Purafil MediaPIK™ version 2.1 is a unique chemical analysis software program created to assist customers in identifying the appropriate type and quantity of Purafil media needed for an application. The improved version replaces the recently expired Purafil MediaPIK™ 2.0 version. The software program offers step-by-step methods and provides comprehensive information about gases present in various applications, estimates media consumption for applications, converts airflows and concentrations and prints a report of the user’s session.
Purafil Inc.
Doraville, GA
Tel: 800-222-6367

Odor monitoring

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N.A. Water Systems offers OdoWatch®, an automated electronic-nose-based wireless odor monitoring system. The electronic nose (pictured) transmits data to a central control unit that uses meteorological data to perform real-time dispersion modeling. The rsesults are displayed as a color-coded plume overlaid on a map of a site to alert operators of potential odor problems before complaints arise. This technology is ideal for wastewater treatment plants, composting sites, or any industrial facility with the potential to emit odor.
N.A. Water Systems
Moon Township, PA
Tel: 800-337-0777

Gas collection cover

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Gas collection floating covers collect methane gas from anaerobic process ponds, which can then be used to generate heat and/or electricity, or flared for carbon credits and/or odor control. Layfield has developed a new prefabricated gas collection cover that can be easily retrofitted to industrial, municipal, and agricultural ponds. The new cover uses a tough, fabric-supported, Enviro Liner 8000 with excellent longevity and flexibility.
Layfield Environmental Systems Ltd.
El Cajon, CA
Tel: 619-562-1200

H2S monitoring

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The Jerome® 651 monitoring system from Arizona Instrument is designed to provide long-term hydrogen sulfide monitoring, even in the worst weather conditions. It can be stationed at any location that requires monitoring. For large sites, multiple units can be linked to form a perimeter monitoring system. In addition, with its built-in customizable software, data logging and radio telemetry capabilities, the monitoring system provides the convenience and ease of downloading test data remotely, and even provides key personnel with electronic notifications of event alerts.
Arizona Instruments
Tempe, AZ
Tel: 800-290-1414

Odor control

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Process Solutions Inc. has introduced a new odor control technology that not only eliminates odors but also neutralizes pH corrosion, kills biofilm and helps break down grease in pump stations. The new Vapex unit is designed to eliminate odors and stop corrosion in any odorous space by using air, water and power to generate a Hydroxyl ion fog that is injected into the odorous space. No chemicals are purchased, handled or stored.
Process Solutions Inc.
Campbell, CA
Tel: 408-370-6540

Venturi injectors

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Neighbors near a wastewater treatment plant in Roseville, CA., raised concerned about odors. In an effort to reduce odors at the plant, modification of the mixing system was made by incorporating Mazzei Injector High Efficiency Venturi Injectors for introduction of air. The piping from the circulating pumps was redirected to a manifold incorporating four Mazzei 6094 stainless steel venturi injectors. The discharge of this manifold was directed back into the existing piping to the in-tank nozzles.
Mazzei Injector Co.
Bakersfield, CA
Tel: 661-363-6500

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