WEFTEC Competition to Feature Pumping System

The Godwin Dri-Prime® Backup System will be featured in the WEFTEC Operations Maintenance Challenge to be held on Nov.

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The Godwin Dri-Prime® Backup System will be featured in the WEFTEC Operations Maintenance Challenge to be held on Nov. 1 during WEFTEC ’05 in Washington, D.C.

Teams of municipal operators from around the country participate in the Challenge competition each year. The competition, divided into five categories - collection systems, laboratory, process control, maintenance and safety - runs for four consecutive years with awards and recognition going to the best teams in each event annually. A trophy is awarded to the team demonstrating the best combination of precision, speed and safety.

The 2005 competition will be the first of four years to feature the Dri-Prime pump in a Backup System scenario. The competition has been designed to test the skills of a maintenance/operating team to respond to a lift station pumping outage. A 4-inch diesel Dri-Prime will be used to respond to the need for an emergency backup pump at a lift station. The maintenance portion of the WEFTEC Operations Challenge is focused on the routine maintenance and operation of the pump in preparation for use at a lift station.

Providing independently powered pumping in one package, the backup system goes into operation to prevent spills during an emergency, which may be caused by primary power, switch gear, or sewage pump failures in a lift station. In addition, the backup pumping system can be used for primary pumping needs when the lift station undergoes routine maintenance and repairs.

The Dri-Prime is an automatic self-priming pump capable of lifts to 28 feet of static suction. At no time is it necessary to add water to the pump to initiate priming. With the auto start controller on the backup system, the pump works only when high level flows require it. Thus, there is no need to have labor at the site for pump watch.

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A Godwin Dri-Prime pump will be used during competition at WEFTEC�s Operations Maintenance Challenge.
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The pump is designed with an oil bath mechanical seal that enables it to run dry without damage. This is a key feature and benefit for projects with intermittent flow characteristics like a backup lift station application.

The Godwin Dri-Prime Backup System for municipal lift stations also will be featured in the Godwin Pumps display at WEFTEC, Booth 1315. The show opens October 30 and runs through November 2 at the Washington (D.C.) Convention Center.

A new model Dri-Prime that has evolved from Godwin’s high volume CD series of pumps offers elevated heads with solids handling capabilities without sacrificing high volume pumping capacity: the 6-inch CD160M. The pump handles flows to 1,900 gpm and is used in municipal lift station applications because of its ability to handle heads to 260 feet and solids to 3 inches in diameter. The pump also is used in other water/wastewater applications including process or storm water sewer bypass pumping, grit chamber and clarifier cleaning and empting, and bypass pumping for sewer re-lining or pipe bursting jobs.

Godwin Pumps maintains a rental fleet of over 5,000 pumps to serve customers in the water and wastewater markets as well as environmental, construction, industry, and mining. The company also offers custom pump fabrication, complete parts inventory, engineering and design expertise, and emergency repairs and service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

For more information, visit the company’s website at www.godwinpumps.com. WW

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