The new WAGO-I/O-System brochure includes a removable four-panel reference poster that outlines the company's range of bus couplers, PLCs and more than 300 digital input/output, analog input/output and specialty modules.

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I/O products

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The new WAGO-I/O-System brochure includes a removable four-panel reference poster that outlines the company's range of bus couplers, PLCs and more than 300 digital input/output, analog input/output and specialty modules.
WAGO Corp.
Germantown, WI
Tel: 800-346-7245 Web:

Pressure, level monitoring

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The Blue Ribbon six page short form product brochure is now available. The brochure highlights the company's complete line of pressure gauges, level transmitters for lift stations, weirs or wells and diaphragm seals. It also provides detailed information on the company's line of pump controllers.
Blue Ribbon Sales & Service
Tel: 877-677-8899

Air valves

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Val-Matic has released an expanded brochure for its Air Valve product line. The brochure covers the features and benefits of the entire water and wastewater air valve product family. It offers a comprehensive overview of the proper theory and usage of air valves, basic applications and extensive technical data. The brochures are currently available online.
Elmhurst, IL
Tel: 630-941-7600

Injection system

Chemilizer Products has redesigned its website. Founded in 1976, the company manufactures liquid injectors that are used to disinfect drinking water and swimming pools; fertilize landscaping, crops, orchards, and greenhouse plants; supplement livestock diets; and inject many other solutions into water systems for commercial, industrial and municipal applications. Its injectors are powered by the water they treat; they do not use electricity. The new website was designed to address the expanding number of markets using Chemilizer's injectors. It features improved navigation, enhanced product and application information, and new tools to assist users with calculating injection volumes.
Chemilizer Products Inc.
Largo, FL
Tel: 800-234-7211

Gas/liquid separators

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A new full color product guide from Eaton Filtration details how gas/liquid separators remove potential damage-causing moisture and particulate matter from steam, compressed air, and compressed gas lines to protect turbines, heat exchangers, and other expensive equipment. Numerous application examples in the guide demonstrate how the company's separators can pay for themselves over time through removal of over 99% of liquid and particulate matter that can cause damage to expensive system components.
Eaton Filtration
Tel: 800-859-9212

Mixing systems

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Chemineer recently released a new Water and Wastewater Treatment market brochure, which offers an overview of the company's extensive product range. The six-page, full color brochure includes photographs and performance information on the company's mixing solutions. The brochure features an array of Chemineer® turbine agitators, with advanced impeller design options, and Kenics® static mixers, both the KM and the HEV series.
Chemineer Inc.
Dayton, OH
Tel: 937-454-3200

Condensed valve catalog

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Tideflex Technologies' 24-page condensed catalog includes the latest information on the Tideflex® Curved Bill Check Valve, the InLine Check Valve, the Tideflex® Mixing System for potable water mixing, the non-clogging Aeration System, the maintenance-free Effluent Diffuser System and the low-profile Waterflex® Check Valve. Product dimensions and applications are featured.
Tideflex Technologies
Carnegie, PA
Tel: 412-279-0044

Contaminant monitoring

Underwriters Laboratories (UL) has published a position paper on its capabilities for monitoring public water systems for emerging contaminates, such as pharmaceuticals. To download the full position paper, which details UL's capabilities in this sector, visit UL has been testing for emerging contaminants for nearly 10 years.
Underwriters Laboratories

Wastewater solutions

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Patterson Pump Co. has published a 16 page brochure, "Unparalleled Solutions in Wastewater Pumping." The brochure provides information on the company's line of high performance wastewater pumps and Flo-Pak® engineered prepackaged municipal pump systems. Industries served include municipal, industrial, commercial, stormwater, flood control and irrigation.
Patterson Pump Co.
Toccoa, GA
Tel: 706-886-2101

Conveying, bag handling

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Spiroflow Systems has published a new corporate capabilities brochure that provides an overview of its equipment and systems. Titled "Spiroflow Conveying & Bulk Bag Handling Solutions," the 8-page, full-color brochure provides details on the variety of equipment available, including Flexible Screw Conveyors, Aero Mechanical Conveyors, Bulk Bag Dischargers and Bulk Bag Filling Stations. The brochure provides details, features and options information.
Spiroflow Systems Inc.
Charlotte, NC Tel: 704-291-9595 Web:

Automated metering

To facilitate growth in the North American water metering market, Actaris offers utility customers a unique website to view the company's portfolio of water measurement, collection, and data management products. Performance specifications, employment opportunities, and company contact information are just a few of the resources users will find on the website.
Actaris, a subsidiary of Itron Inc.
Greenwood, SC Web:

Flow meters

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Sierra has developed Flow Meter Selection Tools designed to help visitors to the company's internet site research and identify the best flow meter for their application. Visitors can also research flow meters by product type and technology. Metering technologies include thermal mass, transit-time ultrasonic, vortex shedding and multivariable instruments.
Sierra Instruments
Tel: 800-866-0200 Web:

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