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May 1, 2008
The Fluid Equipment Co. has begun offering a new compound mag meter in sizes from 3" to 24".

Compound mag meter

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The Fluid Equipment Co. has begun offering a new compound mag meter in sizes from 3" to 24". The meter uses modern electromagnetic flow technology to measure very low to very high water flows. The meter can datalog flows and interfaces with AMR systems. It features a built-in self test mechanism that provides flow verification.
Fluid Equipment Co.
Social Circle, GA
Tel: 770-787-0551 Web:

Multiparameter tester

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The portable Oakton multiparameter Testr 35-series meters can be used both in the laboratory and the field. The waterproof, pocket-sized meters have long-life pH electrodes and stainless steel conductivity sensors for a wider range of sample compatibility. Easy-to-replace sensor modules allow users to reuse the meter body. Just dip, measure, and scan through up to five parameters with the push of a button. No complicated operating procedures and no need to change sensors for different measurements. These meters offer multiple calibration options—choose single or multipoint, automatic or manual. Measure conductivity or TDS more accurately at varying temperatures with an adjustable temperature coefficient feature. Auto-ranging feature makes it more convenient for users with applications across broad measurement ranges.
Oakton Instruments
Vernon Hills, IL
Tel: 888-462-5866

Composite grates

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Ergonomically designed, light weight, high flow-thru Enviro-Composite Grates™ have been developed by Environmental Composites Inc. to satisfy the need for economical, strong, corrosion resistant grating for non-traffic stormwater control structures. Standard sizes are available as well as the ability to produce sizes for special areas. Standard control structure grates can be shipped via UPS any where in the world.
Environmental Composites Inc.
Tavares, FL
Tel: 352-343-3449 Web:

Ceramic diffusers

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Diffusers made of Refractron aluminum oxide porous ceramic achieve high diffusion and sparging efficiencies, and then stand up to chemicals and gasses that destroy most non-ceramic materials. The ceramic diffusers are made by fusing aluminum oxide grains using a porcelain bond for a strong, uniformly porous and homogeneous structure. Diffuser shapes include 2.5" tubes, 7" and 9" discs, 12" square plates and the company’s patented 7" Solidome. Typical applications include aeration in municipal wastewater plants. The diffusers are inert to the strong oxidizing effects of ozone, making them an excellent choice for ozone diffusion for drinking water.
Refractron Technologies Inc.
Newark, NY
Tel: 315-331-6222

Flow meter

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With its multi-point flow measurement technology, the Multi-Mag Flow Meter from McCrometer offers accuracy over a wide flow range under conditions that include the presence of sand and grit in converting raw ground water to potable drinking water. The meter measures liquid volumetric flow rates in pipes sized from 4" to 120" with a streamlined multi-point technology that creates only negligible pressure loss. It is also available for 1-, 2- and 3-inch taps. Featuring an insertable electromagnetic averaging design, the meter measures volumetric flow with accuracy up to ±1% of reading (from 0 to +20 feet/second + zero stability) and repeatability at 0.20 percent of the flow range.
Hemet, CA
Tel: 800-220-2279

Butterfly valve

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For users of Pratt’s AWWA 250B butterfly valve that need a higher pressure valve, the company now offers the HP350. This rugged valve consists of a thick-walled ductile iron body, a ductile iron disc, and a 17-4 stainless steel shaft. Designed around current AWWA standards, the valve comes with ANSI #250 flanged end connections in sizes 6" – 48".
Henry Pratt Co.
Aurora, IL
Tel: 877-496-7877

Phase converters

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Phase-A-Matic phase converters range from 1/3 to 500 HP or more. The converters are used when three-phase lines are not available or are cost prohibitive. Advances in converter technology have resulted in low price, high performance and reliability closely resembling three-phase line power. This enables the company to power virtually any three-phase application. The company’s Rotary Converter full power line is a true phase converter jointly developed with Baldor Electric Company. The converter is used when full power is required to run the most demanding applications and equipment. Professional technical support for proper sizing and installation is available.
Phase-A-Matic Inc.
Palmdale, CA
Tel: 800-962-6976

Gas detector

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Ridgid® has introduced the new Micro CG-100™ combustible gas sniffer that quickly and accurately detects gas leakage. Offering unique Tri-Mode Detection™, an operator is alerted to the presence of combustible gas with a visible signal, audible alarm or silent vibration. The sniffer can detect low levels of methane (including natural gas), propane, butane, ammonia, and many other combustible gases. It is ideal for users who work in maintenance or for utilities. The silent vibration alert vibrates more frequently as the user gets closer to gas, and is ideal for noisy daytime construction environments and to avoid unnecessary alarm. The gas sniffer can be adjusted to high- or low-level sensitivity within a wide overall range (40 ppm to 6400 ppm for methane). These features help users more quickly and easily locate both smaller and larger leaks.
Elyria, OH
Tel: 800-769-7743

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