New Products

April 1, 2018
New products for the municipal water and wastewater industry.

Safety railing with toe boards

Safety railing systems with toe boards are often used at water and wastewater treatment plants if an object falling from the edge poses a safety risk. Kee Lite aluminum railing systems built with Type L89 base fittings feature a flange to accommodate toe board systems to reduce the hazard and enhance safety. They are OSHA-compliant, corrosion resistant, and feature smooth contours and recessed set screws for an aesthetic appearance. In addition, Kee Lite safety railing systems are easy to install, requiring only a hex tool and pipe cutters, and can save up to 50% installed cost compared to welded railings.

Kee Safety Inc.

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Stormwater filtration system

The Zinc-B-Gone® line of stormwater filters from StormwateRx are designed specifically for the removal of dissolved zinc and copper from rooftop stormwater runoff. They easily attach to downspouts and are guaranteed to remove zinc and copper to allowable benchmark levels. The new product comes in two configurations: Zinc-B-Gone basic for attachment to downspouts and Zinc-B-Gone pro for monitored installations and large or combined downspouts with more complex water chemistry. For larger, more complex industrial applications, Zinc-B-Gone Pro meets the strictest requirements, removing up to 99.9% of zinc, 99.7% of copper and a multitude of other pollutants.


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Cutter pump

Commonly used in the primary treatment of raw sewage solids, the Series A Muncher™ from NOV has been macerating solids in pump and lift stations across the country. Cutter materials and thickness options are available for effective and efficient grinding of solids. The lower cutter tip speeds dramatically reduce wear rates, ensure low noise and vibration, and provide abrasion resistance. The Series A Muncher's rotational speed produces high torque, resulting in lower operating power at 3 hp or 5 hp, and is available with energy-efficient motors.


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Tube failure detection technology

Blue-White's new TFD+ (Tube Failure Detection) is now built into every FLEXFLO® Polymer Pump at no additional cost. This breakthrough technology is designed to detect the presence of oil- and water-based polymers in the pump head, which would indicate tube failure. When the TFD+ senses tube failure the pump automatically shuts off and will energize a relay, permitting communications with external equipment, such as a backup pump, an alarm or a SCADA system. There is no false triggering caused by condensation or washdown procedures. The pump will not resume operation until the problem is resolved.

Blue-White® Industries

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Membrane software with CCRO modeling

Desalitech's Closed Circuit Reverse Osmosis (CCRO) technology now comes with the PROTON Membrane Aqueous Chemistry Calculator software from American Water Chemicals. Gives application engineers the ability to design systems using CCRO and operators the ability to optimize and troubleshoot their existing CCRO systems. The software allows users to design a membrane array, then compare the performance of any of the major manufacturers' membrane elements under identical conditions. Users can see the impact of various designs on scaling potential, permeate quality and pressure in real time as user-defined inputs (recovery, flux, crossflow velocity, pH, temperature) are adjusted.


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Pump for disinfection applications

The Qdos 20 is a new pump developed to offer highly accurate sodium hypochlorite metering in disinfection applications with flow rates to 5.28 gallons per hours at a maximum of 101.5 psi pressure. Ideal for applications at well sites of many smaller water treatment plants where operators inject water lines at higher pressure.

Watson-Marlow Fluid Technology Group

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