Choose the Water You Treat

May 1, 2018
Ixom’s Intake Water Selector™ is a key part of effective raw water treatment and an integral component of a comprehensive reservoir management program.

Reservoir management tool provides intake selection for better water quality, treatment

Ixom Watercare’s Water Selector allows only water meeting a preferred profile to enter an intake.

Nutrient rich reservoirs offer significant water quality management and raw water treatment challenges. The physical makeup of the reservoir provides crucial information to better understand the impact to water quality and treatment performance.

Practically speaking, no single reservoir management technique will remedy all water quality and treatment challenges. Implementation of one method to address issues can result in exacerbation of a different one. But once the water has reached the drinking water treatment plant or the raw water user, the problem must be addressed as a treatment problem exposing the weaknesses in the process. This may result in increased costs of operation and maintenance, leading to increased risk of poor treatment outcomes and potential public relations complications.

There is clear benefit to taking advantage of knowledge of the reservoir and integrating it with the operations of the water treatment plant.

Ixom’s Intake Water Selector™ (IWS; patent pending) focuses on preventing source water issues from ever leaving the source. It’s a key part of effective raw water treatment and an integral component of a comprehensive reservoir management program. With continuous, real-time monitoring of reservoir water quality over the entire depth profile, operators are able to choose the raw water they want to treat with active withdrawal control, thus reducing chemical costs, reducing risk of negative treatment outcomes, and improving treatment plant and reservoir management Capital Improvement Planning.

The IWS tool designed to enable operators to understand and control the water quality of treatment plant influent in real time. It offers the ability to allow a thin profile of preferred water to enter the water quality barrier. Within this zone, only water meeting the preferred profile is permitted to enter the fixed gates of the intake, regardless of which intake gate is open. WW

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