WEFTEC 18 Product Showcase

Sept. 1, 2018
A sneak peek at some of the products and services that will be on display in the exhibit hall at WEFTEC.18.  

Valve maintenance

Wachs Utility Products manufactures equipment that is used to isolate, exercise and analyze water distribution valves to address valve-turning requirements and safe pipe cutting, including vacuums for valve box excavation, extended reach machines to operate valves and software to manage distribution system assets.

Wachs Utility Products
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Progressing cavity pump

The EZstrip™ maintain-in-place progressing cavity pump from NOV is designed with new features to make maintenance more user friendly. It has quick and safe removal of the full drive train including rotor, stator, shaft, rod and seal.

With its patented Positive Torque Split Coupling Rod, maintenance and assembly times are reduced. The tie-bar-free design allows the EZstator clamps to lock the stator securely in place, further reducing stator removal time by over 50% and improving safety of common maintenance operations. Available in cast iron or stainless steel with a choice of rotor and stator materials, it suits multiple applications.

National Oilwell Varco (NOV)
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Accurately monitor polymer

The IBC TOTE SCALE™ from Force Flow allows operators to accurately monitor polymer used in the dewatering process when being fed from IBC type totes.

Simply place tote on platform and monitoring begins. Systems prevent over and under feed conditions and also enable the documentation of amount fed. Available with the advanced Wizard 4000® Digital Indicator, the SOLO® G2 or the Century® Hydraulic Dial.

Force Flow
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Aerobic granular sludge system

The AquaNereda system from Aqua-Aerobic Systems represents an evolution in activated sludge treatment. The patented aerobic granular sludge technology, owned by Royal HaskoningDHV, replicates the same effluent quality as a well-designed enhanced BNR facility but without the use of chemicals.

The dramatically reduced footprint and low energy requirement of the AquaNereda process provides a competitive alternative for high-performance plants. Aqua-Aerobic Systems has built a full-scale AquaNereda system at the Rock River Water Reclamation District in Rockford, Ill. This facility demonstrates the AquaNereda Aerobic Granular Sludge Technology and will help accelerate the implementation of aerobic granular sludge technology in North America.

Aqua-Aerobic Systems Inc.
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Cutter tools

The 890PG Hydraulic-Power Cutter with PowerGrit® chain offers cutting depths of up to 25” in ductile iron, cast iron, HDPE and more.

The deep cutting ability of the 890PG allows the operator to make a single cut from one side, meaning less excavation is required. Designed for wet cutting with an integrated water delivery system that reduces airborne particles during the cut. The 890PG is capable of operating the full line of FORCE4® concrete cutting chains, meaning you can use the power cutter on masonry, stone, and even reinforced concrete.

ICS Diamond Tools & Equipment
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Sewer system

Franklin Electric’s enhanced FPS PowerSewer® System is a low-pressure sewer system available in 60-, 72-, 84-, and 96-inch basin sizes that is compatible with the entire line of Franklin Electric FPS 2-hp grinder pumps.

The basin’s internal C-­Channel assembly releases from the top of the unit, simplifying accessibility to and maintenance of its components. The updated tank design provides for easy access and replacement of all other internal components. The float tree is spring loaded and easily removable, with a lift handle to simplify pump removal.

Franklin Electric
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TOC analyzer

SUEZ’s Sievers® M5310 C Total Organic Carbon (TOC) Analyzers are specifically designed for the drinking water industry and environmental water quality monitoring.

Offering an operating range of 4 ppb to 50 ppm, this analyzer is engineered to support disinfection byproduct compliance. It uses UV persulfate oxidation with membrane conductivity detection, making it compliant with method SM 5310 C and US EPA 415.3. Meet regulatory goals, monitor changes in water quality, and optimize treatment processes by adding TOC analysis to your water treatment plan.

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Coating systems

The selection of coating systems is one of the most critical phases of creating and maintaining a wastewater treatment facility.

PPG has been a leading provider of high-performance coatings to ensure long-lasting protection against the corrosive environments and chemicals present in wastewater treatment facilities.

PPG Protective and Marine Coatings
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Concrete-alternative manhole

PRO-RING™ is an advanced concrete-alternative manhole and catch basin grade adjustment system. Available in round, square and rectangular designs, PRO-RING™ is manufactured from expanded polypropylene (EPP), which features exceptional strength-to-weight ratio, durability, chemical resistance and long service life under harsh conditions.

One person can install the PRO-RING™ system in just minutes to within a quarter inch of finished grade and it’s watertight. Where concrete rings break and may cause injury, the PRO-RING system eliminates the hazard, helping minimize the risk of injury. The PRO-RING system dramatically speeds manhole installation and repair time.

Cretex Specialty Products
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Ultrasonic flow meter

The TFX-500w transit time ultrasonic flow meter from Badger Meter measures volumetric flow of clean water. It is well suited for building automation, water distribution and wastewater collection in new and retrofit applications.

In addition to having lower installation costs than an inline flow meter, the TFX-500w can be installed while the system continues to operate by clamping on the outside of the pipe. Available in sizes of 1/2-10 in., and handling flow ranges of 0.1-9800 gal/min and temperature ranges of -40-250° F, the TFX-500w is a versatile flow meter that can be used in almost any environment.

Badger Meter
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Chlorine emergency shutoff

The Terminator™ Actuator from Halogen Valve Systems can now be used on chlorine ton containers as well as 150 lb cylinders to instantly stop the flow of chlorine in case of an emergency.

Emergency chlorine shutoff is initiated when the controller receives a close contact signal from a leak detector or included emergency shutoff switch, and a relay output provides remote indication that an emergency close sequence has been performed.

Halogen Valve Systems
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Smart panel

KEEN PUMP introduces the KEEN PROTECTOR, a control panel that will constantly monitor, log data and wirelessly communicate with service personnel 24/7.

It prevents pumps from operating in any adverse condition and reduces service costs and maintenance of your complete sewer system. A sample of protection includes system over-­pressurization, dry run, level control issues, rapid cycling, excessive run times, voltages out of range, and run amps exceeded. All panels are UL listed.

Keen Pump Company Inc.
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Sludge dewatering decanters

The New Flottweg Xelletor Series represents the next generation of sewage sludge dewatering decanters.

Depending on sludge quality, the centrifuge can save about 20% on energy while providing significantly better performance. Testing shows the device can: increase your throughput by up to 15%, reduce the volume of biosolids by as much as 10%, and save up to 20% in energy and polymer consumption.

Flottweg Separation Technology
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Stormwater solutions

Oldcastle’s new BioPod system uses StormMix media, an engineered high-flow rate media (153 in./hr), to remove stormwater pollutants naturally. It has received a General Use Level Designation (GULD) approval from the Washington State Department of Ecology for Basic (TSS), Phosphorus, and Enhanced (dissolved metals) treatment.

BioPod systems utilize an advanced biofiltration design for filtration, sorption and biological uptake to remove total suspended solids (TSS), dissolved metals, nutrients, gross solids, trash and debris as well as petroleum hydrocarbons from stormwater runoff. Environmentally friendly and aesthetically pleasing, BioPod systems are a proven, low-impact development (LID) solution for stormwater treatment.

Oldcastle Precast
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Smart air valve

AriSense is the first wastewater air valve to wirelessly connect to the cloud.

Giving you data collection and transmission — all accessible through an app on your smart device. Alerts can be set to warn of tamper/vandal, flooded pit, line burst, and more.

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Monitor relays from a safe distance

The revolutionary MP8000 Bluetooth® Enabled Overload Relay communicates directly with your iPhone® or Android™ smartphone or tablet via Bluetooth®.

No need to open the control panel. You can monitor and control unlimited relays through the Littelfuse App on the smartphone you already own from a safe distance. This smart, universal relay also allows you to: easily pair multiple MP8000 relays to your smartphone or tablet, stand next to the motor — not the relay — to monitor motor startup on new installations; and reduce set up time with less wiring.

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Eco-friendly odor control

OMI Industries’ innovative Ecosorb® technology eliminates odors without the use of harsh or hazardous chemicals, expensive emission control systems or masking fragrances.

Developed from a proprietary blend of plant extracts, food-grade surfactant and water, Ecosorb is engineered to seek out and destroy organic and inorganic odors on a molecular level — allowing wastewater treatment facilities to be good neighbors.

OMI Industries
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Portable bypass trailer

Vaughan’s Portable Bypass Trailer units are heavy duty trailers that provide unmatched reliability, anywhere.

Available with Vaughan’s signature Chopper Pump and Triton “Screw” Pump, this unit can be used for tough solids-reduction applications or low-shear solids handling. Powered by diesel, hydraulic or electric drive motors, this trailer is ready for the toughest jobs in any location.

Vaughan Company
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Sludge blanket monitor

Analytical Technology’s Entech EchoSmart Sludge Blanket Monitors take the guesswork out of blanket measurements in clarifiers, thickeners and anywhere an underwater interface measurement is needed.

Smart-Sensor technology provides for wireless networks of up to 16 sensors, thereby reducing the per-tank price. In addition, the ability to remotely monitor EchoSmart systems via cellular modem ensures unparalleled support for even the most challenging processes. Ask for a free field trial to see how EchoSmart can make your life simpler.

Analytical Technology Inc.
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Check valve

The inline CheckMate® UltraFlex™ Valve, with its patented “Arc Notch” and optimized construction, opens 40% sooner than other check valves, allowing pipeline and collection systems to drain up to 40% faster.

Because the UltraFlex™ Valve “snaps” open with less head pressure, pipeline capacity is significantly increased, allowing a free flow of water during weather events and minimizing the chance for standing water to collect upstream.

Red Valve
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Online THM analyzer

The THM-100-FP™ develops real-time intelligent predictions of future THM levels in the distribution network by implementing an online accelerated THM Formation Potential (THM-FP) method on raw, not yet chlorinated, or treated water.

Reliable and accurate THM predicative data are provided, enabling actionable and meaningful impact on regulatory compliance measures and the treatment process. Water utilities can now adjust their treatment processes to minimize the production of carcinogenic THMs and, for some, even reduce the costs of producing water that satisfies THM regulations.

Aqua Metrology Systems
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Enhanced polywrap

Polywrap has been around for many years and is a proven system to protect ductile iron pipe from corrosion. It creates a barrier between the corrosive soil and the pipe, slowing or eliminating any corrosion.

Enhanced polyethylene is manufactured with additives that help combat the initial corrosion and anaerobic bacteria corrosion. VB3 Enhanced Polyethylene is a 3-layer, co-extruded film. The film not only creates a barrier between the corrosive soil and the pipe but is infused with an antimicrobial biocide as well as a volatile corrosion inhibitor (VCI), giving the wrap its superior corrosion-fighting capabilities. It exceeds all of the ANSI, AWWA, and ASTM standards required of polyethylene encasements.

AA Thread
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Potable water storage tanks & aluminum covers

Celebrating 125 years of legacy, CST Industries has installed over 350,000 tanks and 18,000 covers in over 125 countries. CST is home to world-class brands including: Aquastore®, TecTank™ (formerly Columbian TecTank®) and OptiDome®. CST’s aluminum domes, flat panel covers and reservoir covers are versatile enough to permit a wide range of accessories important to the water and wastewater industry.

They provide the strength, durability, odor control and protection characteristics unavailable in steel, plastic, fabric or any other materials of construction. CST tanks are available in bolted and welded designs, capacities of 4,000 to 6,000,000+ gallons, and in-ground, standpipe or elevated configurations.

CST Industries Inc.
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Turbo blower

Aerzen Turbo G5 Plus is the most compact and efficient turbo in its class.

Featuring AERZEN airfoil bearings with double coating and the new multilevel frequency converter technology, which reduces the heat loss in the motor to a minimum and, consequently, improves the total efficiency significantly.

Aerzen USA
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Duckbill check valves

Proco Products introduces the newest addition to the ProFlex™ line of Rubber Duckbill Check Valves — the newly engineered, low headloss Style 790 check valve is the only assurance to ZERO backflow.

The 790’s unique design provides rapid dispersion of head pressures and with its low cracking pressure, it prevents upstream flooding. The inline design allows the valve to be installed without having to do any modifications to existing structures or costly pre-install planning. The unique fold-away design of the inner sleeve also allows for a near full port flow, allowing for quick drainage.

Proco Products Inc.
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Automation platform

Many water utilities face an impossible choice: try to continue with outdated SCADA systems or undergo an expensive, difficult upgrade. Enter Ignition. Ignition empowers you to seamlessly connect all your data, easily design any kind of control application, and instantly web-deploy clients to anyone, anywhere — all from one universal platform for industrial automation.

Ignition is affordably licensed by the server, not the seat, and it runs concurrently with existing systems during rollout. Additional advantages include: zero-install, full runtime clients; rapid deployment and screen design; transparent pricing model; unlimited clients, tags, and connections; reporting; and remote alarming.

Inductive Automation
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KROHNE will showcase its biogas version of the OPTISONIC 7300 ultrasonic flowmeter, the TIDALFLUX 2300, KROHNE’s unique flow meter for partially filled pipes, along with the WATERFLUX mag and new liquids and solids level instruments with enhanced software and more powerful signal processing for better measurement performance.

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Phosphate analyzer

Strict permit levels require measurements with a higher level of accuracy — even at concentrations as low as 0.015-2 mg/L PO4-P. The Phosphax sc LR has been engineered with new photometer technology to deliver reliable, accurate readings at even the lowest ranges.

It has an error rate of 2%, so you can identify your dosing levels and save money and it’s Claros™ Enabled so you can leverage Claros functionality to collect, manage, and analyze data from your instrument.

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Chemical feed sensor

Blue-White® is proud to announce the creation of the ProSeries-M® MS-6 Chemical Feed Sensor to accurately measure output from your chemical metering pump. Unlike anything on the market, the patent-­pending design of the MS-6 has the widest flow range of 10 to 5,000 mL/min (0.158-79.2 GPH).

The expertly engineered design has a low pressure drop of less than 1 PSI. Wetted parts are made from PVDF and PEEK material for maximum chemical resistance, which makes the MS-6 ideal for water, wastewater, sewage, groundwater, chlorination, and caustics. Additional features include: 4-20 mA pulse outputs, relay outputs, and 0-10 VDC, configurable low- and high-flow alarms, no moving parts, and NEMA 4X (IP66) Washdown.

Blue-White® Industries
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Tanks & structures

Assmann Corporation of America’s small double wall tank is designed for primary and secondary containment of hazardous and corrosive chemicals in one unit in capacities from 20 to 405 gallons.

Assmann also features a full line of corrosion- and chemical-resistant tanks and containers constructed from crosslink or linear polyethylene, including vertical, horizontal and conical, and other double wall tanks, secondary containment basins and chemical feed stations in capacities ranging from 40 to 12,000 gallons. Linear polyethylene tanks are certified to NSF/ANSI Standard 61 for Potable water and the high-density crosslink resin tanks are certified by NSF for chemical storage.

Assmann Corporation
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Local control for inaccessible actuators

Rotork’s Remote Hand Station (RHS) enables safe and secure local monitoring and control of Rotork IQ3 Range valve actuators installed in inaccessible locations. The RHS duplicates the full functionality of the IQ3.

Using the same display and controls interface from the IQ3 actuator, users can remotely operate, interrogate, and configure the IQ actuator from a distance of up to 100 m. Due to the familiar, feature-rich interface, set up is simple using Rotork’s Bluetooth® Setting Tool Pro. Power for the RHS is supplied by the actuator so no supplementary power supply is required. The standard enclosure is IP66/IP68 with an explosion-proof option available.

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Wastewater handling solutions

The new SF SERIES® Submersible Pump Models from Gorman-Rupp feature 4” and 6” sizes equipped with 3” solids-handling, single vane impeller technology; NEMA Premium Efficiency motors; 8-sided motor housing designed for optimal heat dissipation and superior motor cooling; heads up to 110’; flows up to 1,580 gpm; and horsepower from 15 to 30. Additionally, they come with an industry-leading five-year warranty.

Gorman-Rupp Pumps
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Continuous flow measurement

The Micropilot FMR20 offers continuous non-contact level and flow measurement (via linearization table), and is a perfect application fit for the water/wastewater industry.

Commissioning on this radar measurement device is easy and can be done via HART or wirelessly via Bluetooth®. Signal curves can be shown with Endress+Hauser’s SmartBlue app on a Bluetooth-enabled smartphone/tablet (iOS, Android). With its unique compact design, the device is ideal for limited space applications.

Booth 2851
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Stainless-steel metallic sealless pump

Iwaki America is pleased to announce the introduction of the 316 stainless-steel metallic sealless pump line. Iwaki Sanwa will feature two series of pumps: the MP series will feature flows to 340 gallons per minute while the smaller MMP series will be a fractional horsepower series of pumps with flows to 24 gallons per minute.

Both series incorporate 316 stainless-steel construction, a one-piece non-welded rear casing and silicon carbide “D” bearings allowing for limited dry run operation.

Iwaki America
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Oxygen, ozone & Enviroprep technologies

Anue Water Technologies, a leading manufacturer of high-efficiency oxygen, ozone and Enviroprep technologies for the elimination of odor, corrosion and FOG (fat, oil, grease) in municipal and industrial wastewater, will demonstrate its cost-saving, labor-saving and chemistry-eliminating systems at WEFTEC.

Anue Water Technologies
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Mechanical dewatering equipment

Prime Solution has mechanical dewatering equipment you can trust with high cake solids and capture rates.

Prime Solutions Rotary Fan Press family of products feature a small footprint, fewer parts, less maintenance, and are easy to start up, shut down, run and maintain. Solid construction makes the equipment durable and long lasting. Over 200 installations worldwide.

Prime Solution
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Remote monitoring solutions

EAGLEi remote monitoring solutions from Phoenix Contact and EAGLEi LLC provide a way to cost-effectively collect data from distributed assets without the large capital investment of a traditional SCADA system. No software purchases or maintaining of data servers is required.

Phoenix Contact
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Grinder pump station

E/One Sewer Systems’ W48 grinder pump stations for pressure sewer systems offer 480 gallons of capacity. The W48 tank is constructed from tough polyethylene and is available with two, three or four E/One Extreme Series (1 hp) grinder pumps.

The W48 stations are rated for 3,500 to 7,000 GPD, depending on the number of pumps installed. Stations can be used for commercial buildings and as small lift stations. Ideal for low head applications where centrifugal pumps are not suitable.

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HOBAS pipe is suitable for virtually every installation method of new construction and replacement. The centrifugally cast, fiberglass-reinforced, polymer mortar pipe is inherently corrosion resistant and lasts 100 years or more.

Leak-free, push-together joints reduce installation time and costs. Key applications are sanitary and storm sewers, corrosive environments and potable water. HOBAS benefits include superior hydraulics, high strength and a maintenance-free service life. Because of its light weight, smaller equipment can be used to lift 20-foot sections. Installation methods include open cut, sliplining, jacking, microtunneling, two-pass tunnel, casing carrier and aboveground. Diameters range from 18 to 126 inches.

Hobas Pipe
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Quarter turn valves

Val-Matic’s product line of Quarter-Turn Valves include the Ener•G® AWWA Resilient Seated Ball Valve featuring fusion-bonded epoxy interior/exterior coating, bi-directional resilient Tri-Loc™ seating system and compliance with AWWA C507.

The American-BFV® Butterfly Valve features a ductile iron disc, continuous uninterrupted seating and compliance with AWWA C504, C516, and NSF/ANSI 61. Val-Matic’s Cam-Centric® Plug Valve features a fully encapsulated plug, welded nickel seat, Grit Guard™ Seals and V-Type packing, leak-free operation, and are in compliance with AWWA C517. Val-Matic’s complete valve line is WQA Certified Lead-Free in accordance with NSF/ANSI 372.

Val-Matic Valve & Mfg. Corp.
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Bolted RTP tanks

Tank Connection was chosen to provide 13 bolted RTP (rolled, tapered panel) tanks to a large municipal water complex. The project included five water storage tanks, each 18,000 cubic meters, four reverse osmosis flush, each 100 cubic meters, and four reverse osmosis feed, each 220 cubic meters.

Tank Connection is the leading bolted tank manufacturer for factory-coated, bolted storage tanks and aluminum geodesic dome covers for liquid and dry bulk storage applications. The next generation, LIQ Fusion 8000 FBE™ + EXT Fusion SDP™ coating system continues to be recognized as the best in the industry. APEX Domes, manufactured by Tank Connection, represents the pinnacle of precision-­engineered aluminum covers.

Tank Connection
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Remotely operated vehicle

The DTG2 is a commercial grade ROV for water tank inspections. With no generator required, you can complete all inspections from the launch site on top of a water tower, or remotely from an inspection vehicle.

An internal HD camera, with a 330-degree field of view allows you to inspect below, above, behind or in front of you, and see the live feed directly to your hand-held controller. Features include: depth rating of 150 meters; up to 8 hours of battery life; and 700 TVL to 400 HD Camera. Industry and application specific add-ons are available.

Deep Trekker
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Dry chemical feeder

The Eagle Microsystems VF-100 Dry Chemical Feeder is constructed of stainless steel and utilizes a rugged direct-drive to ensure optimum performance and durability in harsh chemical feed environments.

It can be optimized for any dry feed application with options like dust collectors, wetting cones, solution tanks, flow pacing control, extension hoppers, and multiple screw and motor ranges to accommodate any required feed rate. With no external gears, pulleys, chains, belts, or lubrications required, the VF-100 is user-friendly and low maintenance. It is rugged, reliable, and completely customizable to fit any process need.

Eagle Microsystems
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Water treatment solutions

Ixom Watercare is a water treatment solutions provider with two divisions. Our MIEX® and MICo® ion exchange pretreatment processes reduce dissolved organic carbon (DOC), and other constituents from water, lowering operational costs, and reducing the formation of disinfection by-products (DBPs).

Our newest division, Innovations, takes a solutions-based approach, utilizing our state-of-the-art laboratory to create custom processes and meet your treatment goals. We combine chemistry and advanced technologies to deliver a full range of practical and cost-effective water and wastewater treatment processes. We offer a full suite of engineering, procurement, fabrication, construction support, and project management services.

IXOM Watercare
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Valve actuators

BECK manufactures electric actuators for industrial control valves. Beck valve actuators are designed for continuous modulating or direct AC control and are suitable for difficult industrial environments.

Engineered to the high-performance standards of today’s sophisticated control instrumentation, Beck’s electric actuators maximize final control element performance, providing responsive, repeatable actuation. BECK has been manufacturing in the Philadelphia area since 1936 and continues to be family-owned.

Harold Beck and Sons
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Wafer style check valve

Flomatic® Corporation introduces new, all 316 stainless steel, Wafer Style Check Valve Models 888S6R/888S6, which are NSF/ANSI 61 and 372 approved.

These wafer check valves are available in 2”-8” with EPDM standard, with drip tight sealing or optional metal to metal seating. The valve is designed for simple flange-supported installation suitable for ANSI 150#/300# mounting. The Model 888S6 is recommended for booster pump systems, mechanical contractors, irrigation systems and HVAC liquid service.

Flomatic Corporation
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Vertical pump bearings

Reduce downtime and save money with high-performance vertical pump bearings. Thordon’s SXL Vertical Turbine Pump Bearings are long lasting, highly resistant to abrasion, offer dry start, and eliminate bearing pre-lubrication systems.

They are easy to design, machine, and install. With over 40 years of experience manufacturing and supplying bearings, Thordon is a name you can trust for pollution-free, lubricated pump bearing solutions.

Thordon Bearings
Booth 1908
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Protective lining

Sauereisen releases another advancement in the family of SewerGard® epoxies formulated for the municipal wastewater industry. Sauereisen SewerGard® 210XHB is a protective lining engineered to provide a chemical-resistant barrier for concrete, masonry, brick, and steel substrates.

This high-strength, 100% solids, epoxy polymer is fast setting with high-build capabilities up to 300 mils per coat and resistant to hydrogen sulfide and sulfuric acid. SewerGard® 210XHB is applied using plural component spray equipment.

Booth 5839
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