AWWA ACE18 Product Showcase

May 1, 2018
Collection of water industry products and services from companies exhibiting at the AWWA ACE18 Conference and Expo.

Check valve

Flomatic’s new Model 888VFD Wafer Style Check Valve is available in 2”-4” with a 316 stainless steel guide and seat with EPDM elastomer disc standard, patent pending. The valve is designed for simple flange supported installation and will operate equally well in any position and is suitable for ANSI 150# or 300# mounting. Standard check valves will “chatter” and be noisy when a VFD goes to low flow, causing premature wear and eventual failure, but Flomatic’s do not.

Flomatic Valves

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Trailer-mounted valve exerciser

ValveMaster from Wheeler-Rex is a trailer-mounted valve exerciser that mounts on any standard 2” ball hitch. Features include a unique frame design and telescoping control arm that effectively absorbs all torque for safety and effortless operation. Rugged chassis with 5’ wheel base, key operated electric start engine, and variable speed one-hand controls. Complete with auxiliary connections for use as a hydraulic power source.


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Electric actuators

BECK manufactures electric actuators for industrial control valves. Beck valve actuators are designed for continuous modulating or direct AC control, and are suitable for difficult environments. Engineered to the high performance standards of today’s sophisticated control instrumentation, Beck’s electric actuators maximize final control element performance, providing responsive, repeatable actuation.

Harold Beck & Sons Inc.

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Bolted steel tanks

Superior Tank Co. engineers, manufactures and installs bolted steel tanks up to 2,500,000 gallons. Steel storage tanks comply with AWWA standards and bolted steel tanks with NSF 61/372 Certification for drinking water storage. Durable powder coating excels in a variety of durability tests including impact, abrasion and corrosion resistance. All tanks are precision manufactured, then shipped directly to the job site for assembly in only 1/3 of the time of other tank designs.

Superior Tank Co. Inc.

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Centrifugally cast fiberglass-reinforced, polymer mortar pipe from Hobas is inherently corrosion resistant with a life expectancy of 100 years or more. Sections join with push-together, leak-free, gasket-sealed couplings. Non-pressure and pressure classes are manufactured in diameters 18” to 126”. Hobas Pipe USA has earned ISO 14001 certification, marking the company’s dedication to environmentally friendly green practices.

Hobas Pipe

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Pneumatic cutting system

The ICS 701-A pneumatic cutting system is built tough to stand up to everyday use in harsh environments and areas with limited ventilation, such as at the bottom of a deep trench. Delivering smooth power, balanced handling and a rugged die-cast aluminum body with a modular motor design, the 701-A is compatible with ICS Powergrit® Pipe Cutting Chain, or FORCE4® concrete-cutting diamond chains with SealPro® technology.

ICS Blount

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Combination air valves

A.R.I. USA introduces the D-46 family of potable water combination air valves. This new series is the simplest design yet and makes maintenance a breeze. A.R.I.’s 40 years of air valve design experience culminate in this new full-flow line of products for use in all types of municipal, industrial, and package systems applications.


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Security and control for utilities

Water utilities, both large and small, are looking for solutions that will allow them to secure their perimeters, track the movement of individuals, and prevent unauthorized access to their physical assets. CyberLock is virtually tailor-made for water utilities, providing electronic access control and auditing throughout a facility, regardless of whether or not power is available to the site. Secure re-pump stations, well house doors, and chemical feed areas. For remote perimeter control, CyberLock padlocks are IP68 rated to withstand unpredicted climates. CyberLock can be used as a stand-alone system or can integrate with SCADA systems.

CyberLock Inc.

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Smart infrastructure solutions

Aclara offers comprehensive smart infrastructure solutions (SIS) that power the advanced, data-driven applications utilities need to manage water distribution networks and improve services. SIS leverages advanced metering infrastructure (AMI) to mitigate the impact of theft, unbilled and unmetered consumption, meter inaccuracy and leakage. Aclara recently signed an exclusive partnership with Suez North America to deliver SIS and AMI to municipalities in the U.S. Hubbell Incorporated acquired Aclara in December 2017.


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The FLOWave flowmeter uses Surface Acoustic Waves (SAW) technology and is designed for applications with the highest hygienic requirements. This is achieved by using the accepted stainless-steel materials — a tube free of any inner parts — without any fixing components like screws. The main use focus is on hygienic applications and for the measurement or monitoring of water or similar liquids. FLOWave offers a range of features, including flexibility, cleanability (e.g., CIP and SIP), compact size, light weight, easy installation and handling, and it is compliant with numerous standards.

Burkert Fluid Control Systems

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Prestressed concrete tanks

DN Tanks is a leader in the prestressed concrete tank industry and specializes in the design and construction of AWWA D110 storage tanks used for potable water, wastewater, chilled water and other liquids. With over 3,000 tanks ranging in capacity from less than 100,000 gallons to over 40,000,000 gallons, DN Tanks offers expanded construction capacity, technical expertise and proficiency in multiple types of proven tank designs to provide customized liquid storage solutions. Tanks are designed to meet varying project requirements with the ability to withstand seismic activity, extreme climates, and severe site conditions.

DN Tanks

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Automatic control valves

Automatic control valves from OCV are designed to get the most out of resources without wasting a drop. The company’s ever-expanding electronic control valve line can offer even more precise control, monitoring and system customization. The 115-1FP Anti-Flood System combines OCV’s solenoid valve with a water detection probe and anti-flood relay to check for leaks every 500 milliseconds, communicate findings and close the solenoid valve to stop the leak. System is registered to ISO 9001, with 5-year warranty, NSF/ANSI 61-G listing, and ARRA/AIS compliance.

OCV Control Valves

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Diaphragm metering pumps

ProSeries-M® MD-3 Diaphragm Metering Pumps provide smooth flow mimicking the best performance traits of peristaltic pumps, particularly at low feeds. MD-3’s Dual Diaphragm configuration means when the first diaphragm is in suction phase, the second diaphragm is in discharge phase. The double diaphragms allow for fluid to be pumped at a near continuous flow, preventing two problems associated with diaphragm pumps: gas build up and loss of prime.

Blue-White Industries

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Pipe joint

The Style W257 Dynamic Movement Joint is a more efficient solution to accommodate differential settlement and seismic movement in large diameter piping systems. Comprised of the Victaulic® Style W77 AGS™ Flexible Couplings, short pipe nipples, and longer center pipe spool, the pre-assembled Style W257 joint reduces installation complexity compared to threaded rod installations of the AWWA M11 harness and C219 Bolted Sleeve-Type joints, and provides a higher level of performance and reliability. The couplings are self-aligning and provide a visual confirmation of proper assembly from the metal-to-metal bolt pad contact. The joint is available in 14” to 78”/DN350-DN1950 sizes and is compliant with AWWA M11.


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Infrastructure products

SIGMA Corporation is a global company offering a wide range of water and wastewater infrastructure products, fire protection and plumbing products. Featuring innovative quality and supply chain processes. New products and services are meeting the changing needs of customers every day.


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Pipe repair

Total Piping Solutions is a full line supplier of value-added, wide-range repair clamps, couplings, tapping sleeves, service saddles, line stop fittings and other specialty fabrications for use in the water and sewer industries. With the extra wide range feature, all products require substantially less inventory to do the job, and all products are performance enhanced for easy installation and higher working pressures.

Total Piping Solutions Inc.

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AMI for smart cities

Reap AMI benefits without the operational burdens of maintaining system infrastructure. Create a smart city with Neptune’s L900™ solution, leveraging the latest LoRa® Network-as-a-Service (NaaS) technology — the industry’s first LoRa Alliance™ certified solution for AMI networks. Build on R900® technology and maintain backup mobile reading capability of the same endpoints. No reprogramming required. Win your day, starting with an open smart water network that leads straight to the smart city of tomorrow.

Neptune Technology Group

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Leak monitoring and detection

Trimble Water’s wireless leak monitoring and detection solution allows utilities to proactively monitor their network, be notified when a leak occurs, and assess the leak severity as well as accurately locate the site of the leak. Users visualize leaks on a map as well as schedule, dispatch and track field repair activities to implement improvements in NRW performance. With this information, utilities can determine asset condition and make informed capital improvement decisions about replacement prioritization.

Trimble Water

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Worker location app

Clevest’s Automated Worker Location app is a cost-effective solution to locate workers, contractors, and borrowed crews through the workers’ smartphone or tablet — without installing in-vehicle hardware. This cost-effective app gives their real-time GPS location, increasing efficiency and productivity while improving worker safety. Simple set up starts when office staff create user accounts and invite workers, who are automatically sent a link to download the app. Workers then download the app from Google Play or Apple iTunes.


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Cordless power pipe beveler

Reed’s Cordless Power Pipe Beveler deburrs and bevels plastic pipe of 2” and larger diameter and creates fast, smooth bevels in the field. Extremely useful on most PVC glued joints and some sizes of bell and gasket joints. Adjustable for bevel length, the router bit cuts evenly. To eliminate damage to the gasket, pipe bevel is required when installing into a pipe bell. Cement joint bevels allow for even distribution of solvent cement glue to maximize contact area. Beveler system is powered by 22,000 RPM, 18 V cordless die grinder with Lithium-Ion battery with more than sufficient RPMs to provide smooth cuts.

Reed Manufacturing

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Check valve

The newly engineered Style 790 check valve from Proco Products is one of the lowest headloss valves on the market today. Its unique design provides rapid dispersion of head pressures and low cracking pressures prevent upstream flooding. The Style 790 is an ideal elastomeric valve for municipalities, airport runway runoffs and railway washouts. Many types of elastomers are available, making the 790 valve compatible with virtually all service conditions. Proco’s standard Neoprene elastomer is offered with a fungicide, algae- and barnacle-resistant compound, which prevent internal foreign growth thus reducing maintenance costs.

Proco Products Inc.

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AMI without the infrastructure

Cellular keeps it easy. In the past, AMI was only available to those with the resources to operate a traditional fixed network. Today, utilities are leveraging highly reliable and secure cellular networks to make their meter reading more efficient, scalable and interoperable for the long term. BEACON® Advanced Metering Analytics helps utilities achieve their smart water goals.

Badger Meter

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Sanitary filtration solutions

Rosedale Products is a leading technology developer of liquid filtration systems and waste minimization products internationally. With more than 50 years of experience, Rosedale technicians help customers find the best, most cost-effective approaches to their filtration needs, including housings, bags, and cartridges.

Rosedale Products Inc.

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Modular ozone generation system

The Aqua ElectrOzone® M-Series ozone system is specifically designed for smaller ozone installations seeking the advantages of system modularity and built-in redundancy. Each ozone system is configurable in 15 lb. per day increments from 15 to 540 lbs per day. The technology eliminates the challenges that lead to dielectric failures found in other ozone generators and includes a limited 10-year dielectric warranty in most municipal applications. Additional features include: simple installation and operation, modular ozone cells, integrated process control and silent operation.

Aqua-Aerobic Systems

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Low profile underdrain

Tonka Water, a U.S. Water Brand, offers the BLEU™ underdrain as the lowest profile underdrain compared to other stainless-steel and block systems on the market. BLEU™ laterals are manufactured using stainless steel and a durable design, allowing the underdrain to sustain pressure surges with no damage to the system. Even flow distribution with no dead zones between laterals is achieved due to the air scour being located outside of the underdrain, on the concrete floor. This modular and gravel-­less underdrain system provides the flexibility for various basin sizes and profiles, resulting in lower operational costs.

Tonka Water, a U.S. Water Brand

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Disinfection safety

Maximize the safety of your chlorine disinfection system by using a ton container scale and an emergency valve shutoff system. The Chlor-Scale® ton container scale from Force Flow safely cradles a chlorine ton container while providing critical feed and chemical inventory information. The Halogen Eclipse® emergency valve shutoff system instantly closes the container valve when a signal is received from a leak detector, panic button or from SCADA.

Force Flow/Halogen Valve

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The TU5 Series platform features 360° x 90° Detection Technology™, engineered to see more of your sample than any other turbidimeter. This unique technology is used in both the TU5 online and TU5 laboratory turbidimeters from Hach, removing the uncertainty of which measurement to trust. The 360° x 90° Detection delivers the best low-level precision and sensitivity while minimizing variability from test to test.


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Water quality monitor

The MetriNet multi-parameter water quality monitor is designed for use in potable water distribution systems. This system can monitor up to 8 different water quality parameters without requiring added reagents. The most common parameters requested are: residual chlorine (free, combined or total), turbidity, pH/ORP, fluoride, conductivity and pressure. Data collected by the MetriNet is stored locally on an SD card; however, the data can also be transmitted to SCADA via cellular modem or direct digital connection. Can be powered by almost any source, including AC line power, 12-24 VDC, or battery.

Analytical Technology Inc.

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Air stripper protection

Delta has provided innovative and economical solutions to more than 650 Vanguard® Air Strippers installations since 1981. Air stripping continues to be the preferred water remediation technology for removal of organic solvents, ammonia, hydrogen sulfide, hydrocarbons, degreasers, and other volatile organic chemicals because it is cost effective when considering initial, operating, and maintenance costs. Our broad knowledge and experience has enabled Delta to continually develop and refine the Delta Vanguard® line of air stripping towers.

Delta Cooling Towers

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Bolted tanks

Tank Connection is a leading bolted tank manufacturer and source for factory coated bolted storage tanks and aluminum geodesic dome covers for liquid and dry bulk storage applications. The company was chosen to provide 13 bolted RTP (rolled, tapered panel) tanks to the large municipal water complex shown here. Apex Domes, manufactured by Tank Connection, represent the pinnacle of precision engineered aluminum covers and the next generation, LIQ Fusion 8000 FBE™ + EXT Fusion SDP™ coating system continues to be recognized as among the best in the industry.

Tank Connection

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Storage solutions

Celebrating 125 years of legacy, Aquastore® storage solutions from CST include tanks, reservoirs, standpipes and composite elevated tanks. Aquastore’s Vitrium™ glass-fused-to-steel/enamel coating and patented Edgecoat II™ technology is an ultra-low maintenance, NSF-approved coating that never needs painting. Aquastore tanks meet all standard design codes such as AWWA D-103, ANSI/NSF Standard 61, AISC, FM codes and NFPA Standard 22. CST Industries is a global leader in the design and manufacture of Aquastore storage solutions.

Aquastore/CST Industries

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Dechlorination chemicals & flushing diffusers

Vita-D-Chlor tablets or granules make dechlorination easy and safe. Developed by Integra Chemical and produced using Vitamin C (ascorbic acid) chemistry necessary for healthy fish. Vita-D-Chlor has innovative solutions and diffuser dechlorination equipment to solve multiple dechlorination needs. It will neutralize chlorine and chloramines instantly and is 100% organic and water soluble.

Vita-D-Chlor by Integra Chemical Company

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Reporting software solutions

Allegro™ Advanced Meter Infrastructure (AMI) and Harmony® Meter Data Management (MDM) Software for water utilities together form a powerful utility tool that provides fully automated water usage reporting and Revenue Impact Alerts™ to address leaks, theft, tamper, and flow anomalies. Harmony MDM uses Allegro data to help utilities address non-revenue water and empower ratepayers to self-manage their consumption behavior through real-time data sharing, budgeting and leak notifications via secure web portal, and our My Water Advisor™ app for iPhone and Android.

Master Meter

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High performance coatings

The selection of coating systems is critical to the preservation and protection of water storage tanks and wastewater treatment facilities. For decades, PPG has been a leading provider of high performance coatings and ensured the protection of America’s water and wastewater assets. The company portfolio features newly certificated interior products for use inside potable water storage, which are certified in accordance with ANSI/NSF Standard 61.

PPG Protective and Marine Coatings

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Activated carbon products

Calgon Carbon is a global leader in the manufacture and distribution of innovative coal-, wood- and coconut-based activated carbon products — in granular, powdered, pelletized and cloth form — to meet the most challenging purification demands of customers throughout the world. Complemented by world-class activated carbon and UV light purification and disinfection equipment systems and service capabilities, Calgon Carbon provides purification solutions for more than 700 distinct applications, including drinking water and wastewater.

Calgon Carbon

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Pipe protection

On new installations of ductile iron pipe, it’s good, cheap insurance to protect your project with polyethylene encasements (Polywrap). Polywrap is an easy-to-install sleeve that is pulled over the pipe at the time of installation. It is an economical and effective way to protect ductile iron pipe from exterior corrosion. There are many types of polywrap; 8 MIL linear low density is the most common. While it is typically black, colors are available to mark what the pipe is being used for.

AA Thread Seal Tape

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Broad spectrum chemistries

BioSafe Systems offers sustainable and effective solutions for lake management, municipal and wastewater treatments and other water resources. Uniquely balanced, broad-spectrum chemistries are designed to enhance water health, quality and appearance without utilizing copper or other harsh chemicals. Our line of peroxyacetic-based chemistries are EPA registered, USDA NOP compliant, OMRI listed and effectively alleviate water issues with minimal impact on the environment.

Biosafe Systems

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Butterfly valves

Val-Matic American-BFV® Butterfly Valves are offered in 150B and 250B AWWA Classes with flanged end connections in sizes 3”-144” and mechanical joint end connections in 4”-48”. Wafer Style Butterfly Valves are designed with ANSI 125 flanges or ISO PN10 and PN16 flanges in sizes 4”-12”. The valve fully complies with AWWA C504 and C516, certified NSF/ANSI 61 for drinking water and NSF/ANSI 372 Certified Lead-Free. Features standard epoxy interior and continuous uninterrupted seating.


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