New Products

March 1, 2018
New products for the municipal water and wastewater industry.

Stackable solenoid valve

Spartan Scientific’s Series 4290 Direct Acting Stackable Solenoid Valve eliminates the need to machine and inventory multiple manifolds. The Series 4290, used in water-related applications, improves on Spartan’s 3923 solenoid valve series with a larger body made of polyvinyl chloride material that is available in single units or stacks. The larger PVC body provides increased flow and higher pressure ratings than the Series 3923 and has a higher resistance to chemicals in various applications. The valve also has a manual override.

Spartan Scientific

Plastic pipe fitting reamers

Reed Manufacturing Company’s Clean Ream Plus™ plastic pipe fitting reamers are designed to ream Schedule 40 PVC, CPVC and ABS fittings. Helps operators save time and materials by eliminating the need to replace entire sections of pipe. Units feature a red, anodized aluminum guide and black cutting disc. The disc is heat-treated for long life and is sharpenable and/or replaceable. Engineered for 250 or more reams. Designed for use in reaming drain and waste piping, vent intake, as well as plumbing fittings.

Reed Manufacturing

Complete flowmeter

McCrometer’s ExactSteam V-Cone System is a complete flowmeter for steam metering, factory configured for energy metering or mass flow. The meter accurately measures steam across the entire range with technology-­leading low flow cut off. In addition, V-Cone technology enables the lowest permanent pressure loss to maximize plant efficiency. Repeatable accuracy of ±0.5% of rate with up to a 50:1 flow range under the most difficult flow conditions. The ExactSteam V-Cone System acts as its own flow conditioner, fully conditioning and mixing the flow prior to measurement.


Emergency chlorine shutoff

The Eclipse Chlorine Emergency Shutoff System adds a new level of safety to your chlorine feed system. Stop a chlorine leak within seconds of detection by automatically closing the ton container or cylinder valve. The actuator quickly mounts to valve without the use of any tools, and still allows the valve to be manually opened or closed. Halogen Valve Systems are the only systems that confirm that the valve was torqued closed to the institute-­recommended standard, and USA Fire Codes recognize the shutoff system as an alternative to a scrubber.

Halogen Valve Systems

Automatic volumetric screw feeder

Scaletron Industries, a manufacturer of corrosion-resistant digital and mechanical scales, feeders and batching controls, has introduced the new Model VMF-90A™ Volumetric Screw Feeder, designed for automated additive dosing in water and chemical treatment processes. For feeding dry powdered or pelletized materials, the VMF-90A feeder achieves feed rates of up to 10.19 cu. ft. per hour. The unit uses gravimetric feeding enhanced with a built-in mechanical, cam-actuated hopper agitator. The agitator continually conditions the material being added to promote uniform flow, a feature that is particularly useful when working with materials that tend to clump.

Scaletron Industries Ltd.

Water level, temperature & conductivity datalogger

The LTC Levelogger Edge is a compact instrument that provides reliable data­logging of water level, temperature, and conductivity. It offers a number of upgraded features including an 8-year battery life, memory for 27,000 sets of readings, higher accuracy, 6 pressure ranges, and a titanium ceramic PVD corrosion-resistant coating. The LTC Levelogger Edge is designed for providing a general indication of overall changes in water quality.

Solinst Canada Ltd.

Sodium hypochlorite metering

The new Qdos 20 pump has been developed to offer highly accurate sodium hypochlorite metering in disinfection applications with flow rates to 20 liters per hours at a maximum of 7 bar pressure. Features low total cost of ownership and is designed as a drop-in replacement for diaphragm pumps. Qdos pumps also include the ReNu pump head for single, no-tools maintenance. Its intuitive interface provides simple control of the pump via manual, 4-20 mA, contact or PROFIBUS control. The brushless DC motor control maintains flow accuracy of +/-1% with a repeatability of +/-0.5% and a turndown ratio of 3330:1.

Watson-Marlow Fluid Technology Group

Liquid lasers

Hawk Measurement introduces the OptioLaser S300 Liquid Laser with infrared 905 nano­meter technology. This laser can accurately and reliably measure highly reflective liquids, clear liquids and even turbulent liquids. Due to its narrow beam divergence, it can be used to measure through grates and narrow passages, and even next to flat walls. It uses an infrared, low-gain GaAs laser diode, light energy of 905 nm that travels to the surface of any liquid and is reflected back. The time-off-light (the time the laser pulse took to travel to the liquid and back) is then calculated into a distance.

Hawk Measurement

Water system protection

Val-Matic’s VaultSafe® family of products is designed to protect potable water systems. The FloodSafe® Inflow Preventer prevents contaminated water from passing through it, thus preventing it from entering the air valve outlet and compromising the potable water system with its dual chambers and float checks. The FrostSafe® air damper minimizes the thermal exchange of cold and warm air in and out of a vault to help prevent freezing with a bidirectional hingeless disc and wafer design. The VentSafe® security cage safeguards vent pipes against the hazards of nesting animals and intentional harmful activities because of its hemispherical screened security cage.


PVC butterfly valve

The FE Series PVC Butterfly Valves from Assured Automation feature all-PVC construction and EPDM liner, ideal for water and light industrial applications. The special trapezoid shape of the liner and serrated body cavity guarantee a bubble-tight seal while keeping break-away torque at an absolute minimum. This versatile valve features double self-lubricating seals, direct actuator mount capability, or the option of either a lever handle or gear box. Standard ISO square dimensions for direct mounting of actuators. The disc/seat features a trapezoidal elasto­meric liner to provide a bubble tight seal. The liner completely isolates the valve body from the process flow. The liner functions as a flange gasket on both sides of the valve. The body cavity features special channeling to prevent liner slippage and compression. Features PTFE seated o-ring shaft seals.

Assured Automation

Small diameter gauge

When space is limited, Ashcroft® 1008S 40 mm (1.5”) and 50 mm (2”) diameter pressure gauges provide the quality and performance of a larger gauge but in a smaller diameter. A NEMA 4/IP66 ingress rating and a stainless-­steel case allow the 1008S to be used outdoors or in harsh environments. Liquid fill or the patented Flutter Guard™ movement enhancement protect the gauge and make it easier to read in high vibration installations. Available in ranges up to 20,000 psi, the rugged 1008S stands up to a variety of tough applications where lesser quality gauges may fail.


Butterfly valve

Asahi/America’s Type-57P butterfly valve is available in an ANSI wafer-style connection and shares the same face-to-face dimensions as all like-sized Asahi/America Type-57 butterfly valves. New features include two molded tag holes in the valve body for user-defined valve identification, and a highly visible throttle positioning plate. The plate, which features an opening degree legend in 10-degree increments, makes accurate throttle positioning between zero degrees (closed) and 90 degrees (open) possible. The valve’s body and disc are injection molded for durability, and the 316 stainless-steel stem is non-wetted.

Asahi/America Inc.

Gas chlorinator

The all-vacuum REGAL™ gas chlorinator system makes gas chlorination very safe. Used to disinfect drinking water, wastewater, industrial process water and more, the REGAL™ gas chlorinator uses 100% chlorine, providing a consistent chlorine residual. It doesn’t create bromates, chlorates, and perchlorates like sodium hypochlorite. The all-vacuum system virtually eliminates the problems associated with pressure-type manifold systems. REGAL™ is directly mounted on a cylinder or ton container.

REGAL™ Gas Chlorinators

Handheld datalogger with internal GPS

Turner Designs’ Databank Handheld Datalogger is upgraded to include an internal GPS chipset, allowing users to log GPS coordinates along with measurement data for location tracking. Using GPS and GLONASS (Global Navigation Satellite System), DataBank provides horizontal position accuracy of 2.5 meters. It stores up to 9,999 records as well as 16 calibrations and uses an intuitive GUI interface for configuring and calibrating Cyclops sensors; logged data are downloaded via USB. DataBank’s internal rechargeable battery provides continuous measurements up to 15 hours or continuous GPS data collection up to 5 hours.

Turner Designs

Cloth media tertiary filter

The Aqua MegaDisk® cloth media filter utilizes OptiFiber® pile cloth media, with each disk approximately 10 feet in diameter and consisting of 8 segments for ease of installation and maintenance. Each filter can have up to 24 disks, capable of treating 24 MGD average daily flow in a single unit. Achieves low level TSS and NTU and accommodates high solids and hydraulic loading rates. With no moving parts, energy consumption is minimal. The filter also offers higher flux rates, low backwash rates and has a fully automatic PLC control system. Designed for wastewater treatment plants with an average daily flow of more than 7 MGD.

Aqua-Aerobic Systems

Mobile data collection

Sensus FlexNet EasyLink™ Mobile Communications is a new solution for utilities that will increase read rates and decrease drive time. The portable, radio-based device easily acquires data from water meters. It is a simple, cost-effective way to simultaneously read Sensus SmartPoint® modules and ERT radios. The technology also enables utilities to easily migrate to advanced metering infrastructure (AMI).


Joint ductile iron pipe

The AMERICAN Flex-Ring joint ductile iron pipe provides flexible, easily assembled, positive restraint against endwise separation due to thrust. Centrifugally cast for piping water, sewage and other liquids, the pipe may also be used in trenchless applications such as horizontal directional drilling and pipe bursting. With spigot ahead, the low-profile Flex-Ring bell assembles quickly and offers a smooth transition during pipe pull-back. Flexible restraint for 4” through 12” sizes.


SCADA server

The Ovation™ SCADA Server from Emerson integrates data from remote sites and disparate systems into a single, unified and easy-to-interpret system. The real-time interface moves process data between the Ovation Network and the RTUs. In addition, a separate time tagged data processor is used when the SCADA RTU/protocol provides timed tagged data. A redundant interface provides a failsafe connection to the Ovation network.


Knife-gate valve for HDPE pipe

Victaulic has launched its new Refuse-to-Fuse™ Series 906 Knife Gate Valve (906 KGV), the industry’s first in-line maintenance KGV for HDPE pipe. The new valve simplifies installation and maintenance, reduces downtime, and improves worker safety. Designed for fluid lines containing solids or abrasive materials common in wastewater treatment and other settings, and joins plain end HDPE pipe. It is available in sizes 3-8 inches and rated to 150 psi / 1034 kPa / 10 bar, or the maximum rating of the HDPE pipe, whichever is lower.