Pre-Fabricated Shelters Take on Role in Wastewater Applications

Fiberglass shelters and out buildings are used in many applications around the world; from backyard tool sheds to equipment housings to military storage facilities.

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Fiberglass shelters and out buildings are used in many applications around the world; from backyard tool sheds to equipment housings to military storage facilities. Over the past decade, fiberglass shelters are increasingly being called into service for industrial, freshwater and wastewater applications.

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Aegis Shelters’ pre-fabricated fiberglass structures, which will be on display at WEFTEC, offer an alternative to site-constructed storage and equipment facilities at water and wastewater treatment stations. They come in many standard sizes and shapes, as well as custom designs. The shelters are weatherproof, low maintenance fiberglass enclosures that are available as turn key systems.

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In many instances, fiberglass shelters are zoned “temporary structure” by code. Site-constructed enclosures are often considered “permanent” and must go through a time consuming process that also involves permit fees. Aegis Shelters are engineered at the factory, pre-approved and ready for installation upon arrival. This can negate the requirement for on-site or site-specific design engineering services.

The shelters arrive at the job-site ready to be either placed in position or assembled for immediate use. They can be installed and become serviceable in a fraction of the time it takes to “construct” a building. In most instances, the ease of installation of pre-fabricated shelters offers measurable, total cost savings to the customer.

Aegis’ fiberglass shelters are flame retardant by design and corrosion resistant by nature. When the finish includes a UV resistant gel coat of polyester resin derivative, the structure becomes virtually maintenance free. The finished product is impact resistant. However, should on site (or transit) damage occur, fiberglass is readily repairable in the field with repair kits and finishing tools (like the Bondo® repairs performed on cars in high school).

The gel coat finish forms a smooth, non-porous surface that resists fading and chalking and will never need painting. Doors are typically standard features of a pre-fabricated shelter. Windows and interior lighting are customary as well.

Aegis Shelters feature corrosion resistant hardware with stainless steel available. Entry access of virtually any kind can be incorporated, including double-hung and overhead doors. Ventilation systems customized to the customer’s need may be included. Walls inside the enclosure may be reinforced to facilitate hanging electrical panels, tools or other equipment. Heating, air conditioning and specific lighting can be added at customer request and explosion proof variations of the same are available. Spill containment systems may be incorporated if they are needed.

The company uses proven engineer designed and tested features. Weight load factors are considered and strength accommodations made. Wind force ratings are standard. Aegis also takes into account the seismic conditions of the site to which the enclosure will be shipped.

Fiberglass shelters can be used for housing pumping and lift stations. They are also suitable for emergency generator stations, electrical switchgear stations and telecommunication stations that need to be protected from the elements, vandals or for other considerations.

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