MARS Company Combines Power with Affordable AMR Solutions

The MARS Company Automatic Meter Reading System is compatible with all US-manufactured pulse or encoded meter registers.

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The MARS Company Automatic Meter Reading System is compatible with all US-manufactured pulse or encoded meter registers. This is a tremendous asset to the Utility as a major meter change is not required to enjoy the benefits of RF-based AMR solutions. This system, be it the walk-by, drive-by or fixed based solution, will be on display at Automation 2008 in September in Atlanta.

The SmartTransmitter VHP (Very High Power) transmits at 1 watt and solves the threefold issue of combining battery life with distance with signal strength. The SmartTransmitter VHP provides the utility a drive-by solution with the capability of transmitting more information farther and stronger to allow for more meter reads with more detail per hour than any other solution in the industry.

Th 292520
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With the patented design and signal characteristics, the SmartTransmitter VHP can be placed in temperature and moisture environments that would cripple other vendor's radios. In addition, the VHP can be placed in the most severe conditions to transmit, which include deep within the recesses of buildings and hard-to-transmit-from meter pits. With the ability to program the transmit signals, the VHP can be placed in "sleep" mode to conserve battery strength on nights and weekends when meter readings are not being performed.

What else is the SmartTransmitter capable of? It will attach to almost any meter, it can work in a Drive-By or Fixed Network environment, it will do "data-logging", it provides the reliability associated with broadcasting on 50 different frequencies, and offers a replaceable battery. These features provide a great return of benefit to the Utility in terms of a reduction in the time to read the meters, reduced time on the road, greater productivity from the operators and meter readers and a highly dependable solution positioned to grow as the Utility grows.

The SmartTransmitter sends the signal in 4ms bursts. The information contained in this amount of time includes not just the meter reading and radio status, but includes exception item and alerts. These exceptions include, leaks, both large and small (or critical and not-as-critical), reverse flow through the meter, no flow through the meter, low battery output and tamper indicators such as no reading or a disconnected register.

Datalogging is configurable by time intervals from a 15-minute snapshot to a 270-day summary to provide the Utility with an array of detailed information.

The SmartTransmitter VHP works with the FHSS-100 Receiver (Frequency Hopping Spread Spectrum) to further enhance the reception of the signal. The FHSS receives data spread out over 50 frequencies enhancing the ability to receive signals faster, stronger and with greater integrity. Coupled with the EZReader and EZMobile Software, the operator is capable of seeing which meters have been read, which meters have exceptions and alerts and what meters need special assistance. The FHSS is easily transported between vehicles and is designed for the rugged environment posed by the operators.

With MARS Company, the Utility receives patented technology that reduces expense, enhances the operation and provides a high-degree of accuracy.

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