Purpose-built RTUs for Water, Wastewater

Aug. 1, 2018
Complete SCADA system offers the monitoring and remote control that allow you to better manage, operate, and maintain your system.

The hardware, software, support, and connectivity you need to effectively monitor your system

More than 2,800 utilities rely on Mission remote terminal units (RTUs) for their water and wastewater applications. The complete SCADA system includes the purpose-built hardware, software, support, and connectivity you need to effectively monitor your system.

Purpose-built RTUs speed and simplify installation. There is no programming required and RTUs are self-enrolling. The Mission system utilizes the cellular network for optimal connectivity and added security. The system is monitored from several perspectives, so Mission engineers can immediately identify anomalies.

Once operational, the system enables you to create simple or complex call-out schedules. Real-time alarms are delivered via phone call, text message, email, fax, pager, and even to your existing HMI. Notification parameters can be configured through the web portal. With appropriate credentials, the portal allows access to data for all your units. And, it is hosted online, so there is no software to install or licenses to maintain.

Mission provides technical support, comprehensive training videos, live weekly webinars, and quarterly newsletters to help you utilize your system to the fullest. By including only the necessary features in a single package, we are able to keep the cost low, minimize security vulnerabilities, simplify installation, and maximize reliability. WW

Mission Communications is a pioneer in managed SCADA for water and wastewater. To learn more, visit 123mc.com.

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