Products & Services: Management Software & Systems

June 2, 2018
Collection of management software & systems-related products and services for the municipal water industry.

Wet-weather monitoring

HydroFlow from Cenozon is a software application that monitors and automatically notifies pipeline operators of abnormal stream flow conditions associated to their pipeline water and provides critical insight with historical water level records (where available). Combining real-time stream flow data with the user’s pipeline water-crossing data, HydroFlow employs data visualization and geospatial mapping technology to provide a visual snapshot of pipeline crossings and associated water gauges. HydroFlow can be used with the operator’s existing data and risk management system or as part of Cenozon’s Pipeline Integrity Risk Manager software.

Cenozon Inc.

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Performance management upgrade

SUEZ Water Technologies & Solutions has upgraded its InSight asset performance management (APM) system. The secure, cloud-based interface uses data and analytics to ensure assets operate at higher levels of reliability, efficiency and output. Improved visualizations, including a new geomap feature and simplified navigations, aim to make InSight easier to use, while expanded reporting and file management features enable sharing and analysis of key data points at all levels of an organization. The new enhancements include four main capabilities: geomap and asset fleet view, modernized user interface and navigation, multi-site reporting and enhanced file management.

SUEZ Water Technologies & Solutions

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Water treatment system design software

The specialty chemicals corporation LANXESS has made further enhancements to its LewaPlus software for designing water treatment systems. With this 2.0 release, users now have the unique ability to combine different technologies in one design using drag-and-drop. Now users can seamlessly simulate complex plant designs including a combination of several treatment steps in a single design process. The water analysis calculated by the individual modules is automatically taken over as feed to the subsequent module.


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Mobile data collection

Sensus FlexNet EasyLink™ Mobile Communications is a new solution for utilities that will increase read rates and decrease drive time. The portable, radio-based device easily acquires data from water meters. It is a simple, cost-effective way to simultaneously read Sensus SmartPoint® modules and ERT radios. The technology also enables utilities to easily migrate to advanced metering infrastructure (AMI).


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Membrane software with CCRO modeling

Desalitech’s Closed Circuit Reverse Osmosis (CCRO) technology now comes with the PROTON Membrane Aqueous Chemistry Calculator software from American Water Chemicals. Gives application engineers the ability to design systems using CCRO and operators the ability to optimize and troubleshoot their existing CCRO systems. The software allows users to design a membrane array, then compare the performance of any of the major manufacturers’ membrane elements under identical conditions. Users can see the impact of various designs on scaling potential, permeate quality and pressure in real time as user-defined inputs (recovery, flux, crossflow velocity, pH, temperature) are adjusted.


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Web-based software

WaterNet Advisor from DHI Water & Environment is a web-based application with easy-to-use and efficient software that utilizes EPANET model files. Users can easily export their existing software to EPANET, then seamlessly import their model into DHI WaterNet Advisor. The application provides the ability — with just a few clicks on your tablet, smartphone, or PC — to better understand daily operational challenges. Features include: model editing capabilities, hydraulic analysis, fire flow analysis, network capacity analysis, water age analysis, source tracing analysis, contaminant event analysis, and on-line analysis.

DHI Water & Environment Inc.

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