Multiparameter System Helps Track Water Quality

As the demand for water is growing, so is the concern for the safety of the drinking water supply.

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As the demand for water is growing, so is the concern for the safety of the drinking water supply. At the same time, staffs and budgets are shrinking, making monitoring difficult due to limited resources. However, by continuously monitoring several critical water quality measurements online at strategic points in the distribution system, plant operations can develop a baseline for measurements that indicate normal water conditions. They can then better understand and predict what measurement data is appropriate.

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The Multiparameter Water Quality System is available from Emerson Process Management, Rosemount Analytical Liquid Division.
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The Multiparameter Water Quality System, available from Emerson Process Management, Rosemount Analytical Liquid Division, provides a solution for the continuous on-line measurement of pH and ORP, conductivity, temperature, free chlorine or monochloramine and oxygen. It also now comes with the Clarity II online turbidity meter.

Offering a plumb and play™ version for ease of installation, the WQS also offers platforms that range from basic analog output instruments to transmitters with digital outputs powered by solar energy, and using user-specified instruments and sensors. The system is a flexible approach offering a variety of options making it customizable to meet each plant’s particular needs.

The system provides constant measurement of water quality events, a critical step toward ensuring water quality and safety throughout the water distribution system. This kind of monitoring makes up a critical early warning system that can often be used to determine the need for further water quality analysis at a particular point in the water system. The goal of an early warning system is to reliably identify low-probability, but high contamination events.

The WQS system includes three fully programmable alarm relays, dual outputs, two-line display, HART™ or Foundation fieldbus™ digital communications capabilities, and Variopol quick-disconnect fittings for easy sensor replacement. The inclusion of digital communications enlarges the reach of the plant for monitoring purposes and can take advantage of PlantWeb architecture.

The Rosemount Analytical Clarity II Online turbidity system allows drinking water and wastewater treatment facilities to comply with U.S. EPA and international ISO regulations for measurement of water clarity. The complete system includes a single or dual input analyzer, an optical sensor; a debubbler chamber and all accessories for complete installation and operation.

The system meets EPA 180.1 and ISO 7027 methods for turbidity measurement when installed with the appropriate sensor. Two 4-20 mA analog outputs can be enabled for interfacing to recording devices and PLCs. Additionally, an optional alarm relay board is available with three outputs. The housing is NEMA 4X compliant, includes a backlit display, and offers six user interface language choices, providing further ease of use and flexibility for many installation requirements and environments. WW

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